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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Edmond?

Here in Edmond, Oklahoma we are considered part of the Oklahoma City metro area and a suburb of Oklahoma City. Our small town atmosphere, as well as our small town population of just under 100,000 isn’t limited to just small town plumbing problems. We have just the same problems with our water and sewer line operation as do the big cities.

Putting a finger on just one of those problems and saying, “Here is the number one plumbing problem that plagues our Edmond plumbing systems” just doesn’t seem to illustrate the plumbing problems that we do have. Let’s just say that these are the plumbing problems that we see most frequently, and here they are in no particular order:

  • Leaking pipes/faucets – The average home in Edmond is 28 years old. This would be just about the age at which plumbing systems start showing some signs of substantial wear and tear. The first place those signs will show are in the rubber o-ring or rubber seats of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Leaking faucets and leaks in plumbing supply lines are a large piece of the plumbing problems here in Edmond.
  • Clogged/slow running drains – The average age of 28 years is also about the time there will be enough buildup of things like grease and hair to make problems begin to appear in those Edmond drain lines.
  • Plumbing problems caused by tornadoes or other severe storms – Edmond, Oklahoma is ground zero in ‘tornado alley’. We see many problems from severed plumbing lines caused by tornadoes and other strong storms with the ability to destroy entire homes and their plumbing systems.

How Does the Water in Edmond Affect Your Plumbing?

We have seen various reports on the quality of the water flowing into Edmond homes, and there has not been a single report that has had any negative aspects to consider. We are very aware that when the two words, water and analysis,are used, that most concerns turn immediately to lead content. Lead in your water supply is very dangerous. However, all water has lead to some degree. If that degree is under the limit set forth by the EPA, then it is labeled as safe. Here is a quote taken directly from the Oklahoma State University Extension Office about lead in your water:

“It is possible for water to meet SDWA standards when it

leaves the public water treatment plant, but not meet those

standards by the time it reaches your kitchen or bathroom

sink. For example, water can extract lead from lead solder.

Therefore, if you live in a home with plumbing that pre‑dates

the 1987 plumbing codes, or if you have a very old home in

which there are lead pipes, you may wish to have your water

tested for lead. Few other problems require testing by public

water supply users.”

This same document also goes into detail about the solid particulate matter found in drinking water that causes those white scaly buildups to clog faucets and shower heads and the same types of additives that can corrode plumbing systems.

But what about those of us who don’t use the water pumped into the City of Edmond and rely instead on your own wells? The testing of well water then falls on the person that owns the well. There are some water testing labs around Oklahoma City, as well as Edmond, and all it takes to get that all clear report from your well is to simply drop off a sample and wait.

Whether you have city water from the water utility company here in Edmond or you pump your own from a well, water and water quality can play a vital and important role in the overall health of your plumbing system.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Edmond?

Now, for the cost of a plumbing repair here in the greater Edmond area. We’ll give you the average amount of a plumbing repair with regard to low, high, and overall average prices paid for a plumbing repair in Edmond, Oklahoma.

  • Average low cost for a plumbing repair in Edmond, OK – $98
  • Average high cost for a plumbing repair in Edmond, OK – $711
  • Average price paid for a plumbing repair in Edmond, OK – $404

Those above numbers also include the following:

  • Average labor costs for Edmond, OK
  • Misc. costs for rental of machinery or other equipment
  • Project costs that may be site prep or final clean-up

Those above numbers do not include:

  • Permit fees
  • Inspection/building fees
  • Material/supplies Oklahoma State sales taxes
  • Material/supplies Edmond/Oklahoma City local sales taxes

Now, for a few contributing factors that could make your plumbing repair costs a bit more, or in certain issues, a bit less.

Cost Factor: Size and Complexity of Your Plumbing Repair Project

Your final costs of a plumbing repair is going to be directly affected by just how involved it is. Obviously you would pay a bit less for a leaking kitchen faucet as opposed to a broken water main in your yard. Just keep in mind that those simple fixes may require you to pay at least a two-hour minimum labor charge to cover our professional plumber’s expenses.

Cost Factor : Time Frame of Your Plumbing Repair Project

Those numbers quoted above are the average costs of a plumbing repair in Edmond, and include the labor charge for a small to medium-sized project. The labor cost would of course be substantially higher if your plumbing repair project ran into two or even three consecutive days of labor costs.

Cost Factor : Demolition and Reconstruction Charges

If your plumbing repair project is a burst water line inside a wall in your bedroom, you are going to be paying for some demolition to get to the problem and to make the necessary repairs. Then, you will be charged for rebuilding that wall in your bedroom. If you are a savvy DIYer, you may try and do some reconstruction on your own to save on your repair bill. But any way you slice it, there is going to be a piece of the repair cost that is for reconstruction fees!

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Edmond?

In the first section of our guide, we looked at the aging infrastructure of the plumbing system in the average Edmond home being just under 30 years old. We then established the fact that this is just about the right age for your plumbing system to begin showing signs of wear and tear. Let’s look at the same situation but in an extreme case. Let’s say that over the past year, you have had to repair the water line coming into your home 3 or 4 times, and the water lines inside the walls of your home have burst 2 or 3 times and have needed major repair projects to correct.

At this point, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to have all of your aging water lines replaced to keep from having so many repair bills for burst or otherwise leaking water lines? Of course it would. Replacing those water lines with newer and more modern type lines would save 5 to 6 major plumbing repairs over the next year, or so. 

The fixtures in your home–the kitchen and bathroom faucets, toilets, and shower heads–are also beginning to show signs of wear and tear as they, too, are getting older. Consider upgrading to the modern and more efficient Water Sense plumbing fixtures. These plumbing fixtures are designed to do the same job as your old ones, but doing it more efficiently (20% more efficiently to be exact), and therefore, save you money on your monthly water utility bill.

Yes, new plumbing can and will save you money on your plumbing system.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Edmond Vs Hire a Plumber?

In most, if not all cases, we will work hand in hand with the water utility company for the City of Edmond when it comes to using their services as a part of your plumbing repair project. If there are certain issues that you might have questions regarding your plumbing repair in the city of Edmond, there is an excellent resource for FAQs on the City of Edmond website.

Additionally, your utility company will need to do any repairs on the supply line on the street side of your water main. That means any leaks flooding your front yard or the street will likely require a call to your water provider.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Edmond?

If your plumbing repair project in Edmond is going to need a plumbing permit, you might refer to the City of Edmond website regarding the permitting issue. There you find what type of plumbing projects require you to get a permit and the city’s schedule of fees for the different types of plumbing permits.

If you want to go ahead with the application process of getting a plumbing permit, you can also do that on the city’s website or simply leave it to our professional plumbers.

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