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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Newark?

Piping water into and out of the home causes some difficulties to arise after some time. We are trained to detect these common issues and correct them quickly and efficiently. How they are treated and prevented differ from the past greatly with advanced technology and education. Here are a few solutions to simple issues:

  • Leaks: Water finds its way into the tiniest cracks and creases and has the power to wear down even the toughest materials over time. At times, a simple adhesive can reconnect joints or fixtures that have loosened. Otherwise, a crack or break requires the whole pipe piece replaced.
  • Clogs: Hair, grease, food, and even toys can clog up drains and toilets. Using a garbage disposal can increase the frequency of clogs from food-related items. Maintaining the cleanliness of disposals and watching what is flushed down the drains can assist in preventing clogs.
  • Corrosion: Water can cause both leaks and clogs when pipes begin to corrode under the pressure. They may not be apparent until the plumber investigates the damage. It can be from the coating of the copper pipe wearing off or from hard water deposits.
  • Weather-related events like wind storms or freezes can cause many plumbing issues. Breaks, cracks, and leaks can all be related to a weather event. Taking care to inspect and cover exposed pipes before an anticipated storm can help mitigate damages.

There is a simple method for determining if a toilet is silently leaking. To perform this test, you will need food dye or Kool-aid and a little time.

  • Place food dye in the upper tank of the toilet.
  • Let it sit without flushing the toilet for a full ten minutes.
  • If there is a dye in the lower tank, there is a leak in the toilet’s seals.
  • Replacing the flapper may solve the issue.

Having your plumbing examined at least once a year is the greatest method to prevent damage to your house and property. The ideal time to get all of the equipment and plumbing examined and ready for winter is right before it arrives. If there is any significant freezing, a second check may be helpful to the plumbing.

How Does the Water in Newark Affect Your Plumbing?

The water piped into the Curtis Water Treatment Plant is treated to prevent bacteria and other unhealthy materials from being piped into your home. The treatment plant can only do so much with the millions of gallons of water that it has to treat daily. This is why Newark’s water is moderately hard.

Minerals like calcium and magnesium are not harmful to your health, though they do leave behind more soap residue and dry your skin out in showers. Deposits of the minerals can harm pipes and appliances that are not descaled regularly. Sodium in the water may be a concern to those with high blood pressure and other health conditions.

A basic solution to providing the cleanest drinking and bathing water to your home is to install one or both of these water treatments systems: reverse osmosis whole home treatment and a water softener. Both may be installed at the same point or can be installed at the point of use.

Installing both will reduce contaminants and sodium for a better taste and look while helping your skin and hair look their best. Both require frequent maintenance and can cost over a thousand dollars depending on the type and our fees. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Newark?

In 2021, homeowners paid an average of $382 for plumbing installation and $464 for plumbing repair in Newark. Many factors will carry different weight with the final bill including the cost of labor, the project size, materials, and the emergent needs.

Labor Costs

Each of our companies has its own rates and overhead to manage and therefore will have a different cost per hour. Some plumbers will charge a flat fee for jobs like a leaking faucet, clogged toilet, or stuck disposal. Other jobs like new installs, re-piping, and fixing cracked or broken lines will be charged by the hour, by the crew member. Larger projects may require the supervision of a master plumber which could cost more than double the per hour fee. They are required for new construction homes to ensure codes and permit parameters are met before the inspector arrives.


As with the labor cost, the size of the project will determine the number of materials, adhesives, and new fixtures that will be needed. Plumbers tend to get discounts with their suppliers for fixtures, but if you desire a specific fixture to be put into place, consulting with us before ordering would be best. Replacing a section of pipe can cost anywhere from a few cents to over $5 or more depending on the material.

Emergency Services

Sometimes, there is no avoiding having to call us in the dead of night for a plumbing emergency. Be forewarned, this may solve the issue as quickly as possible, but it will cost extra for the service. Most of us have someone on call 24/7 in case a pipe bursts or an Act of God creates a waterfall inside your home, with your own plumbing, providing enough water to fill a lake. In these situations, it is best to try and turn off the main water supply and then contact us.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Newark?

Updating your plumbing can and will save both money and water. Simply changing a dripping faucet can erase over 140 gallons of usage from your bill a month. A few adjustments to consider are:

  • Install dual flush toilets to decrease water use when not flushing solid waste.
  • Install a digital shower monitor to manage both water pressure and temperature before turning on the shower.
  • Install a tankless hot water heater, it not only heats quicker and more efficiently but gets rid of the tank of standing water inside the home.
  • Replace appliances with energy-efficient models, they not only reduce water use but electricity uses as well. Rebates may be available to reimburse some costs.
  • Water treatment systems help clean and maintain pressure at a lower level to reduce waste.

The city of Newark has a list of tips and tricks to help save some money on your water bill and conserve water:

  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Use dishwasher and clothes washer for full loads only.
  • Water your lawn only when necessary. Water in the evening or early morning to reduce evaporation. Avoid watering on windy days.
  • Use a bowl of water to clean and prepare vegetables, rather than letting the faucet run.

Other tips include watching for leaks, upgrading as technology advances, and maintaining your private system with yearly inspections. Reducing the amount of water used but controlling the pressure in the home is one way to reduce water bills without sacrificing usage. Keeping a careful watch on your meter’s numbers can alert you to any leaking that can cost extra.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Newark vs Hire a Plumber?

Walking outside to find a small lake in your yard is never fun. Did you leave the water hose running? Is the mainline broken at the curb? Sometimes it is hard to determine if the leak is your responsibility. A simple and quick test will help you determine who to call when the leak is near a property line:

  • Locate and turn off the main water meter valve.
  • Wait 5 minutes and watch the meter.
  • If it has stopped spinning, the leak is not on your property. Call the Newark water company with as much detail as possible.
  • If it is spinning, the leak is on your property. Leave the water off and call us.

Be sure to test the water meter before calling either company, both are likely to charge a fee to come out and check the lines regardless of if they fix the leak. Having a yearly inspection may help your property from turning into a lake, but accidents do happen.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Newark?

In general, plumbing work that requires a new appliance, pipe, valve, or water heater replaced or moved will require a permit. Smaller plumbing issues like small leaks and clogs will not require a permit. A certified plumber like us who can produce verification of license, insurance, and permitting procedures will be able to obtain and execute the permit without difficulty. For situations that require immediate attention, a permit may be obtained the next business day.

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