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How Much Does Reverse Osmosis Installation Usually Cost in Bradenton?

Most residents of Bradenton can expect to pay around $450 for the installation of a reverse osmosis system in their homes. The actual cost for installation may vary slightly or significantly, depending upon several factors. When we tally the final cost for this service, the three most important factors we take into consideration include whether the system is point of use or whole house, which type of filtration process the system uses, and if the system has additional features that complicate installation. 

Point of Use Vs Whole House System

There are two main ways that a reverse osmosis system can be connected to your home to filter your water. These are point of use and whole house. Point of use systems or standard systems are smaller and often sit on your countertop or under your sink. These devices filter out and treat water at one point in your house, usually a kitchen faucet. This usually works well for those who live in areas where hard water isn’t a major concern and water quality from the tap is usually up to par for bathing and other household chores. Point of use systems often cost between $150 and $500, and their installation tends to be much easier, netting you a lower installation cost overall. 

A whole house system connects to the water that comes from your mainline and treats all the water that will circulate in your home. These systems cost significantly more, often between $800 and $3,000, depending upon the specific features, but they are helpful for households that deal with hard water, use well water, or if there are significant amounts of contaminants from your water supply. These devices ensure that the water used in every tap has been treated, but they are a bit more complicated to install and maintain, so you can expect a much higher bill to get one of these installed in your home. 

Type of Filtration Process

Reverse osmosis systems can come with one or multiple types of filtration systems, which often include a concentrated solute solution, semi-permeable membrane, and sometimes even UV lights or carbon filters to kill bacteria and remove odors or flavors. The more stages of filtration your system has, the more parts there will be to properly install and maintain, leading to a higher cost.

In many cases, water filtration companies will add tons of unnecessary bells and whistles that produce very little benefit when compared to the additional cost they tack on. Your plumber can help you decide which system is right for you. Generally speaking, the larger and more complex the reverse osmosis system you choose, the more it will cost to properly install.

Additional Features 

For many reverse osmosis systems, the water purification process doesn’t end with the water being filtered through a permeable membrane. Some systems also include additional features, such as a pump to increase water pressure and enhance efficiency by reducing how much wastewater is produced; others may have pH balancing capabilities to make drinking water more alkaline, and much more. Systems that have these additional features will likely require more labor time for installation, which will increase your final cost.

What Are the Most Common Water Contaminants in Bradenton?

Although Manatee County consistently tests the water they treat for contaminants and meets state and national standards, many experts say that water that simply meets these standards isn’t necessarily clean or high-quality. The Environmental Working Group found that Bradenton’s water contained high levels of chlorate, radium, haloacetic acids, and trihalomethanes than are recommended according to health guidelines.

They also found several other contaminants in city water, including aluminum, selenium, and uranium. Fortunately, all of these contaminants can be filtered out through a reverse osmosis filtration system. Activated carbon systems, like those found in pitcher filters and ion exchange systems, can’t remove nearly as many types of contaminants as reverse osmosis systems, and they often still allow larger amounts of these particles to flow through into the water you drink and use around your home. 

Although reverse osmosis systems do have a higher upfront cost than other filtration strategies, many people deem the higher price of reverse osmosis systems to be worth every penny. Not only can these systems make your water look and taste fresh and clean, but they can also ensure that you aren’t consuming any contaminants that may be present in city or well water.

Can Residents in Bradenton Benefit from Reverse Osmosis Treatment?

Yes, residents in Bradenton can benefit greatly from having a reverse osmosis system installed in their homes or businesses. Reverse osmosis systems can reduce or eliminate the number of contaminants in your water, as mentioned above, which can help keep you well hydrated and healthy. Ingesting these contaminants in large amounts can have serious health consequences, especially for children, older adults, and pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Aside from the health benefits of purified water, those living in Bradenton can also save money in the long run by no longer having to purchase bottled water. This can have a positive impact on your wallet, as bottled water can cost between $0.75 and $1.50 per gallon, while quality water run through a reverse osmosis system can often cost $0.10 or below. There is an initial startup cost to having a reverse osmosis system installed, of course, but families can often break even in a relatively short amount of time by not purchasing bottles or gallons of water from the store.

This also has positive environmental impacts as it reduces the need and use for single-use plastic bottles that often end up in our landfills, beaches, and everywhere else. Reverse osmosis systems are quite efficient machines, too, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

How Often Should Residents in Bradenton Replace Reverse Osmosis Prefilters?

A widely accepted rule of thumb is to change your reverse osmosis prefilters every six months to every year and how often you will need to replace them depends largely on the quality of the water that goes through your reverse osmosis system. If the city or well water your system treats is laced heavily with minerals, soil, bacteria, and other contaminants, you may need to replace the filters more often to keep your system in good working order. 

You can tell it’s time to replace your reverse osmosis prefilter if your system isn’t producing as much water as quickly as it normally would, as a compromised filter can reduce the flow rate of water into your home. If your home’s water suddenly looks cloudy or tastes different or if your drains are making strange noises, it is also likely time to replace your filter. 

Fortunately, many reverse osmosis systems make this process simple and many homeowners can carry out this task on their own. At the same time, more complex machines may require the assistance of an expert. Either way, it’s a good idea to at least have your system cleaned and inspected by a professional as this can ensure your water system continues to work as it should for many years. 

Do You Need a Water Softener with Your Reverse Osmosis System in Bradenton?

Although having a reverse osmosis system without a water softener isn’t illegal or necessarily detrimental to your system, your reverse osmosis system often can’t work as efficiently if your home receives hard water that isn’t first treated with a water softener. 

Our water in Bradenton tends to be on the hard side, meaning that it contains high levels of hard water minerals that usually include calcium and magnesium. These ions aren’t harmful when ingested or used around the house, but they can lead to hard water buildup within your home’s pipes and on your home’s fixtures. This can make your home use water much less efficiently, reduce your home’s water pressure, lead to cloudy dishes, produce stains on laundry, and cause dry skin and hair. 

Your reverse osmosis system can filter out most of these hard water ions, but this can take a major toll on your reverse osmosis system as hard water will likely cause buildup within your RO system and filters. This can make them wear out faster, which can lead to high maintenance and repair costs for your reverse osmosis system. Many people find that they have to completely replace their RO system much sooner when they don’t also have a water softener. 

We highly recommend that Bradenton residents have a water softener installed in their home if they don’t have one already, as this can also be a money-saving investment in the long run. Hard water buildup within pipes can restrict water flow through your home, and the increased pressure can cause your pipes to spring leaks or even burst. Having a water softener can prevent these plumbing nightmares from occurring in the first place, while also ensuring that your reverse osmosis system can do its job properly without being subjected to potentially damaging levels of hard water ions.

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