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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Renton?

Citizens of Renton face a lot of the same plumbing issues everyone in the country faces. Some of the most common include:

  • Clogged, slow, and backed-up drains
  • Leaking faucets, toilets, and water pipes
  • Replacements, upgrades, and new plumbing installations

Areas such as historic Renton Hill are particularly prone to plumbing issues. The older the plumbing system, the more damage it is likely to have because pipes rust and corrode with age. When galvanized piping replaced lead piping, it brought with it a whole new set of problems, and they still release small amounts of lead and rust. 

Renton also sees a few earthquakes, floods, and bad winter storms which all wreak havoc on a plumbing system. 

Common plumbing issues related to earthquakes and related repairs include:

  • Installing earthquake shut off valves for water and gas lines
  • Repairing damage to gas and water lines
  • Repairing broken fixtures 

How Does the Water in Renton Affect Your Plumbing?

Renton’s water doesn’t pose any serious problems for plumbing. Renton’s water is considered only slightly hard. It registers only three grains per gallon. Washing clothes and dishes doesn’t take quite as much soap as in places with harder water. Renton gets its water from wells drilled into the Cedar Valley aquifer. They perform more than 1,200 water tests and 3,275 hydrant tests annually and add 53,000 pounds of fluoride for dental health and 22,500 pounds of chlorine to kill bacteria each year. Renton’s slightly hard water is classified as containing 17.1 – 60 mg/L of magnesium and calcium.

One problem that occurs occasionally is pitting and pinhole leaks in metal pipes. Softer water doesn’t contain a lot of minerals. Instead, it picks minerals off other surfaces like your plumbing and causes tiny leaks. 

Renton does two things to prevent the corrosion from lead as well as other metals like copper, zinc, and iron. First, we adjust the pH of the water to prevent the corrosion of household plumbing, a probable main source of lead in our drinking water. Secondly, in areas with cast iron water mains, such as Renton Hill, the Highlands, and West Hill, ortho-polyphosphates are added to the water to fight corrosion.

To make sure the treatment works correctly, water is periodically tested at residential taps. This testing is in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule, which requires public water supply systems in Washington to monitor lead at primary schools and childcare centers.

A note on water hardness:

Water quality is measured by its “hardness” or the number of minerals that are dissolved in it. The greater amount of dissolved mineral content measured in grains per gallon, the harder the water is considered to be. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Renton?

The first place the mind goes when plumbers are discussed is how much it will cost. In fact, people dread the cost so much, they often put off the call until the problem is a full-fledged mess. There’s no real way to make an accurate estimate that would be accurate for every plumber in Renton, but you’ll be pleased to know the cost of our plumbing services in Renton generally ranges from about $150 to $1,000 with an average of $475. There are a number of factors, however, that can affect whether your plumbing costs fall in this range or extend beyond it. Let’s take a look at some potential factors.

Cost Factor 1: Cost of Material and Supplies

The cost of material and supplies fluctuates with seasons, weather, and the supply chain. A job today may cost drastically more or less next year. Natural disasters and other acts of God also raise the prices of certain supplies. The cost of materials and supplies at any given time has to be taken into consideration with the overall cost.

Cost Factor 2: Additional Expenses and Labor

Labor costs are fairly standard. The number of laborers required for a job can vary, and this has a direct effect on how much your project will cost you. Also to be considered, Renton requires permits for most plumbing work beyond unclogging drains and fixing leaky faucets, adding to the overall cost.

Cost Factor 3: Scope and Nature of the Job

As with most home improvement projects, the more complicated and extensive it is, the more it is likely to be pricey. Simply unclogging a toilet or replacing the faucet of a bathtub will likely fall into the lower end of the cost range, while figuring out the cause of a sewer line backup or a difficult-to-find water leak and making those repairs will certainly push costs beyond the median range.

Emergency plumbing service is also more expensive than service during business hours. One of the big issues with plumbing repairs is that so much is unknown. So much plumbing is hidden inside walls and underground. Without a professional inspection, it’s hard to know what to expect before we begin the work.

Cost Factor 4: Permits and Inspections

States have specific laws in place for plumbing work. Work on exterior pipe locations, drain excavation, placement and care of personal wells, and all the pertinent safety codes are all specifics our professional plumbers will be familiar with, as well as a myriad of legal factors. Our experts in Renton are licensed and have received formal training and an apprenticeship from an accredited school or training facility.

In Washington, a plumber must have 3-5 years of experience and pass an exam to be certified. All of our plumbers are compliant with all laws when any repairs are completed.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Renton?

Heck, yes! High-quality pipes, fixtures, faucets, pump systems, and filters are non-negotiable if you want your plumbing system to last more than a few years. Testing your water, having regular inspections on your plumbing operations, and testing your plumbing for small problems like leaks is essential to keep bigger problems and even more cost later. It’s a lot easier to hire one of our licensed plumbers now than to have your backyard dug up later, disrupting your household and budget. There are many ways that better plumbing can save you money. 

Check out these simple but significant money savers:

Diminished Water Use

It’s a pretty simple concept. Use less water and pay less on the monthly bill. If you conserve water and take other measures when the water department has an outage, it’s easy to continue when everything is running smoothly, too. Making small but important repairs helps, as well. Fixing leaky faucets and toilets that always run need to be fixed right away. The average household in the United States wastes about 10,000 gallons of water every year because of small leaks under the sink, toilet, or tub.

Regular Maintenance

As with all home improvement projects, performing a bit of regular maintenance on the plumbing system helps keep small problems from becoming massive disasters and can keep fixtures and plumbing systems living longer. Flushing out the water heater and keeping all the household drains clear are two easy ways to help keep the plumbing healthy and happy for years. Our professional plumbers manage all of these tasks and inspect the sewer lines to catch any problems before they get started.

Preventative Measures

Small plumbing issues quickly grow into major problems, costing even more to fix. A small leak quickly flows along a pipe and can cause an electrical short, soak ceiling tiles causing them to fall, and rot the floor. A slow drain can grow into a sewer back-up in just a few weeks. Fixing small problems costs a little bit up front, but it saves a lot in damage prevented on the back end.

Increased Appliance Efficiency

Replacing older and less efficient appliances, like water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines, with newer models that are energy-efficient, use less water and less electricity saves you a substantial amount of money over time. Replace old faucets and fixtures inside and outside to add even more savings to your year.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Renton Vs Hire a Plumber?

Plumbing issues in Renton are shared between its residents and the City of Renton Water Department. Homeowners are responsible for everything on their side of the water meter. The water department takes care of the rest.

If you and a few neighbors are all having the same water problem, the issue is probably the city’s problem. If that’s the case, you should call the water utility company. If the problem is only affecting you, it is probably your responsibility. Contact our plumbers first to investigate the issue. Remember, the Renton water utility charges a fee if you call them out and the problem turns out to be on your side.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Renton?

Most large scope plumbing work, such as the replacement or installation of water heaters and toilets, requires a permit from the Renton Department of Inspection & Code Enforcement. Homeowners also have to obtain a permit for:

  • Relocation or replacement of any standpipe
  • Any addition to or alteration of any water supply, sewer, drain, drain leader, gas, soil, waste, or vent 

Basic repairs don’t require a permit, like unclogging a toilet or flushing a water heater. If you’re not sure if a permit is required, contact the Department of Inspection & Code Enforcement or just call our professionals for help. Our plumbers coordinate all needed permits and inspections a lot easier than a layperson can.

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