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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Tigard?

One of your responsibilities as a Tigard homeowner is ensuring your plumbing is up-to-date and functioning properly at all times. To make this goal a reality, you need to be on the lookout for damages or faults in your plumbing system. While you may be able to fix some issues yourself, there are times when you encounter plumbing issues that are beyond your scope. For problems like those, contact our team.

Here are some common plumbing issues in Tigard:

Pinhole Leaks

Pinhole leaks occur in copper pipes when soft water continuously flows through pipes and pulls metals from the inner lining of plumbing systems. When this happens, different parts get too thin and weak, and start to corrode, eventually creating tiny leaks called pinhole leaks. This problem will only worsen over time, so if you notice a gradual spike in your water bill without a good enough reason, then you should let us diagnose the problem for you.

Low Water Pressure

You want to have a quick shower before you dash to work, but are met with low water pressure in the bathroom, or no water at all flows out of your faucets. You could have pinhole leaks that have progressed into major leaks in your plumbing system. They will require immediate attention. If it isn’t an internal problem, call the water utility company because it could be a problem of the mainline.

Water Heater Defects

So, you no longer get warm or hot water in your home? Your water heater could have outlived its usefulness or may be suffering from corrosion due to the corrosive properties of soft water. Either way, you’ll have to get it fixed, so give us a call.

How Does the Water in Tigard Affect Your Plumbing?

Tigard draws its water from the Clackamas River in Mount Hood National Forest. Water withdrawn from this river is channeled through a pipeline buried in the Willamette River, undergoing treatment at the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Treatment Plant in West Linn.

It’s at this point that Tigard water undergoes a robust treatment process to ensure it’s safe for domestic and industrial use. The process includes filtration to remove unwanted matter and organisms, ozone to remove any chemicals that affect the taste and smell of the water, and disinfection to kill off any organisms and protect the water as it flows through the distribution system to find its way to your home in Tigard.

The water flowing through your pipes will have an effect on your plumbing system depending on its hardness. Tigard’s water averages a hardness of 41.5 mg/L, which lies within the 0 – 60 mg/L limits for soft water.

Although not as harsh as hard water on your plumbing system, soft water still causes corrosion and leaks by leaching metals from metal pipes, fixtures, and joints. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Tigard?

The first thing on your mind when you encounter a plumbing issue is how much it would cost you. While there isn’t a magic formula to determine how much we could charge, it makes perfect sense to have rough estimates in your mind for preparation purposes.

The average cost for plumbing service in the Portland metropolitan area is $458, with the minimum cost being $111 and the maximum cost being $805. This price quote includes average labor costs, materials, equipment, and all project costs and cleanup fees. Permits, taxes, inspection and building fees are excluded. 

We charge anywhere between $45 and $165 per hour, while national averages range between $130 and $150. But the figures may vary depending on your specific plumbing projects. Here are some factors acting on the cost of plumbing in Tigard:

Cost of Replacement Parts

You may have the choice to purchase the replacement parts yourself or have us do it for you. Either way, it will increase the cost of your plumbing project. If you choose to buy them yourself, you must be careful not to get it all wrong. Contact us for important information on the best plumbing parts and where to find them in Tigard.

Job Size and Complexity

Some tasks are simple and require little time to accomplish. For example, we won’t spend too much time and energy replacing a faucet or sink, so we will charge lower than if we were to overhaul your entire plumbing system.

Some plumbing tasks can be quite complicated, such as locating leaks in pipes concealed in the wall or underground, or troubleshooting the water heating system. Expect to pay more if your plumbing issues involve such tasks.

Emergency Services

Some plumbing tasks just can’t wait until the following day. They are what we call emergencies. A running toilet may flood the whole house if you don’t get it fixed immediately. A gas leak would also require immediate attention because you would not only be losing gas but also creating a huge risk of fire in your home. If such cases occur at night, you would have to pay more because we will consider it an emergency.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Tigard?

It’s natural for anyone to think about cost savings, especially now that we face many financial challenges. But one mistake you may make is going for the cheapest plumbing services in Tigard. 

Our experienced and professional plumbers may charge a little more, but it’s worth all the trouble. First, experience has taught us where and what to look for when it comes to common plumbing issues. If you are dealing with water leaks, we know the trouble spots to check, such as joints or sections with old piping, and will take a shorter time to identify the problem.

We will also certainly do a perfect job, meaning you won’t be needing repairs any time soon. You will then have the peace of mind to sleep well, knowing that everything has been taken care of by a professional. So, yes, better plumbing can save you money in Tigard.

To save money on your utility bills and save the environment while you’re at it, we recommend switching or upgrading to WaterSense-labeled fixtures. These are guaranteed to be more efficient than regular fixtures by our government and even certified by the EPA. Energy Star-certified appliances are also guaranteed to save you money as soon as the first use.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Tigard vs Hire a Plumber?

When a plumbing issue arises in Tigard, it’s important to know who to call first. Some tasks will require our assistance, while others need the intervention of the City of Tigard’s Water Service. Knowing who to call will save you precious time, and the embarrassment of hauling the wrong person to the scene.

Call the city water service if the entire neighborhood is experiencing low or abnormally high water pressure. You will have to visit a few of your neighbors just to be sure it isn’t your home with the problem. The water service is in a better position to address mainline leaks in your neighborhood, as compared to our team. Also call the water service if you suspect your water meter is faulty, that is, water flows through your plumbing and the meter valve. But it doesn’t affect the meter readings.

Call us for almost any internal plumbing issue. Whether it’s a dripping faucet or a clogged drain, you will need our team. Of course, some issues may seem simple, such as dislodging the solid matter blocking your drain, and you may want to do them on your own. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Tigard?

Permits ensure a safe environment for living and prevent you from nasty engagements with the law. A permit means that your plumbing complies with state and federal authorities, meaning its meets all the requirements for safety.

Permit regulations regarding plumbing vary from state to state, and sometimes from time to time. And since you may not really keep up with these laws, you need to check with your state laws before undertaking any plumbing repairs.

You will need a plumbing permit for major plumbing projects, including:

  • Repair or replacement of piping concealed in the wall or underground
  • Replacement of water heaters
  • Overhauling the entire plumbing system, and replacing it with a new one

Generally, Tigard does not require you to obtain permits for basic plumbing tasks such as:

  • Repair and replacement of accessible fixtures and drains
  • Emergency repairs and replacements of freeze damaged piping
  • Emergency repair of leaking pipes even when they are concealed for not more than 3 feet.

Get in touch with us to help you determine if a particular task requires a permit.

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