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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Stilwell?

According to Johnson County, there are roughly 9,000 private septic systems in the county. Johnson County’s Residential On-Site Program issues permits needed to install new private sewage treatment systems. This program also oversees the repair, movement, replacement, or decommission of existing septic tanks in Stilwell.

Generally, the process involves a soil inspection, excavation, installation, and a final system inspection by the city to confirm that everything is up to code and installed properly and safely.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Stilwell?

Obtaining a permit to install a septic tank in Stilwell is a multi-step process. First, you need a soil profile analysis. As per Johnson County, “a completed Soil Profile Analysis application and the current fee must be submitted to start the permit process.”

  • You can find the form and fees here, titled Soil Profile Analysis. 
  • At the time of writing, it costs $460, and you’ll need to fill out the application.

Next, we’ll need to bring in a backhoe operator to schedule and meet the environmental health specialist at your property. While you’re not legally required to be there, the county recommends that you attend this meeting. Our backhoe operator will dig a few pits – “as many as necessary,” says the county – to find the best soil for the samples. Soil samples are gathered from the holes for analysis and future reference, and the pits will be backfilled.

  • Sit back and wait for the analysis to be completed. 
  • Once that’s done, you’ll need to apply for the septic tank installation permit, which costs $475 and is available on the same forms and fees page linked above.

At this point, a homeowner has spent $935 in permits alone, plus the cost of the backhoe, and we haven’t even started installing a septic tank. So how much more can you expect to spend on septic tank installation in Stilwell? Let’s find out. 

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Stilwell?

Septic tank installation costs in the Kansas City metro range from $1,800 to $11,000 at a glance. That’s a significant price difference, we know. To put a finer point on it, our records suggest the average cost for a conventional septic tank installation in Stilwell is $7,600. Of course, that cost doesn’t include the plumbing or permitting fees we discussed above. 

Many factors can affect septic tank installation in Stilwell: the size and type of septic system and the size and location of the drain field are all key price factors. 

Septic Tank Size

Common sense tells us that a larger septic tank will cost more to buy and more to install. Concrete septic tanks – the classic style, which is still very popular in Stilwell – are cumbersome. We’ll talk more about types of septic tanks in a moment. Just know that the larger and heavier a septic tank is, the more it will cost to install. 

Septic Tank Style

The way a septic tank functions can affect your installation costs and your ongoing operational costs as well. For instance, aerobic septic tanks need to have oxygen pumped into them. They also need to be connected to electricity. These septic tanks are more costly to purchase, install, and run than anaerobic tanks. 

Drain Field Size

All septic tanks are based on the notion that solid waste is stored and broken down, while liquids move on to a drain field to be filtered naturally through in the drain field. The larger your family, and the more bathrooms and appliances you own, the larger a drain field must be to accommodate your needs. 

Every septic tank installation job is a unique situation. Sometimes our technicians discover an old septic system that no one remembers. Other times, we encounter an enormous boulder. These little details can all end up requiring more labor or specialized equipment.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published this soil survey of Johnson County. Real estate developers and prospective homeowners can use it to research the soil at a specific address and combine that information with the soil analysis performed by the county to get an idea of how deep and rocky the ground is there.

What Type of Septic Tank is Best for Residents in Stilwell?

The US Environmental Agency (EPA) lists ten different septic tank types. Each has benefits and drawbacks regarding size, price, ongoing costs, and maintenance. 

Conventional Septic Systems – the Most Common Septic Tanks in Stilwell

Conventional septic systems are found in most single-family homes and small businesses in Stilwell. They can easily handle the waste of a growing family. The only drawback for these systems is their drain field size requirements. They may not be appropriate for smaller lots, but they’re generally the best option for Stilwell residents. 

A conventional system includes:

  • The septic tank
  • A gravel-filled “leach field” or drain field
  • A strong geofabric layer that protects the drain field from other contaminants

Once the wastewater filters through the clean drain field, it flows down further into the soil and is continually treated by naturally occurring microbes in the earth. It slowly trickles through the soil layer and toward groundwater.

Chamber Septic System — a Slightly Newer Style

Chamber systems have been around since the 1970s. They’re most common in neighborhoods with a high water table because they reduce the possibility of poor drainage and smelly waste back-ups. Chamber systems are used in high water table areas in Stilwell, alleviating the potential for poor drainage and messy back-ups. If you tend to have wet spots in your yard, this might be the best septic tank for your home. 

Like a conventional septic system, chamber systems require a series of connected pipes and chambers surrounded by soil. 

  • Wastewater moves through septic pipes to the septic tank and then to the chambers.
  • There, the wastewater drains through the soil.
  • Microbes in the soil treat the wastewater before gravity pulls it down to the groundwater.

The only drawback to chamber septic systems is the chance of additional maintenance due to additional chambers.

Drip Distribution Septic Systems — Convenient Yet Complicated

Drip distribution septic systems work a little differently. Rather than a traditional drain field, they use a snaking system of distribution pipes buried near the surface. Piping laterals are buried in shallow ground soil, typically just 6 to 12 inches deep.

  • Without a traditional drain field, this system alleviates the deep digging.
  • Some homeowners appreciate easy access to the piping.

Although more convenient for an individual homeowner to install, the drip distribution system is more complicated. Usually, a second tank (sometimes called a “dose tank”) is needed to accept the wastewater after it passes through the first septic tank. The dose tank slowly releases the wastewater to the drip system to prevent overflow at the absorption area. But the dose tank must be hooked up to electricity. And that ongoing expense is the biggest drawback of these systems. 

How Often Do Homeowners in Stilwell Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

Stilwell is an unincorporated community. Therefore, there are no municipal requirements regarding yearly inspections. However, there are times when your residential septic system should be inspected and maintained.

Contact us to inspect your septic system when:

  • You’re buying a home
  • You’re selling a home
  • Any time you suspect a backup (drains are slow or you smell that sewage odor)
  • It has been 3 years since your last inspection

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Stilwell? 

Unfortunately, no. There are no financial resources or rebates for septic tank services in Stilwell. That doesn’t mean there aren’t funding options available. Some homeowners choose to take equity out of their homes to build a new septic system. Others get a personal loan or borrow funds out of the cash value of a life insurance policy if a septic disaster strikes. 

Your homeowners insurance policy might help, too, if the septic problem is related to a covered loss at your property. But it’s important to note that most HO policies in Kansas don’t cover earthquakes, so if an earthquake damaged your septic system, it wouldn’t be covered by a traditional HO policy. For that, you need earthquake insurance in place.

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