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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Tewksbury?

Getting a new septic tank installed or upgrading an existing tank in Tewksbury is not an easy process. However, it is worth the effort for you, your neighbors, and the environment to keep your septic system in good shape. To get everything done correctly, you need to follow a specific process. The following guide is for installing a conventional, gravity-powered septic system. 

Your first step is to hire the proper professionals to do the job right. Installing a septic tank is not something you want to do yourself. There are way too many regulations that must be followed and very specific steps you must take to get it done correctly. Remember, this isn’t about just saving money. This is a project that can affect everyone around you, including the environment. Contact Mr. Blue Plumbing for a high-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed installation.

The next step is to evaluate the site. You need to know how large of a drainage field and septic tank you need. This decision comes from determining how much wastewater is produced by your household. This is usually based on how many bedrooms are in your home and the soil in your yard. There may be what’s called a percolation test (“perc test”) and a site evaluation. The site evaluation is more accurate of the two tests. 

The next step is to go through the permitting process. We will help you check with all the proper local entities that work with the septic tank installation process. We are knowledgeable about the whole process from start to finish and will help you every step of the way. 

Once permitting is done, the next step is to install the holding tank. Part of the permitting process is learning what the minimum distance from the house, well, or stream a holding tank is allowed. Your septic tank is stored underground, so we will need to bring in a backhoe to dig up the ground. Be prepared because installing your tank will tear up your backyard. A brand-new system will be worth it. We will plan your inlet and outlet pipes and will ensure there is a manhole riser. The rise will ensure there is easy access to the septic tank from the surface of your yard.

The next step is installing the leaching field. The size of the leaching field is based on the size of the tank, type of soil and its absorptive capacity, and the technology you’ve chosen to absorb wastewater. The location of the leaching field is determined by local regulations, the slope of the yard, and the composition of the soil. 

There are a lot of details and steps to installing a septic tank. The good thing is that we are very knowledgeable about every step and detail. We stay in contact with you and keep you well-informed. There is no reason to worry. 

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Tewksbury?

It is important to remember that all septic tank installations in Massachusetts are governed by Title 5. Title 5 is a part of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. There are requirements, as dictated by Title 5, that must be followed to protect human health and the environment. While we will help you stay in compliance with Title 5, it is still the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure all Title 5 regulations are followed. 

The first step is to start the permitting process. You need to contact the local Board of Health and Building Department of Tewksbury. You will need permits through both departments. Tell them both what you need to be done in detail. Be sure to ask them about Title 5 and local requirements regarding your particular case. Both departments will give you applications to complete and return. Once your application is reviewed, both departments will send you a letter either approving your application, approving your application with a request for specific conditions to be met, or denying your application. 

Depending on what exactly needs to be done, you may be asked to hire a few professionals to inspect your property. These professionals can include a designer, soil evaluator, installer, and system inspector. Each of these professionals will stay in touch with you throughout the entire process and give you detailed information and receipts. It is still important to remember that you, as the homeowner, are still entirely responsible for the entire septic installation process

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Tewksbury?

The average cost for a septic tank installation in Tewksbury is around $6,700. The cost can range from around $1,700 to upwards of $12,000. That is most definitely a wide range in cost and not anything to take lightly. Be sure to budget for the upper end of the range and consider the various cost factors that can affect the overall cost. Here are three cost factors you might want to be educated on: 

Septic System Permit

Getting a septic tank installed is not a simple project that you can do yourself. It will require hiring qualified professionals like us to help you through the process from start to finish. One of the first steps to getting your system installed is obtaining a septic system permit. You can contact the City of Tewksbury’s Health Department about a septic permit and everything that needs to be done to have an approved application. 

Labor and Materials

Replacing your septic tank requires a high level of expertise to do it correctly. With that expertise comes a higher premium in cost. Paying more for our experts to carry out that labor is worth it, though, knowing you are getting it done well.

Another thing to consider is when you are getting the tank installed. Our professionals who will come to your house have a family too and also like to take time off. So, if you need an installation done quickly, there may be an upcharge for the extra effort. 

The type of septic tank you choose will affect the price along with the materials needed for that particular tank. And with all those materials comes the sales tax. Don’t worry, because you will be guided through the whole process, and we will be sure you are comfortable with your choices.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Tewksbury?

Title 5 regulates what kind of septic tanks can be used and how those tanks are to be installed within Massachusetts. Title 5 helps to keep harmful substances from entering our drinking water and this extremely important factor will determine the kind of septic system you can install. It is very important to be mindful of Title 5, so you are following state regulations through every step of your installation. 

A conventional (gravity-powered system) is a very common septic system and is allowed per Title 5 as long as certain factors are met. These factors include lot size, groundwater elevations, private well distances, nitrogen-sensitive areas, and proximity to wetlands. 

If the above factors are not met for a conventional septic system, then an alternative is the Innovative/Alternative Septic System (I/A Systems). I/A Systems can also be called Onsite Wastewater Recycling systems. These systems are known for being better at removing solids and other pollutants before releasing them to the leaching area. I/A Systems are considered very environmentally friendly and show great promise for removing much of the nitrogen before it reaches groundwater. 

How Often Do Homeowners in Tewksbury Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

Homeowners in Tewksbury need to keep their septic tanks on a regular schedule for inspection and maintenance. This is important not only for the homeowner, but also for neighbors and the environment. If a septic tank is not properly maintained, the liquids can leak into streams, wetlands, and rivers. This leakage can be harmful to wildlife, plant life, and humans. 

The average household in Tewksbury should contact us to have their septic tank inspected every 3 years. These households also typically have us pump the tank about every 3 to 5 years. The factors that can affect how often you need to have your system pumped are: 

  • Size of household
  • Total wastewater 
  • The volume of solids in wastewater
  • Size of septic tank

Keeping your septic tank in tip-top shape is good for your wallet and good for everyone else around you. Consider the following good habits for septic tank health

  • Use biodegradable toilet paper.
  • Conserve water to limit what goes into the tank.
  • Never put grease or harsh chemicals down the drain.
  • Do not put non-biodegradable products down the drain or toilet.
  • Avoid planting a garden, trees, or shrubs on or near the tank or field lines.
  • Do not pave on or near a tank or field lines unless approved.
  • Call us as soon as you notice slow draining or backup. 

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Tewksbury?

There is a tax credit available through the state of Massachusetts for the repair or replacement of a failed septic system in Tewksbury. You can receive a maximum of $1,500 in tax credit every year for 4 years, with a total tax credit of $6,000. 

To receive this helpful tax credit, you must meet the following qualifications: 

  • You must be the owner of the property that needs the work. 
  • You must occupy the property as your primary residence. 
  • You may not be dependent on another taxpayer. 
  • Your septic system must fail Title 5 inspection

You must complete the Massachusetts Schedule SC and include it with your tax return.

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