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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City, UT is a very young city in terms of its population, compared to the average for the country as a whole. The average citizen of Salt Lake City is just 31 to 32 years old, while the average age for the country stands at 37. This means that a lot of people are highly attracted to moving to this area, and as they move to the area, they are continuing to drive the average age down. This means that a lot of new homes are being constructed, and that has lead to concerns about potential plumbing problems sprouting up from time to time. 

One amenity that people of all ages want to have in their homes is an abundance of hot water. Unfortunately, many people notice that the hot water does not hold up well in their property. This is likely to be a problem with the water heater that is set up in the building. If a water heater problem exists, it may have to do with the type of water heater that is installed. Certain models are not designed to work effectively on a new home. Our professional plumbers would need to take the time to get a detailed look at this, before making a determination about the exact nature of the problem.

Winter weather is a factor in Salt Lake City, and residents have noted that a leaky hose bibb can be a real issue in the summer months. This part can become frozen during the winter months, and cracks or leaks may present themselves when the summer months roll in and thaw out this particular part. 

Garbage disposals are another in-demand feature of new homes. They are great for clearing out some unused or unwanted food at the end of a meal. However, they can also become jammed when overused or used improperly. This can be a big headache for the property owner, and it is another reason to call in our experts.

How Does The Water In Salt Lake City Affect Your Plumbing? 

The tap water in Salt Lake City is certainly safe to drink or use for any other purposes. The utility board in Salt Lake City says that the water quality meets or exceeds all the standards set up by the EPA. They also note that approximately sixty percent of the water supplied to the city comes from mountain streams in the nearby area. That makes for fresh mountain stream water coming through the pipes to citizens of Salt Lake City. 

It is pretty hard to come up with a better source of water than what the residents of Salt Lake City get to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean that problems can’t occur. The water still has to push through the pipes on demand for customers all throughout the city. Thus, the strain on the pipes may still result in leaks and corrosion over time. 

The water utility board itself recognizes that getting clean water to every resident of Salt Lake City involves a price tag. Residents must be ready to deal with paying the price to get water cleaned up to drinkability standards, after it comes out of those mountain streams mentioned above. This is something to consider when looking at moving to Salt Lake City. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Salt Lake City? 

The average plumbing job in Salt Lake City falls between $200 and $650 in most cases. Several things can influence your total.

Hours Of Labor 

Most of the cost of plumbing in Salt Lake City has to do with the hours of labor that go into the project. A typical cost may go between $75 and $162 per hour for the labor. This is dependent upon the exact service that is used, and it depends on the length of time required for us to make the project a success. Clearly, a quick fix like a leaky faucet or clogged toilet is going to be easy to fix and not take very long at all. This might run the property owner in the neighborhood of $100 or less to get fixed. 

All of that being said, our plumbers typically charge a fixed rate per project, no matter the length of time required to repair. This could work in the customer’s favor if it turns out that the project takes longer than expected. At least, under this scenario, you are saving money by having a fixed cost ahead of time.

Age Of Building/Historic Status 

The general population in Salt Lake City may be younger than the average, but that doesn’t mean that the buildings fit into the same criteria. It turns out that many buildings in Salt Lake City are older than average, and many have historic significance to them as well. A complete list of qualifying characteristics for a building to be deemed historic can be found here. Additional costs for plumbing services are expected when the building in question is deemed to be historic, or even if it is just older than the norm. Special care has to be taken under these circumstances, and it is not easy to obtain permission to do certain work on buildings protected by their historic status. 


Do not forget the permits required to begin work on a plumbing project. Salt Lake City is just like many other cities in that they require that certain permits be obtained before work begins. This is done to insulate the city from potentially damaging plumbing work being done by those untrained in the field. Think of the permit as almost the equivalent of a license to work. It is necessary for the integrity of the plumbing systems as a whole to keep them safe for all residents to enjoy and make use out of. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In Salt Lake City?

Everyone likes to save a little money here and there when they can. Those savings directly contribute to a higher net worth and perhaps even a higher level of life satisfaction as a whole. It is little wonder then that people are asking if better plumbing can save them money in Salt Lake City. They want to know how they can get the most from the solutions put together for them by our professional plumbers. 

The short answer is yes, better plumbing can save you money, though it may not seem like it on the surface of things. Most people stop short of completely thinking about how better plumbing may prove useful to them. They often only consider the initial costs associated with getting plumbing work done. The problem with this is that those costs are not viewed as an investment. 

Small leaks in plumbing contribute as much as an additional ten percent to your water bill month after month. Add, on top of that, the fact that a small leak can cause water to seep into the walls and overall structure of your home, and you can see how a simple plumbing fix could have prevented literally thousands of dollars worth of damage. It is not worth taking the risk when all you have to do is call our professional plumbers to get the job done before it spirals out of control.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Salt Lake City Vs Hire a Plumber?

The water utility company in Salt Lake City is very easy to reach, but are they the first call you should make when you have a plumbing issue? The answer is most likely no. If the plumbing problem you are experiencing is minor and impacting only yourself and those who live with you, then you can safely assume that you should call us first. You may place a call to the water utility company only to let them know that you are aware of a plumbing issue and are working to get it resolved. The company might even give you a break on your utility bill as a result of the phone call that you make. After all, you are at least showing the foresight to give them a heads-up on what is going on. 

Our plumber will be your first call in most cases, so you can schedule an appointment, work towards getting an estimate, and provide us with all relevant details about the problem you are experiencing and how we can help. We cannot completely fix the situation over the phone of course, but we can begin to assess the likely course of action necessary to begin to help you with your problem. 

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is among the user-friendliest of places when it comes to obtaining building permits for plumbing jobs. They have produced a helpful way for plumbers to get onto their website and apply for all necessary permits electronically and quite easily. That is a big deal, since it cuts out the process of physically having to obtain the permits and paperwork required to get plumbing work done. 

Our plumbers are always mindful of deadlines required to get permits, before we begin work on a project. Some simple projects do not require permits at all, but large projects with more depth to them will undoubtedly require that our plumber obtain permits relevant to the work that they are doing. Salt Lake City wants to protect the ecosystem they have set up for their plumbing systems, so permits are a must-have before any job begins. Our plumbers understand this dynamic and are pleased to work with the city to make it happen. We want to stay within those boundaries so we can continue to make the livelihood that we have come to depend on. 

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