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How Much Does Reverse Osmosis Installation Usually Cost in Chandler?

Chandler residents, on average, pay about $450 to have a reverse osmosis system installed in their homes. Your actual installation costs may be much higher or lower than this, however, depending upon your own unique set of circumstances (see below). The three most significant factors we take into account when tallying a final bill includes whether you want a point of use or whole house system, which type of filtration process your chosen device uses, and if the RO system in question has other additional features that can complicate the installation process. 

Point Of Use vs Whole House System

Although there are several types of RO systems, they can usually be broken down into two main categories: point of use and whole-house systems. Point of use reverse osmosis systems are those that either sit on your countertop or are connected underneath your sink at one junction of your house to supply one faucet with treated water. Most people choose to have these systems installed in their kitchen, and they are a great option for people whose water supplies aren’t particularly hard or have high concentrations of contaminants, as the rest of the house won’t receive treated water. These systems tend to cost between $150 to $500, and they are usually much easier to install, so you can expect a lower installation bill from us. 

A whole-house system, on the other hand, connects to your water main and it treats all of the water that comes into and circulates around your home. These systems can get pricey, usually costing between $800 and $3,000 depending upon which specific unit you choose. Despite their higher initial cost, these systems are great for homes that receive hard water or water that contains a high concentration of contaminants, as you won’t have to worry about the quality of water going to other areas of your house. These RO systems also tend to cost more to get installed and maintained, so you can expect a higher installation bill on these types of systems. 

Type of Filtration Process

All RO systems basically work in the same way. They use a high concentration solution to pull water through a membrane that only allows water molecules through and leaves other particles and contaminants behind. Beyond this, however, many RO systems come with additional filtration stages or processes, such as UV lights that kill bacteria. These extra bells and whistles may be necessary for some, but they can also cost much more without providing a worthwhile benefit. Your plumber can walk you through your options and help you decide which unit is right for your budget and your family’s needs. 

RO systems that have more complicated filtration processes may be more difficult or time-consuming to install, so they often come at a higher price in terms of installation. 

Other Additional Features

Many people opt to purchase an RO system that doesn’t stop with water purification and has several additional features to enhance water flow throughout your home. RO systems that come with a pump, for example, tend to process water more quickly and efficiently and send less wastewater down the drain. Other RO systems may have pH-altering capabilities, making your drinking water more alkaline. Systems that have these additional features beyond simple filtration are also harder to install, so you will receive a higher bill after it is connected to your home. 

What Are the Most Common Water Contaminants in Chandler?

Although the City of Chandler works hard to treat city water effectively and efficiently, many public health experts agree that water that simply adheres to federal standards isn’t necessarily safe or healthy to drink, as city water often still contains contaminants that don’t have a federal upper limit and aren’t required to be tested for. 

The Environmental Working Group tests and analyzes water from cities all over the United States, and when they analyzed Chandler, they found nine different contaminant levels that do not adhere to their own safe drinking water recommendations. Their data is based on water from 2012-2017, and they detected elevated levels of contaminants like arsenic, bromate, nitrate, and radium. 

They also found small concentrations of other potentially harmful contaminants, including barium, cobalt, mercury, and strontium. Fortunately, an RO system can either partially or completely filter out all of these compounds, giving you and your family great-tasting water and peace of mind that you aren’t inadvertently ingesting harmful chemicals. It’s no secret that reverse osmosis water treatment systems have a higher upfront cost than other types of filtration, but many people deem the elevated startup costs completely worth it for these benefits. 

Can Residents in Chandler Benefit From Reverse Osmosis Treatment?

No matter where you live in the United States, reverse osmosis treatment can provide several benefits, but this is especially true for those that live in larger cities like Chandler. As discussed above, these systems can significantly reduce or eliminate how many contaminants you ingest over the months and years, and these contaminants can have serious health consequences, especially for children, older adults, and pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Additionally, RO systems can also save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in reduced water costs compared to bottled water. In many regions of the U.S., bottled water can cost anywhere between $0.75 to $1.50 per gallon, which adds up quickly among large families. On the flip side, RO water in your home often costs $0.15 per gallon or less, which can result in significant savings with each gallon of water you use or drink. Many people hesitate to take the plunge and invest in a quality RO system due to startup costs, but you are likely to end up saving thousands of dollars over the years thanks to the system. 

RO systems can also provide environmental benefits, as single-use plastics like those in bottled water end up strewn all over natural areas and in our landfills. Plastic bottles require tons of energy and materials to manufacture too, but using an RO system in your home instead eliminates the need for you to use these products, drastically reducing your carbon footprint. 

How Often Should Residents in Chandler Replace Reverse Osmosis Prefilters?

For the most part, Chandler residents should change their RO pre-filters at least once a year, but some people will need to replace them every six months. If your home receives relatively soft water with lower concentrations of contaminants than average, you can probably go the entire 12 months without bothering to replace it. If you do live in an area that has hard water, like Chandler, or contains higher levels of contaminants, you could probably benefit from a more frequent filter change. If you aren’t sure how often you should change your home’s filter, you can always ask your plumber for their professional insight. 

Many RO systems are designed to make filter changes easy so that homeowners can do it themselves, but more complex systems may require you to hire a professional to do it for you. Whether you can change the filter yourself or not, we always recommend that you have an expert inspect your system at least once per year to ensure that it remains in good working order. Regular inspections are a highly cost-effective way to keep your RO system running smoothly, increasing its life span and saving you thousands in reduced odds of repairs or replacements. 

Do You Need a Water Softener With Your Reverse Osmosis System in Chandler?

The water in Chandler, and much of the country, is hard, which means that the water supply contains a high level of hard water minerals, like calcium and magnesium. These minerals tend to make their way into the water supply from rocks and soil, but they usually aren’t harmful when consumed in drinking water or used around the house. At the same time, hard water can wreak havoc on your pipes and fixtures, making them use water less efficiently due to mineral buildup, and it can cause your hair and skin to become dry. Plus, hard water is also known to leave yellow or brown stains on laundry, make dishes appear cloudy, and cover your bathtub or shower with soap scum. 

We highly recommend that Chandler residents have a water softener installed with their RO system because hard water minerals can build up in your RO system quickly, making you have to change the filter much more often and increasing the risk that your system will need repairs more frequently. Using an RO system without a water softener also makes the system use water less efficiently, which can contribute to a higher water bill each month. 

Both RO systems and water softeners can be a hefty investment up front, but they can also work together to save you thousands of dollars per year, thanks to increased water efficiency and reduced plumbing repair bills that would otherwise be the result of hard water problems. Each device can last several years when taken care of properly and you and your family will be able to notice the difference in the quality of drinking water within your home. 

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