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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Kingsport?

Kingsport is located in the Northeastern corner of Tennessee along the Virginia border. There are approximately 26,500 housing units, with the average age of homes more than 50 years old. There are very few houses built in Kingsport after 2010.

As a house gets older, so do its pipes. Clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and grease buildup are not uncommon. These issues are especially common in Kingsport because of the city’s hard water, which leaves mineral deposits in your pipes. The flow through them is reduced, and the deposits can catch hair and soap scum, contributing to clogs or slow drains. Calling us to perform routine maintenance on your plumbing system and having it inspected regularly will eliminate unnecessary problems that can cost more in the long run.

If you notice a sewer smell coming from your drains, are experiencing rodent or insect problems, or have slow drains throughout your house, you may also have a cracked sewer line.

Neighborhoods in Kingsport, such as Preston Forest, have tree-lined streets and yards filled with mature trees, some planted back in the 1960s. While creating a beautiful environment to live in, older trees can develop roots that intrude upon existing sewer lines. Typically, a sewer pipe breaks when the tree roots block the natural flow. Sometimes excavation is necessary to correct the cumbersome problem, but don’t worry. We can help you through the process every step of the way.

Another common problem in Kingsport during the winter months is frozen pipes. When temperatures dip, household plumbing systems are susceptible to cracks and leaks caused by frozen water expanding inside the piping. It is a good idea to leave a small trickle of water running at your indoor faucets to prevent this from happening. Also, make sure all outdoor hoses are detached from the spigot and cover any exposed pipes with insulated foam or heated pipe tape.

If you wake up to a cold house with no water coming through your faucets, there is a good chance your pipes froze during the night. Immediately turn off your shutoff valve and give us a call. We will have water running back through your plumbing system in no time. If a pipe does spring a leak, and you have an emergency on your hands, remember we have a 24/7 on-call service to assist you with unforeseen issues.

How Does the Water in Kingsport Affect Your Plumbing?

The City of Kingsport’s Water Services Division oversees the water system in Kingsport.

The Water Treatment Plant processes water coming from the South Fork of the Holston River to produce quality drinking water for the community. The distribution system includes the city’s water tanks, transmission and service lines, meters, and pump stations.

Quality control programs such as backflow prevention programs and ongoing flushing of the systems keep the water in Kingsport of the highest quality.

According to the 2020 Annual Water Quality Report, the Kingsport Water Treatment Plant received the Director’s Award for the 12th year. It recognizes its “efforts to achieve excellence in water quality far beyond what is required by federal regulations.”

Regulated by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the water in Kingsport is monitored for more than 80 contaminants to ensure drinking water is safe.

Low levels of both lead and copper are present in Kingsport’s water supply, but not enough to pose a health risk. It is important to note that the City of Kingsport is not responsible for the materials used in the plumbing components found in your home.

Excessive levels of lead and copper are not only unhealthy to consume but can lead to corrosion of residential plumbing systems. The Safe Drinking Water initiative can help you with testing methods if you are concerned about your water supply.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Kingsport?

The average cost of plumbing repairs for homeowners in Kingsport typically averages around $400. Total bills are usually between $100 and $700 and depend on various cost factors.

Severity of Plumbing Issue

Plumbing runs through every house in Kingsport. Most of the time, the system works as it is supposed to, supplying fresh drinking water and eliminating waste.

Problems arise when faucets leak, drains clog, or sewers back up. The more complicated the job, the higher the overall cost will be. An excavation of sewer pipes entangled with overgrown tree roots can cost several thousand dollars. A simple drain clean, on the other hand, will be a fraction of the cost.

Before starting work on your home, we will provide you with a detailed quote including all taxes, permitting fees, labor costs, and materials needed to give you a fair estimate of the total price.

Immediate Need for Assistance

If a pipe springs a leak and is flooding your home or yard, it is not only an inconvenience but also a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. We have a team of trained professionals on call 24/7 to take care of your emergency needs. This service will cost more than a scheduled routine maintenance call but sometimes cannot be avoided.


Pipes in confined areas, basement crawl spaces, or hidden behind walls are difficult to access. It will take longer for our professional plumbers to correct the issue. Labor costs for a job of this nature will be significantly higher, increasing the final bill.

Pipes in easy to reach spaces will inevitably take less time to repair or replace, resulting in lower costs.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Kingsport?

The water supply in Kingsport measures moderately hard, with a rating of 78 ppm. Water hardness levels range between 0 and 180 mg, according to EPA standards.

The harder the water, the more minerals are present in the water source. Residential water heaters can be negatively affected by hard water because calcium carbonate deposits can form and damage the tank. As pipes continue to clog from the excess minerals, the efficiency lowers, raising the cost of operation. Pipes that become clogged with calcium deposits can also experience scale buildup, gradually reducing water pressure over time.

On the other hand, if water is too soft, pipes can begin to show signs of deterioration. Copper pipes, specifically, tend to corrode faster, leaving trace amounts of copper sulfate deposits in the drinking water.

Copper and lead exposure can cause serious health risks. Older pipes may need to be replaced to avoid contamination of the water source inside your home. We can help direct you to proper testing methods to determine the quality of your water.

To save money on your water bill, we recommend checking for leaky faucets, drips, and any other potential problem areas affecting the plumbing system in your home. The EPA estimates the average household wastes 90 gallons of water per day. After a visual inspection of your piping and fittings, look at the reading on your water meter. Do not use any water in your home, and then after 2 hours, once again, read the meter. If there is a change, there is a good chance you have a substantial leak on your hands. Fixing this now can save you money on your water bill and property damage in the long run.

Another simple way to look for leaks is to place food coloring in a toilet tank. If within 10 minutes, color appears in the toilet bowl, there is a leak somewhere in your bathroom’s plumbing system. The EPA also has developed a checklist for easy ways to detect leaks in your home. If you find a leak, let us know, and we can help you get your pipes back in tip-top shape, reducing your monthly water bill in the process.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Kingsport vs Hire a Plumber?

The City of Kingsport Water Service Department is responsible for providing potable water to its residents. They also respond to reports of water main breaks and replace existing lines as needed. The water department works proactively to establish all new service connections in Kingsport.

Customers experiencing an emergency relating to water, sewer, or stormwater should call (423) 229-9416 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For immediate assistance after hours, contact (423) 246-9111.

The customer service department will address all issues relating to problems with water quality, inadequate pressure, water leaks in the streets, or broken water mains. They can be reached at (423) 343-9860.

Residents with concerns about potential cross-connection should contact (423) 229-9454. To report suspicious activity involving fire hydrants, storage tanks, or the water treatment plant, contact (423) 229-9452.

For any other issues located on your side of the water meter, it will be necessary to contact our professional plumbers. The City only covers water and sewer pipes in the street and on public right-of-way easements. Once the water source hits the meter on your house, the residential piping and problems that may arise are the homeowner’s responsibility.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Kingsport?

A permit is required in Kingsport for all new construction or renovation projects. Plumbing permits are needed for the installation and repair of sewer lines and relocating fixtures. A permit is also required for installing or replacing a residential water heater.

If you are doing the work yourself, you must complete a homeowner’s affidavit before applying for a permit. If our professionals are doing the work, they must purchase the permit on your behalf.

Rental property owners must hire a licensed contractor, such as MrBluePlumbing, to obtain a plumbing permit. Landlords are only allowed to do cosmetic repairs in the City of Kingsport.

The cost of a plumbing permit is only $5 for water-related projects and $20 for work to be completed on sewer lines.

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