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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Seattle?

No matter if you are a home or business owner, you don’t realize how much you rely on the plumbing until you start having issues. And unfortunately, numerous plumbing issues can arise at any given moment, leading to devastating consequences for the residents involved. Yet, even though these issues can differ both in scope and complexity, some of the more common plumbing issues that often arise in Seattle include the following:

Low Water Pressure

Seattle’s properties often have to deal with low water pressure. Signs that usually indicate the water pressure is low include dripping faucets or little water coming out of the faucet. However, these signs can also mean there is a leak within the system. That is why it is so essential to call us to get this issue checked out quickly.

Toilets That Keep Running

There is nothing more irritating than the sound of a constantly running toilet. Yet, this annoyance can lead to extreme frustration when you find out how much this running toilet is costing you. When a toilet continues to run, not only does it result in a lot of wasted water. But the longer you let this problem go on, the more costly your water bill will become. Plus, running toilets can also lead to a potential water leak. 

Slow Drainage

Another common plumbing issue is a slow drain, which often has homeowners buying drain cleaning products to help clear the problem occurring in their pipes. Unfortunately, this fix is only temporary, and it is still imperative that you have a skilled plumber like Mr. Blue Plumbing check on the issue. Typically, slow drains are often caused by debris or mineral build-up. However, depending on the age of the pipes, this problem can also be due to internal corrosion. 

An additional place you need to check if you experience slow drainage is your sewer lines as many times clogs or breakage can lead to costly excavation and pipe replacement. In fact, sewage issues are such a significant problem in Seattle, sellers are now required to offer sewer line inspections to buyers before they buy property, since so many people in the area were having to deal with broken sewer lines problems after moving in. 

Pipes that are Leaking

Your plumbing system is dependent on the health of your pipes. As a result, if you see your water bill going up, smell mold, see damaged spots on the ceiling or water spots, it may mean you have leaking pipes. If you do not get this problem checked out promptly, it can mean serious issues for your home and your health. 

Leaking pipes can be a huge problem for Seattle residents, especially just after winter, when temperatures rise, ice melts, and water starts leaking into the house. This is because ice blockage in pipes creates a build-up of pressure between the faucet and the ice and this increase in pressure can cause the pipe to break.

How Does The Water In Seattle Affect Your Plumbing?

Seattle’s water supply comes primarily from underground water and surface water, such as the Columbia River, which is one of the state’s largest surface water sources. As a result, the water hardness in Seattle is considered to be very low.

So how does this water impact your pipes? Unfortunately, soft water can affect not only how long your metal pipes will last but how fast they will corrode away. 

Even though soft water will not create mineral build-up within your pipes, it can generate pinhole leaks since soft water lacks minerals, making it aggressive towards unlined metal pipes. Without these essential minerals, soft water ends up pulling minerals out of the copper within the pipe as it travels through the pipe system. As this issue continues, the corrosion that results will penetrate the walls of the pipe and create pinhole leaks causing water contamination. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Seattle?

Our plumbers in Seattle are often cost a few hundred dollars per hour to complete a job. However, depending on the scope of the job and the service you choose, these plumbing costs can end up ranging in the thousands of dollars.

Generally, the labor of these jobs will always be your most considerable expense. Yet, the more involved the job is, and the more that needs to be torn up, the costlier your plumbing job will be. That is why before starting any plumbing job in Seattle, it is always important to pay special attention to the following three cost factors that can affect your overall plumbing expenses.

Cost Factor: Length of Time to Get the Job Done

Since our plumbers in Seattle typically charge by the hour, the amount of time it will take for our experts to fix your issues can significantly impact the total amount of money you will have to pay for the job. That is why even though our more experienced plumber may cost more per hour, their overall quality and speed of completing the job can ultimately end up saving you money in the long run. 

Cost Factor: Expensive Materials

Another significant cost factor that can affect how much you pay for a plumbing job is the cost of materials or replacement parts needed to complete the task at hand. Typically, most plumbing jobs are a quick fix, especially for our experienced plumber. However, if the replacement parts are not part of our master plumber’s standard plumbing tools, the customer will need to shoulder the price of these materials. 

Cost Factor: The Complexity of the Job

Taking care of a clogged drain can be an easy fix for our plumbers. However, as these jobs become more intricate, such as major pipe leaks or massive plumbing overhauls, the price of the services will go up. That is why it is always essential to inquire about the complexity of the job to understand what you are being charged for.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In Seattle?

Even though there are hundreds of plumbers available in Seattle to take on your plumbing issue, it does not mean they are all qualified to handle it. Quite often, what ends up happening is you decide to hire a cheaper plumbing company to take on your issue. But because of their lack of skills and experience, what they end up doing is supplementing your plumbing problems rather than fixing them—leaving you with extensive bills for overcharged work and the headache of finding someone new to take on these new plumbing issues.

That is why, before you hire just anyone to take on your plumbing problem, you should consider hiring our experts. Remember, what you pay for, is usually what you get. Meaning that if you have a complicated plumbing problem, and you want to try to fix it as cheaply as possible, all that you may end up getting is a much worse issue that will cost more than the original job.

So before you hire an apprentice or tackle the challenging plumbing issue yourself, recruit our experienced and skilled plumbers that can save you both time and money in the long run. 

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Seattle Vs Hire a Plumber?

At one point or another, no matter if you are renting or own your home, you may encounter a water-related problem. During this time, it may be challenging to figure out whether you have to call our local plumbers or a local utility company.

Although each situation is different, we have prepared some basic guidelines to help walk you through who you need to contact when you have a water emergency to save you time, money, trouble, and delay.

When to Call the Utility Company

Generally, you will want to call Seattle’s utility company when:

  • You are ending or beginning water services at your address because you are moving in or out. Contacting the utility company can help ensure that there are no delays to these services. In addition, you can also take care of any outstanding bills and obtain the refunds that you are due at the end of your service.
  • A water leak appears on your street because of a water main break. In these instances, you must immediately call your utility company, as the city is responsible for water leaks beyond your water meter or property line that may be located near your street. 
  • Your entire home’s water goes out. In these cases, you will need to contact your utility emergency number and report your outage. Many times, these utility companies can give you information regarding the affected area and provide you with an estimate of when the water can be restored by. 
  • You see a water leak at someone’s home, but nobody appears to be there. In these situations, you can call the utility emergency number to come and shut the home’s water off until the homeowners can be reached. 

When to Call the Plumber

On the other hand, you will want to call our trusted plumbers when:

  • You notice water leaking inside your house. When this occurs, you need to call an experienced plumber to handle this issue. However, remember to shut off all your water while you wait for them to arrive. 
  • Your water bill spikes suddenly for no apparent reason. Even though this may be incredibly frustrating, when you work with our skilled plumbers, they can promptly come out and verify what is going on. Leaking or broken pipes located on your property are often your responsibility, so you will want our experts to find the leaking pipe and repair or replace it quickly. You may also want to contact the utility company and let them know about the issue. Sometimes, these companies can give you an adjustment or a one-time credit when you can show the hefty bill was due to a water leak, and you had it fixed.
  • Your bathtub, toilet, sink, or shower are not draining correctly, or water or sewage is backing up into your home. In these instances, you will need to have our professionals check out the issue and verify if a clog is the source of this water problem. Our experienced plumbers will have the knowledge, skill, and equipment needed to quickly take on these drainage issues and ensure the job is done right.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Seattle?

Whenever you have to relocate, change, or install plumbing, the city of Seattle requires that you obtain a permit. This permit provides the homeowner with the authorization that they can do plumbing work on their property.

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