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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Austin?

You have a beautiful home, fantastic deco, state-of-the-art appliances, and even ultra-modern plumbing and fixtures. Unfortunately, plumbing issues will occur due to wear and tear, aging fixtures, or other environmental factors; it’s just a matter of when. Understanding these plumbing issues is advantageous as you can salvage your plumbing by calling MrBluePlumbing before they worsen. Let’s take a look-see at these common plumbing issues in Austin:

Foundation and Slab Leaks

In May, Austin receives heavy rainfall. During this time, a lot of water seeps underground, resulting in repositioned, moved, and misaligned pipes. Such reposition leads to cracks, bursts, and leakages. If you spot wet spots on your home’s foundation or slab, then most likely, your plumbing system is leaking.

Leaky Fixtures

Remember that month when you almost fainted after receiving a higher than usual monthly water bill? Such occurrences are common in Austin – not the fainting, but the higher than regular water bills. High water bills and buildup of fluid around a fixture is a sign of leakage. 

The leaky fixtures to look out for include:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Leaky indoor faucets and spigots
  • Dripping taps and showerheads

The city of Austin Water has given guidelines and precautions to take before and during freezing weather to protect fixtures, such as faucets, but not all residents are keen to comply. During freezing weather, such as in January, faucets freeze up and crack. During the subsequent weather transition, such as spring, these fixtures start to leak. To prevent fixtures from cracking in the cold weather, be keen to follow Austin Water’s guidelines. You may be tempted to overlook the leak or you DIY, but do the right thing and call our experts to fix it.

Slow Emptying Drains

Have you noticed your kitchen or toilet drains are taking forever to empty? Or, when one drain is moving, another drain in the house is filling up? If you hear certain weird noises in the plumbing, don’t fret, it’s not Casper the ghost; it’s probably a clog in the pipes. Clogs that remain unattended for long can lead to more significant plumbing issues like blocked sewer lines, leading to health hazards.

How Does The Water In Austin Affect Your Plumbing?

Austin sources its water from the Colorado River. Rock formations in the river enrich the water with minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Lime, resulting in hard water. Reports show that Austin’s water has 184 Points Per Millions of hardness, some of the highest in the nation.

Effects of Hard Water on Plumbing in Austin

The effects of hard water include:

  • Clogs and corrosion- Minerals accumulate and build up inside plumbing fixtures such as pipes. The buildup causes the pipes to clog and block. Also, some chemical processes between these minerals and metal leave corroding effects on the fixtures.
  • Reduces efficiency and lifespan- Accumulation of minerals within fixtures such as water heaters causes operation inefficiencies, reduced lifespan, and higher maintenance and power costs.
  • Hard water reduces water flow and pressure- Over time, these accumulated minerals clog and blockage. In some severe cases, the jam can be extreme and curtailing the water flow resulting in reduced pressure.
  • Unattractive cosmetic looks- Accumulation of Calcium in bathtubs, sinks, pipe surfaces, and faucets create a dirty and unattractive look.
  • Leakages- Clogs, blocks, and corrosion lead to pipes cracking and bursting, resulting in leakages.

Such high levels of hard water in Austin can leave you with a mountain of bills such as maintenance and power. Mitigate this situation by calling in the experts from MrBluePlumbing to solve your hard water issue.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Austin?

Plumbing issues are never a welcome thing, and neither are the costs. Therefore, have one of our plumbers repair them as soon as you spot them to avoid further damage and extra expenses. While some plumbing jobs have a fixed rate, certain factors can contribute to costs changing, such as:

Cost Factor: Labor and Fixtures

Labor is usually the highest expense in plumbing. The more work our plumber undertakes, the higher the cost. Our expert plumbers charge pretty pocket-friendly and affordable prices that won’t hurt your budget. For instance, the cost of repairing a leaking pipe ranges around $150 – $300, while unclogging a sink will cost you $140 only. However, you might have a plumbing emergency and require our plumber on site ASAP. While we offer 24/7 services, emergency calls cost a bit more than the regular jobs, but it’s worth it compared to the damage the plumbing issue could cost if not handled immediately.

Sometimes repairing a cracked, leaking, or burst fixture isn’t enough to get the job done. In such cases, our expert plumbers will advise on the best course of action to take, including any fixtures they need to replace to fix the issue properly. This cost will be included in the final invoice. At MrBluePlumbing, our experts will only recommend quality fixtures that are needed to fix the problem permanently.

Cost Factor: Complexity of the Service

In plumbing, no job is the same. Similarly, the costs of repairing differ with the job. Less complex jobs such as repairing a leaking pipe for $150 cannot cost the same as a complicated job such as installing a water softener which can cost up to $1,000.

Cost Factor: Condition of the Current Plumbing

One plumbing issue can be a sign of a more complex problem or that your whole system has been compromised. A leaking pipe can indicate severe corrosion, or a slow-moving drain can signify tough clogs, drain pipes, or sewer line blockages. Additionally, corroded and leaking pipes can suggest an old worn-out plumbing system that needs replacing. Such conditions can end up costing you a bit more than usual.

Cost Factor: Duration of the Job

Some services, such as fixing a leaking pipe, can be charged a fixed cost. However, other jobs, such as replacing the whole plumbing system or installing fixtures, can take days, hence costing you more.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In Austin?

While plumbing in Austin is essential, saving money and resources is equally vital. When done right, plumbing can save you quite a bit; you can invest somewhere else like that fantastic home decor you’ve dreamed of. Even better, you can take your family for that overdue family trip to Disneyland! Want to save some money on your Austin plumbing? Here’s what to do:

Upgrade Your Fixtures

Instead of focusing on those old fixtures that keep on breaking, focus more on repairing and upgrading them. The upgradeable fixtures in Austin include;

  • Efficient toilets that consume less water while flashing
  • Showerheads, taps, and faucets that dispense more water than required
  • Bathtubs and sinks that hold a lot of water. After all, you’ll end up flushing all that water after that long luxurious bath
  • Replace all constantly leaking, cracked, broken, old, and outdated fixtures

Eco-Friendly Plumbing Practices

Want to become a renowned eco-warrior in Austin and save money while you at it?

  • Install tankless water heaters that run on solar and gas
  • Insulate hot water pipes to reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the surfaces
  • Use bio-friendly materials in the house that can’t clog in the lines or drains if flushed
  • Turn off any water outlets that aren’t in use

When you think about Disneyland, think about how better plumbing can save you that money. Call in MrBluePlumbing for advice on how you can improve your plumbing to save in Austin.

Don’t Procrastinate

Some plumbing issues in Austin become worse and cause more damage due to postponing. If you spot a leak, don’t assume it’s just that; a leak, it might be severe corrosion inside the pipes. Similarly, when you spot a slow-moving drain, don’t assume it might be a major block in the sewer line. Assuming a plumbing issue is serious, putting it off for later is dangerous. If you don’t call in our plumbers as soon as you spot these plumbing issues, you might end up incurring more than plumbing costs.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Austin Vs. Hire a Plumber?

While our MrBluePlumbing professionals are experts in this field and industry, we are also law-abiding citizens. Some cases fall under the jurisdiction of the water utility companies.

So, call the water utility company if:

  • Your line water breaks, and either the shut-off valve isn’t working, or you don’t know where it is
  • There’s water leakage beyond your property, such as in the streets
  • Your entire home is out of water
  • You spot a plumbing issue at your neighbor’s home, and no one is in, and you can’t find the shut-off valve.
  • You need an adjustment on your high water bill due to leakage. Provide all evidence, including invoices and receipts, to show you paid and had the leakage fixed

On the other hand, if you spot any plumbing issue within your property, don’t delay; call MrBluePlumbing to fix them all.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Austin?

It’s rewarding as a homeowner to transform your plumbing system, finally install that tankless water heater, state-of-the-art pipes, or getting rid of those old rugged sewer lines. Plumbing can test your patience, regardless of the job, especially with getting a permit as required by law. So, if you decide to DIY your plumbing job, you should know this;

Plumbing permits depend on the scope of your project. If you are working on a job that might change the plumbing system, you should first get a permit. For instance, if you add those state-of-the-art pipes and replace the old ones, be sure to get a permit before you start.

If you get your water and pay your water bill to the water utility company, you should get a permit before you commence any job.

Getting a permit isn’t a hassle; you can put in a plumbing permit request with the city of Austin. However, make sure you call in an inspector when you complete your project, as the law also requires.

Understandably, you want to DIY your plumbing, but what if the issue is more significant than you assessed, even with a permit? All MrBluePlumbing’s technicians are duly licensed as master plumbers by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Technicians (TSBPE), registered and given permits by the city of Austin. Let our experts handle all those plumbing issues for you, no matter how complex they are.

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