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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Klamath Falls?

With our history dating back to the mid-1800s, folks in our community have seen just about every plumbing problem imaginable over the years. Still, a few particular plumbing issues that we’ve noticed are more prevalent than others here in Klamath Falls.

  • Clogged or slow drains
  • Fixture replacement– Older homes in Klamath Falls may need updated fixtures.
  • Updates for aging pipes– Klamath Falls has many old houses, and old houses means old plumbing. Residents may want to check their pipes or get them replaced if they have older plumbing.
  • Leaking plumbing connections
  • Sagging underground pipes– Klamath Falls is located in a high desert environment, making flooding a threat due to the poor drainage qualities of the floodplain soil. Flooding can cause severe damage to underground plumbing since shifting soil can cause underground pipes to sag. 

How Does the Water in Klamath Falls Affect Your Plumbing?

Many places throughout the country have constant problems with the hardness of their water, interfering with the efficient function of their plumbing system over time. We are not one of those areas. Due to the extreme purity of the groundwater that pumps from our underground sources like the Conger Well Field, our water lacks the concentrations of trace minerals that lend water its hardness. Our water is treated rigorously for any contaminants by the folks over at the Klamath Falls Water Department. Moreover, compared to most cities and the surface water wells used by most other large population centers, our groundwater has minimal pollutants to begin with.

While our drinking water may come from ideal underground sources, we can’t talk about how water influences your plumbing without talking about our weather. We live in a high desert environment here, and we get very little rain every year. Most of the moisture here falls as large amounts of snow during our winter months, and due to the poor drainage qualities of our floodplain soil, flooding can be common when the sun comes out for a big melt. Flooding is a threat to your home in and of itself, but it can also cause severe damage to underground plumbing as shifting soil can lead to sagging or strained pipes.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Klamath Falls?

Plumbing services are usually reasonably affordable in Klamath Falls and fall in line with the national average for similar work. Plumbing typically costs around $45-$165 per hour, depending on the specific job. A few factors could have significant influences on the price you pay for your specific plumbing service in Klamath Falls.

How Big Is the Job?

Like with most repair jobs on your home, a more significant job means higher costs. Plumbing services can have widely varying scopes, and replacing a single pipe or fitting may not have near the logistical challenges that replacing a large portion of the plumbing within a home will. As the scale of a plumbing job expands, the cost for materials and labor will rise, and that will affect the final price you pay on your invoice.

Larger plumbing jobs also create more significant challenges that will take planning and effort to navigate. Your plumbing system functions as one unit that works together to keep your water flowing throughout your house. When we make significant changes to that system, we’ll commonly have to adapt for other issues that present themselves, integrating new components with the rest of your system. These changes mean that major jobs like remodels may carry extra costs for planning and logistics beyond increased materials and labor.

How Old Is Your Home?

A lot of people in our community live in older homes. There’s nothing wrong with a house that has a few decades on its odometer. A place that’s withstood the test of time has proven itself to be a reliable investment over time and has a character that a newer home just can’t offer. Old houses regularly have increased care and maintenance costs, though, and the plumbing within them is no exception.

Plumbing isn’t designed to last the entire lifespan of your home. Most plumbing components will begin to degrade in less than two decades. As materials in older plumbing break down, they can lead to structural problems in your plumbing, like pinhole leaks and constrictions. Sometimes, when we work on older houses, the wall and floors hide these surprise problems within. These unexpected setbacks can often increase your costs but are relatively common in older homes.

Even more problematic than structural issues in your pipes as they age, though, is the damage they can potentially do to your health as they corrode. At the end of its lifespan, a pipe’s protective coating will begin to break down. The disintegration of the protective coating leads to corrosion of the plumbing that could introduce toxic chemicals like rust and lead into your water. Even tiny amounts of lead can be detrimental to your health, which is why it’s imperative to replace aging plumbing before it corrodes.

How Long Has the Issue Been a Problem?

Plumbing issues are never good to procrastinate. If you have a problem like decreased pressure or a clog that you’ve been dealing with for a while, it may have caused more damage while you put off calling a plumber. With the persistent pressure of water constantly exerting force on your plumbing, minor issues can escalate quickly. A simple problem like a pinhole leak could give way to a more significant, serious leak. Not only will larger issues be more expensive to fix, but sometimes can have high costs in terms of both repairs and damaged property from flooding if a leak gets too out of hand.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Klamath Falls?

Better plumbing can always save you money, and here in Klamath Falls, we’re certainly no exception to that rule. Investments that you make into your home’s infrastructure increase your property’s value and its sustainability over the years. A well-maintained plumbing system will require less spent on repairs throughout the years and have less chance of critical failures that could not only lead to more expensive repairs but potentially also to severe damage from issues like flooding.

There are many ways folks around here save money through better plumbing, and they’re all worthwhile pursuits. Upgrades like more efficient fixtures can save you tons of money every month on your water bill. New technology has allowed toilets, showers, water heaters, and other fixtures to function better using less water. The best investment you can make into your plumbing, though, is always regular and routine maintenance and inspections. Taking the steps necessary to prevent costly emergencies and noticing them before they get out of control will save you a lot of money over the life of your home.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Klamath Falls vs Hire a Plumber?

Contacting the water utility company is many people’s first thought when an issue happens with your water. Still, utility technicians here in Klamath Falls are limited in how much they can help you with plumbing problems. Any problems that happen after your home connects to the City’s water main will be your responsibility to deal with, and for that, you’ll need plumbers like us. Our Water Department does a great job at ensuring that clean water keeps running in every home here in Klamath Falls, but they can’t be expected to help with any problem that customers run into on their property.

If you do have a sudden interruption in service, calling the water utility could inform them of a significant issue that affects multiple households. They’ll likely be able to tell you right away if this is a known issue that they’re working on already or if it’s unique to your home. They may also help if you experience a reduction in water pressure, as they can verify that they are providing the pressure required by your service contract.

Beyond these issues, though, you’ll need to give us a call. Calling the water utility can help narrow down the problem in some cases, but if an issue only affects a portion of your property, then you know right away that the problem is within your home’s plumbing. If you see leaking within your own home, don’t delay calling us, though. Small leaks can turn into severe flooding much more quickly than you’d expect, and you don’t want to spend that critical time calling someone who can’t help with emergency repairs inside your home.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Klamath Falls?

Here in Klamath Falls, you’ll need a permit for any significant plumbing job. We usually do minor repairs like fixes for small leaks or unclogging drains without involving any regulatory agencies. However, any plumbing service that adds, removes, or alters any components or fixtures within your house’s plumbing system will require a permit through the Klamath County Building Development Department.

Like many counties and municipalities in Oregon, Klamath County participates in the state e-permitting system that allows permit applications to be submitted online through one centralized portal for the whole state. Using this method to apply, the issuing authority for your permit will still be Klamath County. Still, the State of Oregon simply facilitates the process to streamline applications throughout the state.

Permit applications can seem a little confusing at first, as they’ll want a lot of technical information about the plans for the project. We’re pretty familiar with the application process around here in Klamath County, so we can help make sure you include every detail that will help ensure a prompt approval. The faster we can get approved for permits, the quicker we can get to the work of improving your plumbing.

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Location: Klamath Falls, OR


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Date of Request: February 22, 2024

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There is a leak at my daughter's home. Water is seeping up in the flooring of her kitchen. We cannot locate the leak, looked under sink, etc. Please call.

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I need to move a washer and dryer from a location adjacent to my garage to a location at the back of my garage. Would you like to make a quote?

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Have a broken pipe under my house. can see. right by opening. sink drain.

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I believe the membrane under the walk in shower needs to be replaced.

Date of Request: February 19, 2024

Location: Klamath Falls, OR


No salt water softener installation do you have Nutone Water Softener.

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