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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Greer?

Greer is just like anywhere else in the state. We suffer from random breaks, blocks, and clogs, but we also see some more serious problems due to our climate and environmental issues, including leaking faucets and dripping pipes, water heaters breaking down, running toilets, and low water pressure. In Greer, we also have the additional factor of natural disasters. Floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes cause immense damage to soil and property, which affects the plumbing system.

Greer’s residents also see other common issues like gas leaks and sewer line clogs. These issues are typically tucked away from plain sight until it’s too late to repair. Gas leaks can be fatal. Shifting foundations can bend and push pipes and fixtures until they burst. Sewer line clogs build up until they overflow through your home. 

There may be a threat of contaminants in Greer’s drinking water. Lead and corrosion from pipes are the most common suspects when it comes to contaminated water. Lead can almost always be found in older houses. 

How Does the Water in Greer Affect Your Plumbing?

The water in Greer is really soft. It comes from Lake Robinson and Lake Cunningham before being filtered and treated at the plant and distributed through 400 miles of waterlines and six storage tanks. We deliver high-quality drinking water to approximately 22,000 customers, but just because it’s soft doesn’t mean it’s easy on your plumbing. 

Soft water doesn’t leave detrimental mineral deposits, like hard water, but it does cause pits and tiny holes in the pipes. This is because soft water lacks minerals and actually picks them up from other surfaces. This is usually only a problem if you are using unlined copper pipes. It is the copper that the water picks up most often and causes the holes in the pipes. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Greer?

Your plumbing system is a massive conflagration of pumps, pipes, filters, fixtures, and faucets that you depend on to deliver safe and clean water to your home and family. Small repairs must take place right away. If not, they become expenses that can destroy your home and drain your budget. There are cost factors that must be considered before you can even guess at a complete quote. Homeowners in Greer paid an average of $120.00 to $850.00 for plumbing repairs in 2020. Your bill may be higher or lower, depending on these and other factors:

Cost Factor: Fees for Permits and Inspections

States have laws in place for plumbing work. Changes or repairs to exterior pipe locations, drain excavation, and personal wells are all issues a professional plumber must attend to, as well as all of the legal implications. The more things you need a permit for or need inspected, the more money you will need to fork over. Fortunately, your plumber will know how to get the permits you need when you need them.

Cost Factor: The Actual Hands-On Labor

Plumbing repairs can be simple. It just takes a few minutes to replace a rusty faucet. They can also be pretty extensive, like digging up the lawn to replace your whole piping system. You are paying for the time, knowledge, and expertise of an experienced plumber. The job might just take one plumber to come in and make an easy repair, or you might need a team of pros to get it under control. Your payment includes prep and cleanup fees, setting up equipment, all machinery required, and any components and replacement parts. It’s quite a bargain when you look at it that way.

Cost Factor: Tools and Resources

As we said above, some plumbing jobs don’t require much equipment or machinery. In simple cases, like threading a leaky faucet, the parts are kept on hand. Other situations require heavy equipment and large machineries, such as forklifts and backhoes. All impediments in the land must be removed, from the trees to the tool shed. Heavy equipment is needed to dig far enough under the plumbing lines to get started with repairs.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Greer?

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. Without getting too dramatic, the answer is yes. Better plumbing can save you money no matter where you are in this great country. High-quality plumbing is non-negotiable if you want a system that runs efficiently. Testing your water, having regular inspections, understanding laws of digging and construction, and testing for problems like small leaks is crucial to preventing bigger problems later. It’s far cheaper and easier to hire a licensed plumber now than to have a sewer line dug in your backyard later.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Greer vs Hire a Plumber?

It isn’t always easy to know when you should call the water company and when to call the plumber. Understand first that the water company will only make repairs the city is responsible for, such as broken water mains in the street. Standing water in your lawn might be another hint there’s an issue for the utility company, but it can also mean a problem in your home’s plumbing system. The Greer water utility companies will perform maintenance visits, but it’s your responsibility if they find the issue is with your system. 

A steady increase in your water bill is a sure sign of a leak on your property. Even a slow leak can cause serious damage. It’s best to contact a plumber right away. The leak may have been there a while, and you are only just realizing it. 

When you find standing water, it’s another time you want to call a plumber pretty quick. Since it takes time for water to seep to the surface, a puddle means a leak has been working for some time. It might be caused by something simple like replacing a pipe or a more serious section, like when excavation is required before making repairs.

The real tell is if the water meter is running; if so, the problem is almost always on your property. If the water meter isn’t running, contact your water utility company right away. If water pressure changes, stops throughout your home and/or business, call the water company right away. There may be an outage from something like inclement weather or street construction. If the city reports the problem is not with them, call a plumber. 

A plumber will have to do any repairs required. Anything that isn’t draining, like sinks, tubs, and showers, needs a plumber’s help. Toilets that are always running or that need plunged all the time are another reason you’ll have to call a plumber over the water department. If you just have questions or need a repair of some sort, always call the plumber. We have all the answers you need.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Greer?

Most plumbing work that requires a major change to your system is going to require a permit. This is a requirement of the law in South Carolina. Requiring a permit is a way for the state to ensure that the plumbing is installed correctly and safely. Small projects, a faucet replacement, for instance, do not necessitate a permit, while other projects, like digging a sewer line, will. Before you do any digging or any work near electrical lines, you must contact the Division of Building Safety in Greenville or Spartanburg. You can find a lot of permits, fee schedules, and answers online. 

In South Carolina, homeowners need a residential plumbing permit to replace a drain line, make repairs or conduct replacements on their own sewer line. You’ll also need one to re-pipe your house, replace the water heater, and move any existing plumbing, like your toilet or drain lines. 

A plumber is licensed in South Carolina after receiving formal training and 2 – 5 year’s apprenticeship. They must then pass an exam to be certified. Our Greer plumbers are knowledgeable in plumbing and the legalities required when any repairs are needed. Digging locations and replacement parts for a water heater are regulated, so a plumber with proper documentation is vital.

There are some things you’ll want to consider before doing your own work instead of hiring a plumber. Things like safety, time, expense, quality, and warranties are bigger deals than you think. In the time it takes to obtain the permits, check laws and regulations, pay the fees, and start work, you could have hired a plumber, and the work would be guaranteed.

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