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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Puyallup?

Puyallup, Washington sees a fair number of plumbing issues, just as you may expect in any medium to large-sized city in the United States. Most of the issues are fairly minor and isolated to a particular situation, but it seems like nearly everyone has had a run-in with plumbing issues at some point in their life. The first sign of trouble may well be a rise in one’s utility bills that simply cannot be attributed to other causes.

One problem often reported is a constantly running toilet. Flush it once, and it just keeps cycling water through without pause. This starts to add to the overall total of water used in the house, and the utility bill can start to skyrocket. Besides that, the sound of the toilet constantly cycling through water is very distracting and irritating as well. Often, this situation occurs when the toilet has a broken piece within its mechanical structure. This malfunctioning piece can create that classic water constantly running noise and issue that no one wants to deal with.

Another issue that plenty of Puyallup residents have had to deal with is weak water pressure levels. There is nothing worse than stepping into the shower for a proper rinse only to find that the water does not come out with any strength. It is understandably frustrating and this issue should also be referred to a professional plumber as soon as possible. They know just what to do to get things back on track.

Discolored water or water that has an unusual and unpleasant odor to it is also a sign of common plumbing problems. This is a more serious situation than the other two mentioned here as it may mean that the pipes themselves have become contaminated. Discolored water needs to be reported not only to a plumber but also to the local utility board for a deeper investigation.

How Does the Water in Puyallup Affect Your Plumbing?

Water quality always has an impact on plumbing as it will always be a determining factor in the longevity of plumbing fixtures such as pipes. Pipes that are subjected to less-than-ideal water will wear down more rapidly or perhaps even develop dangerous substances within them that you do not want to be on the receiving end of.

The water for the City of Puyallup is derived from eight different sources as of the time of this writing. They use two natural springs, five deep wells, and they also have a formal agreement with the city of Tacoma to buy some water resources from them as well. More than three-fourths of the water supply comes from the natural springs and a total of 99.6% of the city’s water comes from deepwater natural resources.

Puyallup officials are required by federal regulations to test the water that they provide to residents for a total of 130 different chemicals, 80 of which are regulated. The city compiles with these federal regulations and tests the water weekly to ensure that it stays within federal guidelines. The good news is that they always do remain within the lines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and that gives the public confidence that the plumbing is set to remain strong for the foreseeable future. Homeowners in this city can be certain that the quality of the water itself is highly unlikely to cause them problems with their plumbing. They may still experience issues, but those issues are more likely to be traced to something about a particular pipe than about the system as a whole.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Puyallup?

Plumbing repairs are usually complicated because a large part of your home’s plumbing is hidden and repairs may include creating holes in ceilings, floors, and walls as well as restoring them to their original state once the repair is done. On average, plumbing repair in Puyallup ranges between $110 to $795 with most paying around $452. While this may be the average range, there are many factors that can affect your plumbing bill.

Type of Work Requested

The largest factor in terms of what a plumbing job in Puyallup will cost comes down to the type of work that is requested. There is a major difference in the level of experience required to do a complete water heater replacement (averaging $2000) versus simply fixing a leaking toilet (averaging $20). Thus, there is going to be a difference in the final invoice as well between those two jobs.


We will be taking a deeper dive into permits shortly, but they are also a factor in the cost that one can expect to pay for with their plumbing work in Puyallup. The more permits that need to be obtained, and the more burdensome they are to obtain at all, the more cost will be tacked on to the job that is performed. Professional plumbers will always make sure to get all the necessary permits before they begin work on a job, but they will have to charge for the efforts that they put in to get those permits in the first place.

Specialized Tools

Some jobs require just a simple toolbox that most people have available in their own homes, but some jobs are a lot more complex than that. When the specialized tools start to come out, the cost of repair starts to climb. This is not done as some kind of penalty against the customer, but rather as a way to compensate the plumber for his or her work on the project and the cost of obtaining the tools they needed to get it done.

Clean-Up Costs

The job is not really finished until it is completely cleaned up and the homeowner can return to his or her life just as it was before. That cleanup time also needs to be paid for and it is a part of the process that a lot of people forget to account for when they think about what this work will cost. Water cleanup can range from $3.75 to $7.00 per square foot and sometimes the cleanup can take just as long as the job itself and that will play a role in the cost.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Puyallup?

Great plumbing can save you an enormous amount of money in Puyallup. The government has partnered with the industry to create several incentive programs to encourage citizens to upgrade their plumbing infrastructure for maximum efficiency. This is a wonderful thing because it means that fewer water resources are wasted and it also gives people a little extra money back in their pockets for doing the right thing.

Another way that plumbing services help save money is by reducing utility bills overall. Plumbing issues can spike the cost of a utility bill and the only way to get it back under control is to get a professional plumber to fix the leak or other situation to make sure it doesn’t get any more out of hand than what has already occurred. At the moment, it might seem like it is simply costing you money to get your plumbing fixed, but the truth is that you get something out of it as well. You get a reduced utility bill the next month and for many months after that. This work can pay for itself.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Puyallup vs Hire a Plumber?

The water utility company is a place you should call when you have a plumbing issue, but you should only do so to inform them that you are working on hiring a plumber and to work out a way to refund excessive charges as a result of the plumbing issue. Remember, the water utility company is not likely to send someone out to your home to fix this problem for you. They do need the information though so they can make sure the issue you are reporting is not more widespread. Additionally, they may want to inform you of the necessary permits required to start to fix your problem.

The call you want to be making is to a professional and certified plumber who can work in the State of Washington. These individuals must meet a set of rigorous criteria to get the seal of approval from the state to do the work that they do. This certification includes over 30 hours of training in the field and the ability to prove their skillset across a variety of different plumbing specialties. It is not easy to do, but that does help to weed out those who have no business working in plumbing.

Make sure you call a plumber when you have any plumbing issues that they may be able to help with. Attempting to do the work yourself is absolutely the wrong move as you are simply untrained in how to do it. You will likely cost yourself more time and money than if you had just called a plumber in the first place. After all, there are reasons why they go through so much training.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Puyallup?

The city takes its plumbing infrastructure very seriously, and they do not allow people to proceed to make repairs to it without first obtaining permits as well as the previously mentioned certifications. They do all of this to protect the citizens and the precious plumbing system. Mistakes made in a plumbing repair could prove costly to the health of many people, and that is not a risk that the city is willing to take.

Permits must be obtained for nearly all plumbing services and they need to be obtained before the work begins. This allows the city to figure out what kind of work an individual is doing before they are doing it. The city permits that person to do the work, but they may also monitor the progress should they have any questions or should any concerns come up.

The customer of a professional plumber should understand that there are extra costs associated with obtaining permits and they should brace themselves to pay those additional fees. It is all a part of the business. Maintaining the high water quality standards and the standards of the people who work on those water systems is something that Puyallup prioritizes.

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