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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Killeen?

Like many other cities, the most common issues with plumbing and water in Killeen include clogged drains, plumbing installations like repairing and replacing showers, and leaks of various kinds.

As hair, soap, and other particulates flow down a drain, they can catch in various bends in the pipe, and eventually, create slow drains or fully clogged systems that back up. This is particularly a problem in Killeen as the water here is known to be moderately hard. This contributes to build-up of minerals and scum in your plumbing that lead to these clogs. It’s better to solve a clog early to make sure that it doesn’t damage the whole plumbing system by creating unnecessary pressure in the pipes. Plumbers see this somewhat gross issue all the time, so do not feel bad – there’s little chance that this will be the wildest clog we’ve removed. Instead, we’ll be glad you aren’t stressing your pipes by leaving clogs to continue breaking down in the pipes. 

Another major challenge for the residents of Killeen is installing new fixtures correctly. What might take you all afternoon, cause massive frustration, and still spring a leak is a quick job for an experienced plumber like one of ours. There’s no shame in calling us for a new faucet, toilet, showerhead, or bathtub installation. In fact, you may save more money than you think by having us do the project right and not accidentally creating leaks and water damage. 

Water pressure issues aren’t particularly common in Killeen, but changes in water pressure in your particular home can indicate a pipe problem. By talking to one of our experienced plumbers who has seen the signs of high and low water pressure before, you can determine whether some pressure regulation in the system would ease the pressure or help that water come out of the shower at a slightly faster clip.

The City of Killeen maintains the sewer and water systems, but one of the major issues that they hope to prevent is the pouring of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into sewers. These substances don’t move easily through the system, causing clogs that are expensive to repair. Luckily, you shouldn’t have to deal with these issues in your own home, but be part of the solution by never pouring anything into a sewer and encouraging neighbors not to do so either. 

How Does the Water in Killeen Affect Your Plumbing?

HydroFlow USA reports Killeen, Texas as having 168 PPM of dissolved minerals in the municipal water supply, which equates to moderately hard water. Anyone who has lived in Texas knows that our state is known for fairly hard water, and cities do their best to handle it. The Killeen Drinking Water Quality Report consistently shows that our water is safe to drink, but having a higher-than-average percentage of dissolved minerals in our water does mean that there could be build-up over time in your pipes as these minerals condense out of the water onto the surface of the pipes. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Killeen?

The average cost of plumbing work in Killeen is $354, with an average low of $86 and an average high of $622. Bigger projects, especially ones where pipes have to be completely replaced or whole systems need work, can easily go into the thousands of dollars, but we will talk through your options if this happens.

Rebates and City Subsidies

If you happen to qualify for particular rebates or programs through the Killeen Water and Sewer Department, you may have access to help from the city or to a lowered bill for your plumbing. If you determine that you qualify for any kind of subsidy, you’ll need to find out if the Killeen Water and Sewer Department has particular plumbers who can do the work, qualified contractors who have registered with the city, or if you’ll want to get quotes yourself and submit for reimbursement after you have the work done. These kinds of programs can change over time, usually in response to city-wide challenges with the water and sewer systems, so keep an eye on the website for more details.

Urgency of the Project

We charge different rates for emergency plumbing than for everyday projects we can fit into our schedules as we see fit. Emergency plumbing, where you can call 24/7, does tend to incur some extra fees because the plumber involved has to be on-call for a night, weekend, or holiday trip to your home. One way to avoid this cost if you have multiple sinks, showers, or toilets in the home, is to stop using the one in question (if it isn’t flooded or overflowing), and call us for non-emergency, working-hours plumbing work instead.

Labor and Materials Costs 

Once you’ve got one of our professional plumbers to visit for a service call, they’ll figure out whether the issue is a basic clog they can fix with the tools they have on-hand or if they’ll need to order materials and estimate how long the project will take. They will explain the situation to you in enough detail to let you know your options, for instance, choosing to replace versus repair a section of plumbing. While the estimate will be informed by the plumber’s lengthy experience, there is still some wiggle room if they discover more complicated damage or additional materials costs as they work. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Killeen?

Bell County WCID No. 1, supplying much of the water to the City of Killeen, has estimated some of the ways that better plumbing or plumbing that is in healthier repair can save you money. Their list includes everything from fixing leaky faucets and plumbing joints to save 20 gallons a day to installing water-saving showerheads and flow restrictors to save 500 to 800 gallons a month. Given the costs of water on your water bill are, nationally, about $1.50 per 1,000 gallons, these upgrades quickly pay for themselves just in savings over the years while also adding to your home’s overall value and perception to future prospective buyers.

A yearly check-up of your entire plumbing system can also save you money. While it is always good news if a yearly service call turns up no problems, it’s even better news if our plumber finds a small leak that hasn’t yet caused a lot of damage, or even a joint that appears ready to spring a leak. Repairing and replacing plumbing elements is much cheaper before a catastrophic failure: since water can impact everything from your home’s walls to wooden structures behind the walls, water damage is much better when detected early. Yes, a few clean check-ups may have you doubting the point, but that just means that you’re getting the peace of mind that your plumbing isn’t concealing a thousands-of-dollars needed repair. 

If your home is in the original town center of Killeen or was otherwise historically built in our area, plumbing standards may have advanced since the last time you had someone out to check on them. While we are likely to recommend upgrades to bring your plumbing up to code, we are also recommending these changes because they will save you money or increase your health, since older types of pipes sometimes could leach chemicals into the water. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Killeen vs Hire a Plumber?

The first people to check with if you are having water issues are your immediate neighbors. If they have not experienced the low pressure, slow drains, or other issues you’re running into, you’ll most likely need to call us and not the Killeen Water and Sewer Department. Another good place to start, however, is the Killeen Water and Sewer Department website, since news of water main breaks, boil water advisories, and other valuable information is located there. If you see a blocked sewer or a water leak at a hydrant, for instance, they have useful numbers to call, including (254) 501-6500. Calling the city may resolve the issue in the municipal water system, but not all the issues in your own home, so if your plumbing concerns persist after a city repair, call us to address what is going on with your personal property.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Killeen?

Small plumbing projects, such as replacing a small section of piping to repair a leak, unclogging drains, and replacing smaller fixtures such as faucets and showerheads do not require permits. However, bigger projects that may involve moving fixture locations, moving an interior wall, or any more work that was previously mentioned will likely require a permit.

The standard process is to apply for permits to complete plumbing projects and repairs through the City of Killeen, following their online process and emailing applications to Proof of final repair is usually witnessed by an inspector to finish the permitting process. Our plumbers know what types of jobs will require permits and not, but you may also contact the Building Inspections Division at (254) 501-7763 to find out the most up-to-date information on plumbing permits.

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