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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Garland?

Garland is not immune to the most basic plumbing issues that plumbers have faced since the dawn of civilization. Blockages, breaks, heating system breakdowns, and toilet leaks are the most typical types of plumber emergencies. Clogs in toilets and sinks can be prevented if certain objects are disposed of properly. Grease is one of the most frequent clog-causing substances. Grease, oils, and other similar substances can congeal and form a solid plug, which further worsens as more items are disposed of down the drain. Chemical drain cleaners may solve the problem, but they might pollute the water and are difficult to filter out.

  • Leaks can be produced by a variety of factors. Rust, pipeline freezing, severe weather, and friction are all examples of excessive wear. Toilets are a major source of leaks; some leaks may not even cause the toilet to run longer. Here is an easy test to see whether you have a concealed toilet leak:
  • Add a few droplets of water to the upper tank, just enough to color the water noticeably.
  • Allow for ten minutes without flushing.
  • There is a little leak if there is dye in the bowl. Changing the flapper may be enough to stop the leak.

Hot water heaters are a major source of plumbing problems. Many segments can corrode and come apart, the interior can accumulate particles, and the boiler can fail. Replacing the hot water tank with a tankless alternative will help to alleviate some standing water problems that tanks can cause. In order to keep the hot water hotter while it is being delivered around the home, have a professional insulate the heated pipes.

How Does the Water in Garland Affect Your Plumbing?

Despite the extensive filtering of the water, the city’s water is still considered hard. This can place a strain on the plumbing and appliances in the home. You may notice your hair and skin feel filmy after a shower, the showerhead builds up limescale, and soap scum is abundant on the walls. This is due to the hardness of the water leaving minerals in its wake. Pipes and appliances collect mineral deposits over time, and it can cause corrosion and failure of the appliance. Frequent descaling is necessary for water-containing appliances to help maintain the effectiveness and longevity of the appliance.

Installing a whole-home water softening system can help alleviate the strain on the plumbing and improve your hair and skin. While the water company can efficiently clean and filter the water before it is transported to your home, it can not accommodate the extensive filtering out of the minerals that cause hard water build-up. Pipes outside the newly filtered area will still need to be monitored frequently for leaks and clogging.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Garland?

Obviously, the cost of plumbing repairs varies considerably depending on the task to be done. Cleaning blockages, repairing leaks, and regulating hot water heaters may be included in a company’s flat cost. When it is determined that the project will require extra time and supplies, a price is estimated. The hourly cost ranges from $60 to over $95 per hour. The number of work hours, components and supplies, equipment, and emergency services are all elements that might raise the price.


The cost of labor will be one of the highest costs of the final bill. Most plumbers will charge a flat rate for simple fixes. This allows them to come in, fix the issue, and charge a fixed amount without figuring out prices, time, and other costs. Some plumbers have a fixed amount for every project that they work on and then add on the price of fixtures and pipes. A master plumber, who is necessary for large projects, will be able to charge double for their services.


Material costs come in a variety of different items. From fixtures to pipes, and then fittings and adhesives, to new lines and gas lines, there is a range of prices involved. Small fittings and adhesives can be included in the flat rate if they are used frequently enough to be bought in bulk. Fixtures like a new toilet or shower can cost as little as $150 to well over $2,000 just for the fixture. Pipe costs vary by type and range between a few cents a section to over $5 a section. The pipe cost for a whole home repipe or installation can run near $3,000 for a good copper pipe and less for PEX pipes.

Additional Services

Some plumbing issues require extra services to be performed. Excavation, wall opening, ceiling or foundation opening, and emergency services are among the top additional services rendered. It is easy to repair an exposed leak, but if the leak is under the house, the second floor, in the yard, or in a wall, the house has to be opened up to get to the leak before a larger problem develops. The cost of demo and repair, if the service is provided, will add to the final bill. Excavation will require heavy equipment that may not be easily available. Emergency plumbing services can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week depending on the service. The cost of using an emergency service can be over double the price of services rendered during a scheduled time.

Maintenance in the home is the responsibility of the homeowner and should be completed annually before the winter months. Preventive services can assist with weakened pipes, underperforming appliances, and preventing emergency situations.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Garland?

Environmental sustainability is a national priority. Garland offers a rebate program to help residents reduce the amount of water consumed by toilets and clothes washers. Installing an energy-efficient model to replace outdated, broken, or leaky toilets may entitle you to a partial refund. You can receive the toilet credit three times for a total of $225. Other strategies to save money on your water cost include upgrading or installing appliances such as:

  • Set up a tankless water heater.
  • Install a shower control to ensure that the temperature and flow rate are just right.
  • Install dual flush toilets to conserve water while flushing debris.
  • Install water-saving washers and dishwashers to save water.

While improved plumbing can save money by replacing old, outdated, and worn-out parts, the greatest method to save money when dealing with plumbing problems is to hire the appropriate firm the first time. Most of the time, the cost of the service is regarded as the most essential factor. However, you must look for a firm that can show proof of licensing, insurance, certification, and local or state registration. This can help to avoid penalties and fees for non-compliant work, repeated leaks, property damage, and poor labor. In addition to the fines, you will need to find a new plumber and construction crew to repair the plumbing and house, which will cost even more money.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Garland vs Hire a Plumber?

Plumbing disasters are aggravating and may rapidly create a large amount of costly damage. Some leaks may raise the question of who should be called to remedy the leak. Obvious city damages, such as a broken hydrant or a damaged recreational basin, should be reported to the Garland Water Utilities Department as soon as possible so that the water may be turned off and repairs can begin. It is the property owner or resident’s obligation to repair water damage within the residence. What about leaking near walkways or perimeters? There is a simple test that may be used to verify if the water leak is connected to your meter and hence your responsibility:

  • When there is a significant leak, always switch off the water main.
  • Find the water meter.
  • Check to see if the meter has stopped spinning.
  • If it has not, the problem is on your end of the line. Call a plumber right away.
  • If it has, the leak is a city problem. Gather all available information and report it to the utility company as soon as possible.

It is also a good idea, once the leak is located, to turn off the electricity in the area. This will avoid any accidental connection with electrical sockets and harm. If the leak is discovered to be on private property, water providers will levy a fee to the house. You will have to pay a charge for their services as well as hire a plumber to remedy the problem. Contact the utility company after a leak has been fixed, they may be able to issue a rebate for some water charges.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Garland?

A permit is required for any work on the residence that involves the replacement of pipes, fixtures, valves, or hot water heaters. Any appliance replacement that involves hardwiring into the home or building, either with electric or plumbing, would necessitate a permit for insertion or replacement. Modifying a bathroom fixture without replacing pipes or valves does not necessitate a permit; however, if the pipes must be modified, permission is required. A permit will be required for both the repair and replacement of the A/C system and the water heater. Permits will be required for new plumbing and gas plumbing. Permits cost a flat fee of $113. These permits are only obtained when a general contractor is not being used. When the job is completed, the city will require it to be inspected.

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