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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Augusta?

While Augusta is known for its hot summers and mild winters, the potential for rain here is tremendous. Residents usually experience up to 43 inches of rain per year, meaning a properly working septic tank system is important to properly drain sewage on residential properties.

Not every resident here has a septic tank set up, though. How does one go about installing one most efficiently?

It all starts with checking to see if a resident can safely install a septic tank in the first place. Based on local regulations in Richmond County, any home located within 200 feet of sewer lines needs to connect to the city sewer system instead. Septic tanks here in Augusta are only made to use in rural areas, where living near sewer lines isn’t feasible.

Next, testing the soil on the property is done to make sure the soil is permeable enough. The scientific term for this is a percolation test, and a permit can’t be granted until the soil test is passed.

Once soil testing and permitting are done, residents have to decide what size of septic tank system they need. Conventional systems are the most commonly used here in Augusta, using just a septic tank, the drain field, and the soil under the drain area. Other types exist, like engineered systems more complex in design.

After soil testing, you’ll need to get all permits required from the city before we can start the excavation and installation.

Out of all steps, the excavation process in getting the tank installed takes the most time. Considering conventional tanks are more affordable, it usually takes half the time compared to more intricate systems.

Once installation is complete, the city will come to inspect our work and sign off on it. Only then can we backfill and call the job completed.

Next, we’ll look a little deeper at the septic tank process of obtaining permits.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Augusta?

Everyone needs a permit before the city allows a resident to install a septic tank on their property. To get this done, Augusta residents have to go through the city’s official website to find information on what’s needed.

A building permit for a single-family residence is what’s required to get a septic tank installed. These are issued to our specialists. First, residents need to obtain zoning clearance from Augusta’s local Building Department or Planning and Zoning office.

Many people still get confused about the permitting application process, so Augusta’s License and Inspection Department has an open line available to get all questions answered. They’re available during normal weekday hours to help residents through each step.

The permit application itself involves filling out the homeowner’s contact information, info about our crew, then a job description at the center of the page. A Cost/Amounts section needs filling in next, based on our projections.

At the bottom, we have to provide our name, stipulating we’ll comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to demolition and/or renovation projects concerning asbestos-containing materials and disposal requirements.

If the installation of the septic tank is under $500, a permit isn’t required. Keep in mind most tank installs are over $500, making permitting likely necessary. Fees are part of the process and involve a $50 plumbing fee to get started.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Augusta?

There isn’t any cost estimate set in stone on what a septic tank installation is going to cost. Too many variables are involved to know whether it’ll be a cheap install or one running in the thousands of dollars.

Based on our past work in the area, one can generally expect to pay around $4,648 to get a septic tank installed. A basic and conventional system might cost as low as $1,156 or run as high as $8,140 for an engineered system.

Other factors are going to apply, potentially extending labor time:

Septic Tank Materials

Most basic septic tanks are made out of concrete, but it’s possible to get higher-quality materials like high-density polyethylene as well. Materials on this level are going to up the installation cost to some degree.

Not that using standard concrete is bad if you want to save money. Cheaper materials on septic tanks usually do require replacements more often. Regardless, it usually depends on how much maintenance is done per year.

Septic Tank Location

Some septic tanks can be installed above ground, a typical choice for many smaller homes. These are usually cheaper to install, albeit usually requiring being emptied more often. 

Underground septic tanks are far more common yet more expensive because of the excavation required to put them there. Perhaps some Augusta residents simply don’t have enough room on their upper ground areas to install a septic tank. In that scenario, an underground tank makes more practical sense on cost.

Drain Field

All underground septic tanks need to rely on a drain field somewhere on the property to filter out all wastewater. Installing one of these is going to take more work since it involves quite a bit of excavation and possible landscaping afterward.

Before a drain field goes in, a soil test has to be done to determine if the ground is suitable.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Augusta?

Based on the heavy rains Augusta gets, it’s important to do some thorough research on what type of septic tank might be needed. Some tanks may rely on the use of a pump, evaporation systems, or simple physics as just starters.

Our team frequently sees residents choose conventional systems based on the lower cost and because they work well for single-family homes. Even businesses frequently choose conventional septic tanks based on the simpler design.

These usually only require the tank, a drain field filled with gravel, and a geofabric layer to protect from contaminants. All wastewater goes into the soil and becomes treated by natural microbes.

Chamber Systems

These septic tanks are designed to help when water tables are overly high on certain properties. It involves constructing connecting pipes and chambers aboveground to keep the water from backing up and possibly causing floods.

Another plus to chamber systems is that they eliminate any chance of bad drainage issues, saving another call to our plumbing team for repair. All drain water drained into the chambers is treated the same way as in a regular drain field filled with gravel.

Aerobic Treatment Systems

The science behind aerobic treatment systems is their ability to use infuse oxygen into the tank and drainage system to help bring a natural disinfectant. We’re seeing more people prefer these since it guarantees a more green way to treat all wastewater.

It’s worth noting these are more complicated systems and require a lot more maintenance throughout the year. Nevertheless, more people with no outdoor room for drain fields in Augusta want these.

Drip Distribution

Using distribution pipes, wastewater is more easily sent through to drainage systems. As another convenient alternative, more Augusta residents choose this to avoid digging up the ground to create a drain field.

It does require another tank called a dosing tank before waste is sent through the piping buried in the shallow ground on one’s property.

How Often Do Homeowners in Augusta Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

The Environmental Protection Agency continues to offer Augusta residents pointers on how to best care for their septic tanks. Above all, they recommend inspections by professionals like us regularly. How many times in a year should this be done?

Based on EPA recommendations, it’s best to get an inspection done by our team every three to five years. Remember, this means our professional plumbers inspecting the tank and not just casual checks by homeowners.

We often recommend an annual inspection if the household uses garbage disposals often. Considering what might end up in the system from garbage disposals, a lot more could potentially go wrong faster.

A septic system might require pumping if the first thing our team sees is sludge one-third above the level of the wastewater. Measuring the depths of scum, sludge, and effluent is the first step we take in our inspections.

Afterward, we do visual inspections to make sure there aren’t any signs of damage to the tank. This includes looking at the tank walls and the filter to ensure they’re still in good shape.

Signs of any leaks are also looked at, including any potential for immediate repairs. For more convenience during future maintenance, it’s a good idea to keep note of the things we inspect. If waiting five years to do the next inspection, having those notes available for our future team to consult helps a lot in scoping out potential problems sooner.

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Augusta?

Our team does what it can to help Augusta residents be able to enjoy a septic tank on their property if they need one. Sometimes this might involve discounts to help low-income families in rural areas.

Fortunately, this isn’t the only way to save money if one is finding it too financially challenging to pay for a septic tank system. Various programs are in place to help, usually through the state of Georgia or through federal funds.

One of the most helpful is going through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). They offer homeownership assistance to all residents of Georgia, including the ability to get certain items added to homes, like a septic tank, at reduced rates.

More localized programs are available through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. An Augusta Housing and Community Development Department is available to help many residents get price reductions on home needs.

Another good resource is going through the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. Grants are available for residents there, plus low-interest financing on any water-related project that needs installing. GEFA loans can be done through The Georgia Fund and The Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

Take a look at the Georgia Funders’ Forum for further programs available to finance a potential septic tank and related wastewater systems.

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