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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Portsmouth?

Most of the plumbing problems in Portsmouth are from an aging plumbing infrastructure and plumbing systems that were either installed incorrectly or being used incorrectly. The following are the plumbing issues that we tend to see most.

  • Leaking Pipes: Whether you are having issues with water coming into your home or the sewage that is leaving your home, the problem is in the pipes. When these pipes begin to age, it shows by leaking. Several other factors can cause pipes to leak, but the number one reason we’ve encountered leaks in Portsmouth is the city’s aging infrastructure.
  • Leaking Fixtures: Once your pipes begin to show signs of leaking, your fixtures will not be far behind. The hard water in the city leaves mineral deposits inside your pipes that can deteriorate aerators, o-rings, and gaskets more rapidly than soft water.
  • Constantly Running Toilets:This is another fixture issue, but this is also the leading cause of expensive water bills due to leaks. When a toilet constantly runs, it keeps filling the tank and doesn’t stop. Portsmouth’s hard water also contributes to running toilets, as the minerals can corrode the flapper and other equipment within the fixture.
  • Drains Backing Up:This issue is primarily caused by being a city at sea level. Cities like ours see the most in slow running and backed up drains due to there being very little, if any, slope for gravity to do its job. However, the hard water in the city also contributes to clogs and slow drains because the mineral build-up restricts the flow of water through your system.
  • Water Heater Issues: Once again, Portsmouth’s hard water is largely to blame. The minerals accumulate in the bottom of your water tank, reducing the efficiency of the equipment and making it work harder. As a result, water heaters in the city have a decreased lifespan and run into problems with heating more often.

Having a new home doesn’t make your plumbing system immune to these issues. We see many plumbing systems fail each year because they were installed incorrectly or they were not properly matched to the geography of the area they were being installed in. Now, let’s look at issues caused by the water in Portsmouth.

How Does the Water in Portsmouth Affect Your Plumbing?

Most water quality concerns are over lead content. All water contains lead. It is just a matter of how much lead your water has at any given moment. Lead particles can enter the water supply from the lead pipes and lead solder joints present in older homes that haven’t been properly upgraded yet. The EPA sets a minimum amount that is safe for human consumption and your Portsmouth water quality report conveys that message. The water quality reports over the past five years can give you an idea about how much improvement is being made to address the lead issue. Lead and copper are heavy metals present in our water supply that can cause corrosion in our plumbing systems. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Portsmouth?

We have come to the money issue concerning plumbing repairs here in Portsmouth. Here, you can find the averages of a plumbing repair. We’ll also discuss some things that are and are not included with those figures. Here are the averages:

  • The average low cost for a plumbing repair is $86.
  • The average high cost of a plumbing repair is $824.
  • The overall average price paid for a plumbing repair is $355.

The figures posted here also include the costs for the following:

  • The average price to hire a plumber
  • The average costs for materials and equipment
  • All project costs for site prep and clean-up

The figures posted above do not include the costs for the following items:

  • The associated costs of any permits and/or subsequent inspections
  • County and state sales taxes on materials and supplies
  • Local sales taxes on materials and supplies

Certain things can cause your plumbing repair cost to increase. Sometimes, these things are obvious; other times, they only become apparent once we have taken a look. Here are some other cost factors that can increase the price:

Overall Size and Scope

The amount of work and complexity of the project will greatly affect the final cost. Fixing a dripping faucet is not going to be even close in cost to installing a new water or sewer line.

Extra Manpower

This is also in direct relation to the above size and scope of your plumbing repair. If there is a need for more of our plumbers to facilitate your repair promptly, the extra manpower will be charged to you as labor costs. The faucet repair mentioned above isn’t going to take a whole team to accomplish, while replacing a water main might.

Demolition and Reconstruction

This is another size and scope issue. If your plumbing repair is a water leak inside your living room wall, there will be a charge to tear it out, repair it, then build it back like nothing happened.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Portsmouth?

The short answer here is yes, it can. When you constantly have a water leak fixed in the water supply line running through your front yard, sooner or later there will be a trade-off where the price of replacing the line will be cheaper than another repair. 

You can also save money annually on your water utility bill by doing the following things:

  • Repair a fast water drip from an outside hose bib. A fast water drip adds up to several hundred gallons of water that you will have to pay for (that could have been avoided by replacing a cheap O-ring).
  • Upgrade your plumbing fixtures.One of the easiest and most cost-effective things that you can do is to upgrade all of your current plumbing fixtures to new WaterSense fixtures that are endorsed by the EPA. These efficient faucets, toilets, and showerheads use the latest technology to do the same job with 20% less water. These fixtures should be readily available at your local home improvement supercenter. They can easily be identified by their WaterSense logos on the packaging. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Portsmouth Vs Hire a Plumber?

The city of Portsmouth water utility company is there for you to handle certain issues such as paying your water bill and starting or stopping your water service in the event of a move. Our plumbers are able to contact the city of Portsmouth for any issues that might need their concern as it pertains to the repair of pipes under their jurisdiction, including lines in the street, sewer mains, and water mains on the street side of the meter.

For plumbing issues other than that, we should be able to address them on your behalf. If we need the city of Portsmouth for anything regarding your plumbing repair, we should be able to operate seamlessly together, without your intervention.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Portsmouth?

Certain types of plumbing repairs will require you to purchase a plumbing permit from the city of Portsmouth. These typically include replacing old pipes, installing new plumbing, or installing new large equipment, like water heaters.

If your plumbing repair project is going to need a permit, you can download and print the application. This is something that you can do ahead of time, once you are sure that you will need a permit. Doing this will also speed up the process of your plumbing repair. Just fill out the section for the resident and have us fill out the section for our services. Then, submit the application to the city of Portsmouth main office.

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