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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Bothell?

Folks here in Bothell will have run-ins with all the typical plumbing problems that people experience everywhere such as leaks and clogs, but there are a few reasons that people here call our plumbers that we’ve noticed to be a little more common in Bothell than in other areas.

Sagging Underground Pipes

Between the extensive rain during the winter months in the area and our incredibly fertile soil, underground pipes can pose some serious challenges over a long period in Bothell. As our soil moistens and dries, it expands and contracts due to the clay content. This can cause slight shifts in the earth that over time may displace underground pipes and create sags, making regular flow through them more difficult and potentially trapping water and waste in the newly formed low points.

Fixture Replacement

With the high alkalinity of the water running through pipes in Bothell, fixtures can develop a scale that not only will stain and diminish their beauty over time but can also make them operate inefficiently or incorrectly. Mineral buildup on your fixtures can obstruct flow or interfere with valves. Given enough time your fixtures can begin to corrode, which can begin to adversely affect the water running through them. New fixture technology has also greatly improved water efficiency, and Bothell residents frequently want to update older fixtures in hopes of a decreased water bill.

Scale develops slowly over time, so fixtures won’t need constant replacing. Regularly replacing outdated and older fixtures though helps folks here in Bothell keep their plumbing in top shape for more efficiency and reliability.

Replacements for Old Pipes

With a modern history dating back to the 1800s, Bothell is an old community. While our city has adapted to modern times and few buildings from the early days of our history remain, many still live in older homes in Bothell. Plumbing isn’t made to last forever, and at best most pipes have a shelf of three to five decades.

Replacing aging pipes and fittings is incredibly important for the overall health of your entire plumbing system. Pressurized water in your pipes puts an extreme amount of strain on pipes, and older pipes may develop weaknesses that could lead to leaks and costly flooding. Some pipe materials, such as galvanized steel, can lose their protective coatings over time as they age, eventually dispersing harmful particles like rust and lead into your water. These can be serious health hazards for your entire household, so replacing pipes before they get past their prime is essential.

How Does the Water in Bothell Affect Your Plumbing?

Bothell uses the water supply of Seattle Public Utilities, just as 22 different municipalities do in the Greater Seattle Area. The water here is primarily sourced from the South Fork Tolt River Watershed. This remote location in the Cascades provides incredibly pure water with very few contaminants and low mineral content, resulting in soft, pristine water.

Though our water is plenty soft here, it does pose some unique challenges. The rich soil in the Cascades contains a lot of decaying organic matter. While this provides great nutrients for crops and the natural vegetation of our beautiful wetlands, it lends a lot of alkalinity to groundwater that also comes through in our water supply. The pH of our water averages about 8, which is much more alkaline than most other cities.

High-alkaline water can cause damage to pipes over time, building up scale inside your plumbing system that can lead to blockages. Over time, the persistent pressure of water in through pipes can exploit weaknesses caused by reduced flow and lead to leaks. Scale can also develop on fixtures leading to stubborn grit and will make all fixtures in your home need to be replaced more frequently.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Bothell?

With easy access to the entire Seattle Metropolitan Area and a booming economy of our own, plumbing service can be quite affordable in Bothell. Plumbing work often falls significantly below the national average cost here, and simple repairs for common issues like clogs or pipe repair can be as little as $120, with more complicated work sometimes reaching up to $800 or more. There are a few factors that can affect the price of your plumbing work.

Cost Factor: Age of Building

Like much of Snohomish and King County, our community here in Bothell has a lot of history. While older buildings lend our town a quaint charm, those who live in those older buildings may encounter increased costs for plumbing service if their plumbing is extremely out of date. Like we discussed above, plumbing doesn’t last forever, and often in non-renovated older homes, at least some part of the plumbing will be past its lifespan. Simple repairs can become more costly when the problem we’re dealing with reveals other deeper problems.

Our professional plumbers can’t just ignore harmful, corroded pipes or major code violations they encounter in plumbing. Updating these problems may be unexpected, but will be worth it in the long run though. Older pipes can be ticking time bombs in your home, waiting to cause serious problems at unexpected times. Replacing this plumbing problem immediately when you encounter them is the best way to avoid huge plumbing costs and inconveniences down the line.

Cost Factor: Materials

Like most contractors, our plumbers will bill for both labor and materials used on invoices. Here in a major metropolitan area, most plumbing components can be acquired quickly and cheaply. Some specialty parts or customized solutions though may be more costly to import, order, or have manufactured. This is usually not a major price increase, but for major work, material costs can significantly raise the costs of your plumbing service.

Cost Factor 3: Urgency

Our plumbers in Bothell are very busy, but when you need emergency service you need it right away. Serious issues like leaks, water loss, and flooding definitely warrant emergency service calls. Often these calls, however, will result in us working overtime to meet your needs without neglecting previously scheduled appointments. While we certainly do our best to accommodate your emergency issues, urgent service with little notice will probably add to the cost of your service to compensate your plumber for the extra time and devotion to their job.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Bothell?

Improvements to your plumbing system will always save you money in the long run, and solid investments into this critical part of your property’s infrastructure can save you money over years. Better plumbing solutions mean less frequent repairs, replacements, and unexpected costs from emergencies.

In Bothell, since both the water and underground conditions can damage your plumbing slowly over time, it’s important to have regular maintenance and replacements in your plumbing system. Keeping plumbing operating at top efficiency can save you money on water and prevent costly emergency repairs that would far outpace the modest cost of regular plumbing service to responsibly maintain your plumbing infrastructure.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Bothell Vs Hire a Plumber?

There are some occasions where calling the water utility company could narrow down the cause of plumbing problems for you in Bothell, but there’s honestly very little they can do to help you in most cases. The utility company maintains the public plumbing infrastructure and ensures that water keeps flowing through the mains to get to private buildings, but any problem that happens after the water leaves the city’s plumbing and enters your private property will be your problem.

If you have no water flow at all in your home, a leak on an underground pipe outside your home, or dramatically decreased flow, the utility may be able to help let you know whether it is their responsibility or yours to fix. Often if there is a problem disrupting flow on a water main, utility workers are already addressing the issue so should be able to give your more information about when the normal flow will be restored.

If problems occur on your property such as leaks or water flow loss to only certain parts of the house, call us immediately. Obstructions in your plumbing can quickly escalate into more serious problems, and it’s only a matter of time before leaks grow in size. Flooding doesn’t only do serious damage to your plumbing but can do irreparable damage to your home and possessions, so don’t take chances with leaks and call us to address them immediately.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Bothell?

Here in Bothell, we are subject to the 2018 Washington State Building Code, which requires permits for any plumbing work that removes, replaces, or adds materials or components to plumbing systems. This means you won’t need a permit for a simple fix on a leak or clog, but any work that requires new parts of any kind will require a permit. This includes everything from full plumbing system overhauls down to fixture or pipe replacements.

Any plumbing that requires a permit will also require an inspection from the city of Bothell. This means it’s incredibly important to use qualified, certified plumbers like us that know exactly what steps to take to ensure durable, efficient, and up to code plumbing. Our plumbers will be able to help answer more questions about the process of acquiring permits and inspections, and it can be surprisingly simple to ensure that everything is legally sound and compliant. In Bothell, our city inspectors often use virtual inspections for plumbing work which can expedite the process greatly.

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