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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Pflugerville?

Located north of the Colorado River in Central Texas, Pflugerville is a rapidly growing city that offers a lot of ‘Pfun and Pfestivals’, and uses its cool name to its fullest. Homes in Pflugerville are susceptible to many common plumbing problems, but due to the area’s climate, there are some unique problems. 

  • Clogged or Slow Drains: Unclogging drains is one of the most common reasons residents in Pflugerville need to call a plumber. Many drains and sewer systems in the area need to be cleaned every few years to prevent problems, in part due to mineral build ups that cause blockages and occur because of the hard water in the city.
  • Climate: Pflugerville is one of the hotter locations in Texas, with approximately 107 days out of the year where the temperature is over 90 degrees. The city is also in the very drought-prone Central Texas area, and as such is subject to drought restrictions and a mandatory schedule for watering lawns. Interestingly, the average annual rainfall is 35 inches, which is actually above average compared to other areas in Texas. Many homeowners call us in to install low-flow fixtures and fix leaks to help preserve water.
  • Sprinkler Systems: Due to mandatory watering schedules and water conservation efforts, routine backflow testing on sprinkler systems is important. It not only saves money and water, but it also prevents pest infestations and lawn diseases.

No matter where your home is located, or what the climate is, some plumbing issues are universal. These issues can include leaking faucets and pipes, updates to kitchen or bathroom fixtures, and fixing water heaters or ice makers. Additionally, if your water is not treated with a water softener, low water pressure is a common problem. 

How Does the Water in Pflugerville Affect Your Plumbing?

Pflugerville’s main water supply comes from surface water from Lake Pflugerville and is supplemented with groundwater from the Edwards Aquifer. Because groundwater does not currently require any chlorination treatment, it is usually the least expensive. However, due to being in the very drought prone Central Texas area, groundwater is not a reliable source for drinking water since it is dependent on rainfall. Surface water requires treatment, and the city’s water treatment plant utilizes water softeners to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water, and the water from Lake Pflugerville is considered hard. If there is too much calcium and magnesium in your water, mineral deposits can form in your pipes and lower your water pressure.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Pflugerville?

Plumbing repairs are often not cheap, and if problems are not addressed right away, it can be even more costly. On average, plumbing costs in Pflugerville are between $83.00 and $602.00. These costs do not account for fees for inspections, permits, or sales tax on materials. They also do not account for larger installation projects, such as septic systems, sump pumps, or swimming pools. A new septic system, for example, can cost over $7,000, and a new sump pump is just under $1,000. There are a few other factors that contribute to the cost of a plumbing repair job.

Cost Factor: Severity

Plumbing repairs that are more severe in nature, are generally more expensive. And, unfortunately, this tends to also be the case if you attempt to repair your plumbing yourself initially and inadvertently cause or reveal more problems. Additionally, in homes where the plumbing systems are in poor condition, more problems are often discovered during the project, which will escalate costs. A leaky faucet might uncover damaged pipes and mold, adding more work and making the project more expensive.

Cost Factor: Materials Needed

PVC plumbing is by far the least expensive, as well as the most common pipe used. Our plumbers typically prefer to use this type of plumbing instead of the more expensive, copper, stainless steel, or ABS pipes. Other factors that influence the cost of materials include sales tax, which is currently 8.25%. For many larger installation projects, such as installing a new water heater, our plumbers will often use a fixed fee that accounts for the cost of materials.

Cost Factor: Hourly Rate vs Fixed Rate

Some repairs, particularly installation projects, will be priced using a fixed rate, which accounts for labor and materials. Other, more complicated projects are typically priced at an hourly rate. The hourly rate is simply the labor costs, and the cost of supplies and materials is added to that. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Pflugerville?

Absolutely! While plumbing projects can have a high cost initially, in general, they will save you money over time. Proactive plumbing repairs not only help you save money by addressing problems when they happen, and preventing more costly repairs, but can also save you money on your utility bill. A leaky faucet can cost around an extra $20 a year on your water bill. That might not seem like much, but it adds up. That leaky faucet also wastes over 3,600 gallons of water a year, which is enough to fill an above-ground pool. And if every household in Texas fixed one leaky faucet in their house, it would save more than 13 billion gallons of water a year. Plus, an extra $20 in your bank account that earns interest is always nice! And there are a few other ways that better plumbing can save you money.

  • Installing more energy-efficient fixtures, like low flow toilets, conserves water and saves you money on your utility bill. Additionally, in order to promote water conservation, the state of Texas has sales tax exemptions and property tax exemptions for energy-efficient equipment that conserves water.
  • The City of Pflugerville also offers rebates on irrigation systems, swimming pool covers, lawn aeration, and rainwater harvesting.
  • Being proactive about your plumbing also increases the value of your home. By installing energy-efficient fixtures, fixing leaks and slow drains, and installing a dishwasher if you don’t already have one, can increase the value of your home, and by using rebates, you can even decrease your property taxes.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Pflugerville vs Hire a Plumber?

More often than not, most of your plumbing problems can be managed by our plumbers, but there are some instances where you need to call the utility company instead. It might be something our plumber is not able to do, but often it is a situation where it is actually illegal for someone other than the utility company to step in. If you have questions about who you should call, our experts can always come to investigate the problem and determine if you need to call the utility company.

If it seems like your house is completely out of water, this may be an issue with the city water supply. And that means a call to your utility company. But, you should check with your neighbors first. If your home is the only one without water, it is better to call us since it is likely specific to your home.

If you find evidence of a water leak, it is also important to determine where the leak is coming from, because this determines whether it is your responsibility or the utility company. A broken water main will be the responsibility of the utility company, but leaks on your property are often your responsibility. Additionally, if you suspect the problem is related to a break in your water line, and you do not know where your water shut-off valve is, or it does not work, our plumbers can help with that. However, you may ultimately need to contact your utility company depending on whether the break is from the water main or a pipe on your property.

You should always call the utility company if you notice a leak in your neighbor’s home when they do not appear to be home. This is a situation where it is illegal for someone besides the utility company to step in. Even though it seems like the right thing to do, don’t shut your neighbor’s water off yourself. The utility company needs to come out and evaluate the problem and decide if it is necessary to turn off the water. And anytime you believe your water bill needs to be adjusted, you will need to call your utility company.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Pflugerville?

Attempting to repair or install your plumbing without using a plumber might seem like a way to save time and money. Unfortunately, many repairs done without our plumbers end up costing more money, and often you still need to hire us. Additionally, for many jobs, you need a permit from the city. In general, you do not need a permit if you are fixing, replacing, or maintaining existing fixtures without adding or changing the pipes or valves, or if you are replacing something like a toilet seat which does not require water. Here are some situations where the City of Pflugerville does require a permit.

  • If you are adding or remodeling a residential swimming pool
  • If you need to cap off pipes from fixtures that have been removed, or you need to replace or repair the piping system
  • Installation of lawn sprinkler systems, or backflow prevention assemblies for lawn sprinkler systems 
  • Anything involving sewer lines, cesspools, and septic systems (this does not generally include septic system cleaning, but that should always be done by a licensed professional)
  • Anything involving sump pumps, including installation or repair
  • If you are replacing a metallic (copper or galvanized steel) system with a non-metallic system (plastic or CPVC), you will need a plumbing permit and you may also need an electrical permit since in all likelihood you will need to install a new grounding electrode.

For most projects, if you need to obtain a permit from the city, it is best to call us. We work with the city routinely and can easily obtain permits for you if needed. 

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