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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Erie?

Homeowners in Erie experience similar issues that are common to many homes across the country. The main issues that the Erie homeowners report include:

  • Clogged drains, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets
  • Leaky or cracked pipes
  • Low water pressures problems
  • Dripping faucets

These plumbing issues are most common in historic neighborhoods such as Albion, Union City, and Platea. Other areas with old houses and fixtures are more vulnerable to plumbing issues as well.

How Does the Water in Erie Affect Your Plumbing?

The Erie City Water Authority ensures all residents get a constant supply of clean and safe water. However, some homeowners experience a few plumbing issues caused by the contaminants in the water.

The primary contaminants in water include magnesium and calcium, which do not cause any severe effects on human health. However, these minerals often build up on the pipes, faucets, and other plumbing systems, causing a lime residue.

Too much lime residue causes the following issues, which affects a few Erie homeowners:

Reduced Water Pressure

The buildup reduces the diameter of the pipes, causing reduced pressure. If you have been experiencing this problem, the chances are high that mineral build-ups are the cause, and you might need a cleanup.

Possible Pipe Leaks

Too much mineral buildup can sometimes cause corrosion which, with time, causes cracks and leaks on the pipes. Excessive water leakage results in colossal water loss, hence the need for immediate solutions.

Reduced Appliances Efficiency

Sometimes, the mineral buildup can reduce the efficiency of your dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances. This problem happens when the hard water minerals stick on the appliances, making the appliances consume much energy to work effectively.

Hard water in Erie can be bothersome but should not always be a cause for alarm. As an Erie homeowner, you can install a quality water softener and infiltration system to get rid of the chemicals and enjoy freshwater, which is gentler to your health and plumbing systems.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Erie?

Cost is a primary concern to everyone planning to install or repair the plumbing system. Unfortunately, there’s no exact figure for the amount that you can pay for the plumbing services because the price entirely depends on multiple factors.

However, the cost can be as low about $80 and averages around $400, depending on the type of plumbing service you need. Here are the main factors which determine the amount of money you pay for your plumbing services in Erie:

The Price of Materials and Replacement Parts

The cost of the plumbing materials has a direct influence on the price. Before you start the repair or installation process, it’s advisable to estimate the cost of the materials so that you can plan well.

Once our plumber gives you a list of the required materials, you can either decide to buy the materials on your own or let our professionals search for you. Whatever the option you choose, you should always go for quality materials and replacement parts, which provide excellent service for an extended period.

The Labor Requirements

Some plumbing tasks are more involved and tedious than others, and this creates a cost difference. For instance, the labor requirements for replacing a water heater are less than the labor requirements for installing a new sewerage system. So, you can expect to pay significantly higher labor costs if you have a huge plumbing task.

The Teams’ Experience

Experienced plumbers guarantee high-quality work, but the services can be a bit pricey. In most cases, the less professional plumbers charge fewer costs in a bid to promote themselves but may end up causing more damage to your system, costing you more in the long run. It’s best to pay for professional plumbing services like those from Mr. Blue Plumbing to get your problems sorted out the first time around.

The Time It Takes

The most complex plumbing tasks demand more time, which translates to relatively higher costs. However, our plumbers in Erie always strive to accomplish the projects within the shortest time.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Erie?

Yes, better plumbing can save you lots of money in Erie, in addition to giving your peace of mind. Here are the various ways in which you can save money by hiring an experienced plumber Erie:

Regular Water Supply

Water plays a vital role in our lives, and you wouldn’t want to experience supply issues in your Erie home. Plumbing can ensure that you don’t experience any pipe leaks, which could cause water supply shortages to your house. With fewer or no water leaks, you can save the substantial costs of water leaks which add up quickly. You can also save up the cost of doing regular repairs on your pipes and plumbing systems.

Expert Advice and Inspection

Our plumbers offer free inspection and long-term maintenance services. Depending on the situation of your plumbing projects, you can receive expert advice on how to avoid similar issues from recurring, which helps you save long-term costs.

For instance, assuming that you have been dealing with clogged drains for a long time, our experts can give you helpful tips on how to unclog the simple clogs or prevent the clogged drains together. Such advice, plus the inspection services, can save you long-term plumbing expenses

Updated Fixtures

If your house in Erie is old, the chances are high that some plumbing fixtures are outdated. And as you know, the old plumbing fixtures are not as effective as the newer ones, hence the need for replacement.

By hiring our experienced plumbers, you get the chance to update your fixtures, and this helps you prevent leaks and corrosion and save long-term plumbing costs.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Erie vs Hire a Plumber?

You can entrust our plumbers with almost all the water supply issues in your home. However, there comes a time when you should call the water utility company in Erie and not a plumber. Here are a few guidelines on when you should call a water utility firm and when you should call us:

Contact the Erie water utility firm when:

You are moving into Erie, and you need detailed information regarding the water supply in the city. You can also contact the utility service when you are leaving the city, and you have a few pending water supply bills that you need clearance on.
The water supply issue is quite complicated, and the plumber has recommended that you contact the utility firm.
There’s extensive water leakage in the streets of Erie. The Erie city council is responsible for repairing any water leakages on the roads, streets, and public places.
Your neighbor’s house has water leakage, and the neighbor is not around. The water utility council can switch off the main supply in such a situation until your neighbor comes.

Contact our master plumbers when:

  • You have water drainage issues with your sewer or drains
  • Your water heater is not working effectively
  • Your house has a water supply issue, yet, your neighbors don’t have a similar issue
  • Your energy bills have been escalating for an exhale

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Erie?

Erie city requires all plumbers to have plumbing permits for specific plumbing tasks. Do you know why? It’s because some functions, mainly those that need pipe replacements, are quite risky. The permit shows that the city council has approved the plumbing projects and offers proper safety guidelines.

However, our plumber can inspect the plumbing project and advise you whether you will need a permit or not. Here are a few instances when you might need a plumbing permit in Erie, PA:

When Installing or Replacing a Garbage Disposal

You should have a permit for installing garbage disposal unless you wish to reinstall it in the same unit. Before you get the permit, the Erie city officials should come and inspect the garbage disposal site and advise the way forward.

When Installing and Replacing Water Heater

This might seem like a simple task, but you may need a permit for it, mainly if you want to add an earthquake strapping for it. Furthermore, a water heater is a sensitive home appliance that requires careful handling to avoid electrical issues, hence the need for a permit.

When Replacing Your Drain or Sewer Piping

Depending on the location of the drains, the drain replacement tasks may interfere with your neighbors’ property. The same case applies to the sewer piping and installation. You need a permit for these two processes to get the go-ahead and also avoid conflict with the people around you.

When You Are Installing or Repairing Gas Lines

Gas lines require careful handling; plus, the process may affect the gas supply to a few other people in your estate. You might need a permit for this.

If you have a plumbing task and don’t know whether you should get a permit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help. The permit application process is easy, and our plumbers can help you get it.

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