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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Grants Pass?

The common issues that Grants Pass residents experience are frozen pipes and pipes bursting during winter. Usually, winters in Grants Pass are frigid, wet, and windy. The low temperatures make the water inside the pipes freeze, leading to the expansion of the pipes. With time, the pipes may burst when the pressure becomes too much to bear.

The City of Grants Pass government understands these issues, and that’s why it regularly urges the residents to winterize the pipes when approaching the winter season.

“Without precautions, the pipes can easily burst during winter and create an expensive mess,” says public works director Jason Canady.

Low water pressure is yet another issue common in winter when most pipes become less effective. Low water pressures can sometimes happen when there’s an issue with the water supply. Nevertheless, the low water pressure coming from utility firms is solved within a day or two. However, with the soft water in Grants Pass, it’s possible that the water leaches minerals away from your pipes, leaving hidden leaks that can reduce water pressure.

Other possible plumbing issues in the area are:

  • Clogged sewage drains
  • Faulty water heaters and faucets

Water heaters in the area tend to have a shortened lifespan because the soft water in the city corrodes the inside of the tank. Over time, the heater will lose efficiency and fail to heat water successfully. We get many calls for underperforming water heaters in Grants Pass as a result.

Note: Most of the above issues are most common in older houses. If your home in Grants Pass is more than a decade old, the chances are high that the plumbing appliances are no longer effective. Our advice is to insulate the pipes, seal any cracks or openings, and consider a plumbing upgrade.

How Does the Water in Grants Pass Affect Your Plumbing?

The Grants Pass Water Division gets water from the Rogue River, treats it, and distributes it to the residents. The water is generally clean for drinking and other uses.

In line with this water quality report, water in Grants Pass is moderately soft, with 1.90 to 3.4 grains of hardness per gallon. The overall PH of the water is 7.2. Some of the minerals responsible for this hardness are magnesium and calcium, which are tasteless but make the water harder when they dissolve.

Residents in Grants Pass often deal with a few effects of the soft water on their plumbing systems. The effects range from mild to severe, depending on the quality of the plumbing systems. Here are a few adverse effects:

Shortened Lifespan of Showerheads and Appliances

Soft water pulls minerals away from your fixtures and appliances and leaves them with a shortened lifespan. You may also experience leaks more often. 

A Rise in Water Bills

As pinhole leaks form on your pipes, you’ll lose water behind your walls, under your floors, or even outside your property beneath your lawn. As a result, your water bills can rise with time.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Grants Pass?

Plumbing services in Grants Pass can go for as low as $100 or extend to $728, with an average of around $375. Here are the main factors which influence the costs you pay for the service: 

Cost Factor: The Scope of Service

Plumbing includes a broad scope of services, from repairing bathtubs to installing water heaters to changing the gas lines. All these services call for different labor costs, materials, and equipment. And as you can guess, the more involving tasks requiring special equipment, such as installing or repairing new sewer lines, may be costlier than the others.

So, the type of plumbing service you need has a direct influence on the price. 

Cost Factor: Emergency Services

Emergency plumbing services tend to have a higher price than regular, scheduled services. This is because our plumber will most likely abandon other projects to prioritize your job and maybe incur higher transport costs in getting to your house. Besides, the emergency call may interrupt the regular scheduling of our plumber, hence the higher prices. 

If you need emergency service, don’t be afraid to seek our help. After all, the cost of our plumber is lower compared to the damages. You can negotiate for more favorable terms, depending on your budget. But if the service is not urgently needed, then we advise you to take your time to plan your budget well.

Cost Factor: The Cost of Plumbing Supplies and Materials

Besides labor, the plumbing supplies can impact the total costs. The costs of the materials vary greatly according to the quality of the fixtures, the type, and the dealer. You might have to pay higher for the best quality supplies, but they offer a prolonged service. Also, some dealers have costlier supplies than others. When buying, you should focus on the quality and then negotiate on the prices.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Grants Pass?

Yes, better plumbing can help you save substantial amounts of money. Here’s how:

Regular Water Supply

The Grants Pass Water Division supplies enough water to every resident in the city. Unfortunately, plumbing issues often cause supply issues to many residents. 

Problems like pipes leakages or corroded pipes can hinder your water supply. Our plumbers can eliminate those issues and help you enjoy a better supply of water in Grants Pass. 

Plumbing Appliances Upgrade

One great way to save on plumbing is to use modern appliances. The newer appliances use less water, and they are energy efficient. By learning about the energy and water-saving fixtures, you can enjoy the benefits of the wallet-friendly innovations in Grants Pass and save.

Here are great examples of the advanced plumbing solutions that can help you save:

  • Low flow shower heads have a decreased flow rate, offering energy savings without compromising the water flow.
  • Tankless water heaters are 22% more efficient than the usual gas-filled storage tank holder.
  • Low flush toilets can help you save 23 liters per flush, translating to thousands of savings every year.
  • Low flow bathroom faucets use aerators that add air to the water flow, hence using less water.

By upgrading your plumbing fixtures to the above, you get the opportunity to save more on both water and energy. 

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance services can help you enjoy constant water supply and money savings too. The regular inspection maintenance services can help you say goodbye to the main plumbing concerns, save on the costs of water leakages, etc. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Grants Pass vs. Hire a Plumber?

Sometimes, it can be hard to know whether you will call our plumber or the Grants Pass water utility firm whenever you have a plumbing issue. To clear the confusion, here is a brief guideline of when you should call us or the water utility division:

Contact our plumbnig experts when:

  • You have a drainage issue caused by clogs in your toilet, bathtubs, sinks, and so on.
  • You need to install new plumbing systems or change the older ones
  • Your energy bills have been rising, and you need advice
  • You have low water pressure, yet your neighbors don’t have an issue with their water flow
  • You have a water leakage issue
  • Some of your plumbing appliances are not functioning well.

Contact the Grants Pass water utility firm when:

  • You have an issue with the water supply meter
  • There is a water supply problem in your estate
  • You are new to Grants Pass, and you need clear guidelines regarding water supply and sewage systems before installing plumbing systems.
  • There is water leakage on the streets. In line with section 8 of the code of ordinances, the water utility firm should take care of any water supply issue on the roads or public ground.
  • You have an issue with your plumbing permit, and you need the water utility firm to sign or write a recommendation.

Before calling us or the water utility firm, always check with your neighbors to know if they have a similar issue. If the problem is common, there could be an issue with the main valve, and the Grants Pass water utility firm could be helpful.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Grants Pass?

Plumbing is a significant home improvement service, and according to the building code of ordinances in Grants Pass, you should have a permit for it. The permit is not required for all plumbing tasks but rather for the jobs that are risky or involve making significant changes. 

For instance, changing the sewer lines or water supply lines can disrupt the neighbors, hence the need for a permit. Here are some of the plumbing jobs which require a permit in Grants Pass:

  • Installing newer sewer lines
  • Making alterations to the water supply lines
  • Installing new water heaters
  • Changing the gas lines

You can check out the copy of the plumbing permit application here. Depending on the type of plumbing service, the city inspectors can visit the site and ensure that the plumbing job is done according to the law.

Note: If you are unsure whether you need a plumbing permit or note, reach out to us for advice. 

Recent Requests We Received From Customers In Grants Pass, OR

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Location: Grants Pass, OR


We are enlarging our shower from a standard 32x32 to 42x42 but needing to keep the drain hole in the same location. So the shower pan must be custom made with an off-set drain. We don't need it installed, we just need a quote for the shower pan itself. Thank you.

Date of Request: June 1, 2023

Location: Grants Pass, OR


Jacuzzi to replace tub

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Grants Pass, OR


Hello, I'm looking to get a price from your for a project I may not have time to do. I'm a local contractor, I did a tank replacement on a project and soon after the drain field failed. We have to wait until spring (dryer ground) to complete the project but we are booked. So everything down stream from the tank will need to be installed. It has been approved for an ATT TS2 system with 125' of leach line. Site is located in Lebanon, Just looking for a price from you and availability for late March or April. Thanks.

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Grants Pass, OR


no water, assume pump frozen

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Grants Pass, OR


Well pump seems to be out. Well pipes frozen

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Grants Pass, OR


Power went out this morning and now we have some areas of our house with no water.

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