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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Amarillo?

Amarillo, that hub of urban activity located in the heart of the panhandle in the great state of Texas. When you think of Amarillo, your mind doesn’t exactly go right to thinking about plumbing problems in the area, and you sure don’t associate the common plumbing problems that happen over and over. If we had to put our finger on one plumbing problem and say that was the one that we see the most, we wouldn’t dare commit to just one thing. The very nature of plumbing is that it can be affected by any number of things. The better way to ask that question is, “What plumbing problems occur the most frequently?” The list is rather short, but these plumbing problems tend to happen again and again in the Amarillo area.

  • Leaks under concrete slabs. The soil in Texas, in general, is loaded with just the right mix to create soil that expands when wet. This causes slab foundations to move, and when they move, we usually see a severed water line. Time is of the essence here, because once the foundation moves enough to sever the line, the expansive soil has an endless water supply that causes the foundation to move even further.
  • Hard water. If you have a hard water condition, it won’t hurt you if you drink hard water, but you will probably turn it down anyway due to the odor. Hard water is simply a high level of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Those minerals won’t hurt you, but they will cause havoc to your plumbing system. Fixtures and showerheads will become blocked, and large appliances like your washing machine and your water heater will fail prematurely causing further damage to your wallet.
  • Invasive tree roots. We see this over and over. A customer calls and says that no matter what they have done, their toilet just will not flush and raw sewage is backing up in the home. This is a biohazard emergency. Tree roots will invade a sewer line, and if left alone, will eventually claim the entire circumference of the line and eventually block it off entirely. Sometimes entire sewer lines have to be replaced, other times we can successfully eliminate the roots and save the sewer line. This is a problem that we really do not know what we are getting into until we get there.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and it’s those plumbing problems (the ones occurring the most) that lead to design and innovation, and ultimately, a fix that will prevent it from happening again. The learning curve with plumbing is steep, but there are always better ways to do a certain thing that will benefit all. That is why our professional plumbers go that extra mile to make sure that whatever we repair or replace does not have to be repeated.

How Does the Water in Amarillo Affect Your Plumbing?

When the question of water quality is asked, it doesn’t matter if you are in Amarillo or Alaska, the two things almost everybody is concerned about is the amount of lead and any other heavy metals, such as copper, that is in their drinking water. These two elements are present in all water, no matter where you are. The City of Amarillo has gone to the extreme with lead and copper removal according to this water quality report for the City of Amarillo. This report clearly states that water in the city of Amarillo has far below what is considered to be the allowable limit of these two items. 

That is great news for everybody, right? Lowered amounts of lead and copper. That’s a good sign that states the City of Amarillo goes above and beyond when it comes to heavy metal elimination in their water supply.

While the City of Amarillo was busy removing the lead and copper, they failed to realize that the elements they were using to eliminate lead and copper enhanced the water’s mineral content, making Amarillo water one of the hardest waters in the United States. When you have tunnel vision, other things get missed. The high mineral content poses no threat to humans or their pets, but will cost the average Amarillo water customer a significant amount per year to replace plumbing and plumbing appliances, because of the high mineral content found in the city’s water supply that causes clogs and buildups.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Amarillo?

Plumbing repairs aren’t cheap, and Amarillo is no exception. Let’s just make this one statement concerning costs of plumbing repairs in Amarillo. Our plumbers charge what they charge because the skill set required to become a professional plumber is not cheap. They charge what they do, first because they are worth it, and second because they keep up with the latest tech involving plumbing and plumbing repair. Now, we are going to put up a few numbers of what you can expect plumbing repairs to cost in Amarillo with the averages for low, high, and overall average cost.

  • Average low cost of a plumbing repair in Amarillo, TX – $85
  • Average high cost for a plumbing repair in Amarillo, TX – $619
  • Average price paid for a plumbing repair in Amarillo, TX – $352

These average costs include the following:

  • Average cost for labor in Amarillo
  • Material and equipment rental if needed
  • Project costs such as site prep and clean-up

These average costs do not include:

  • Fees for any permits or inspections
  • Material and supplies Potter and Texas sales taxes
  • Material and supplies Amarillo sales taxes

Every plumbing system is different, so it stands to reason that every plumbing repair will be different. Let’s take a look at a few contributing factors that can make your plumbing repair a bit more or possibly less:

Cost Factor : Size Matters!

The very nature of your plumbing problem will be a direct reflection of your overall cost for a plumbing repair in Amarillo. You will obviously pay more when you are having your whole house plumbed, as opposed to having a new toilet installed. Consider the size and scope of your plumbing repair project, and if it seems overwhelming, divide it up into bite-size chunks you can handle. Tell our plumber you want to work on the worst thing first, and then continue from there.

Cost Factor : Location Matters!

If you are having two leaks repaired in your water line, which one will cost more? The one leak at your outside hydrant or the main water line that is split under your concrete slab foundation? If your plumbing repair is going to take renting a specific piece of equipment, there will obviously be additional to charges that reflect that. Also, if your plumbing problem requires any demolition to get to and reconstruction when it is repaired or replaced, your final bill will reflect that, as well. 

Cost Factor : Reasonable Amount of Time Required

Can your large plumbing problem be repaired in a day? Maybe 2 or 3? If your plumbing problem is one that will require more than a day to repair, expect the labor charges to reflect that as well.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Amarillo?

The simple one-word answer here is a big fat YES! Better plumbing, whether you are referring to the water coming into your home or the sewage going out, is going to perform better than an old plumbing system that is beginning to wear down from everyday usage. Also, better plumbing fixtures are going to save you money on your monthly water bill from the water utility company. When you are looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your plumbing to save on water costs, think about having all of your plumbing fixtures upgraded to the modern, more efficient ones. The fixtures that are available either in your local home improvement store or your local plumbing supply house that promote the Water Sense logo are the ones that will use 20% less water to do the same job, therefore costing you less each month on your water bill. Contact your professional plumber and discuss the other added features of upgrading to Water Sense products in your home.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Amarillo Vs Hire a Plumber?

In most cases, if your plumbing repair needs the intervention of the water utility service here in Amarillo, our professional plumbers will work in unison with the city to make the repair as seamless as possible. We have an excellent working relationship with the City of Amarillo Water Department. 

Basically, the only time that your plumbing problem would require the services of the City of Amarillo would be if the repair was on such a large scale that it affects several customers. Our experts will keep you abreast of any situations regarding the City’s Water Department.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Amarillo?

The City of Amarillo does a very good job of keeping both you and our plumbers informed about the need for permits for specific jobs. If you are wondering if your plumbing repair needs a permit, refer to this page of FAQ’s regarding the repairs that require a permit.

If you already know that your plumbing repair project is going to need a permit, here is the downloadable permit application form that you can print, complete, and then submit to the City. This speeds up the application process of permitting for plumbing repairs in Amarillo, or you can ask our specialists to file for you!

And if you are just looking for information regarding a permit for the City of Amarillo, check out these valuable links to get you headed in the right direction.

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