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What Is the Process For Septic Tank Installation in Wellfleet?

First settled in the 1650s by Europeans, Wellfleet, Massachusetts is now a small town of approximately 2,730 residents. It is in Barnstable County, in the heart of Cape Cod. A lot of the area is protected lands and it is famous for many oysters that grow off the coast.

The fact that it is predominately Cape Cod National Seashore, a lot of emphases is put on preserving the beaches and waterways in this beautiful area. For residents, it also means that you must be careful when installing a private septic tank for your property.

One of the first steps in the process of installing a septic system is the evaluation of the soil on your property and the site you want it placed. This will require the services of an engineer like ours. You will be required to have a perc test performed to determine how quickly the soil leaches effectively. The ideal soil for septic tanks is going to have gravel instead of clay or rock. This means that you may need to improve your property around the area where your septic system will be placed.

In Barnstable County, you will find mostly lower-lying areas. Of the habitable, non-protected areas, you will find a variety of soil types: Mostly:

  • Maybid Variant Silty Clay Loam;
  • Pipestone Loamy Coarse Sand;
  • Freetown Coarse Sand;
  • Ipswich-Pawcatuck-Matunuck Complex;
  • Carver Coarse Sand; and
  • Hooksan Sand

You will also need to have a deep hole test done to show where the water table level is on your property. If your property has a higher water table, you may need to have a raised system or a mound septic system installed. This could mean that extra, gravelly soil may need to be brought in to form a hill on your property.

Once all the testing is done, our engineer will design a septic system for your property. This will take into consideration the per test results, the size of your lot, and the number of bedrooms in your home. After this is determined, the property will be set up for your installation. However, the Board of Health can take up to 45 days to review before you can get the permit allowing the final steps to be taken. Your septic system design can fail if it is not designed to meet the Title 5 standards

As the final step, our installer will be able to install the septic tank and prepare for a final inspection by the health department. 

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Wellfleet?

Permits are not easy to get in Wellfleet. Before you can even consider getting it, you will need to show a plan of how the septic tank will be installed. As per section 600 Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems, permits will only be issued if you meet all the State Sanitary Codes. This means:

  • Your leaching field must be 100-feet and the septic tank 50-feet from any water source.
  • The septic tank and leaching facility must be one foot below the existing natural grate when in the 100-year floodplain.
  • You need at least a 1,500-gallon tank for a single-family home.
  • You must prove that you have an acceptable water supply. 

You will also need to have an “As-Built” card before the final inspection. It must be filed with the Board of Health and shows an accurately depicted location of the system by our engineer. 

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Wellfleet?

In Barnstable County, the average cost of a septic tank installation is going to be between $1,630.00 and $11,500.00. Most homeowners installing a new septic tank will spend an average of $6,560.00 for the entire job, start to finish. 

However, there are a variety of different factors that may influence your out-of-pocket cost which means your price could be higher or lower. Our professional plumbing team will need to see the job before telling you the factors that may impact your installation the most. Some of the most obvious cost factors include:

Cost Factor: Property’s Features

Most of Wellfleet is flat land, so you shouldn’t have to worry about a raised price due to trying to place your septic tank on a hill. However, because it is so flat and may have water close to the ground’s surface, we may need to build a hill to ensure adequate drainage from your drain field.

The cost can also be influenced by how clear the land is in the chosen location for your septic tank. In a perfect situation, you will have the area prepped. This will ensure easy access for our team and our equipment. 

Cost Factor: Labor

Unfortunately, the harder the job is for us, the more expensive it may be for you. We will do our best to keep your cost down, but the more people and equipment we have to have on the job site, the more it will cost you in labor. 

Do you need your septic tank installed as soon as possible? If we have to drop other jobs to tackle yours, the price may increase slightly. 

Cost Factor: Home Size

Most septic tanks are based on the size of the home. A home with four bedrooms and two baths will need a septic tank that is around 1,000 gallons. More bedrooms or more bathrooms may increase the size of your tank. This larger-sized tank will increase your out-of-pocket price. 

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best For Residents in Wellfleet?

Ideally, you will use an “innovative/alternative” system when installing a new septic tank in Wellfleet. This means that it is an aerobic wastewater treatment system. They generally have a design flow of less than 10,000-GDP. What it means for your system is that it will have additional oxygen in it, which will increase the bacterial activity going on inside the tank. This further treats your effluent.

These tanks are preferredin the area because they can be used on smaller properties, those that have imperfect soil, and a higher-than-average water table. They are also preferred in areas that may require them to be placed near a body of water which describes all the Cape Cod area. 

In most cases, the approved septic tank brands will include:

  • Advantex Systems
  • Bioclere system
  • Amphidrome System
  • Fast System septic tank
  • Nitrex System
  • SeptiTech System

These septic systems will ensure that you meet the Title 5 requirements which could save you a lot of headaches later if you choose to sell your home. 

How Often Do Homeowners in Wellfleet Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

According to the state of Massachusetts, you should have your septic system inspected and pumped by experts like ours every 3- to 5-years. Wellfleet agrees. However, it further insists that you take proper care of your system. This means you should avoid:

  • Flooding the Sewer;
  • Using Hazardous Chemicals;
  • Pouring Grease Down the Drains;
  • Putting Stuff in the Toilet that could cause clogs

It is important to remember that the Wellfleet Board of Health Regulations’ Title 5 states that if it has been two years since the tank was inspected or installed, it will need inspection before you sell the home. The cost of this inspection will typically be paid by you, the seller. 

If your septic system fails inspection and you are not planning to sell your home, you may have up to two years to complete your repair. However, if it is deemed a health hazard, you may be required to repair it immediately. If the home is going to be sold, you will have the option to make the repairs that will get it through inspection and have the Board of Health sign off on it before closing or agree to an escrow holdback to cover the cost of the repair. The second option is not always allowed by lenders, so you may want to make sure of your possibilities through your lending agencies. 

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Wellfleet? 

Although Wellfleet does not provide a refund, there is assistance to people who need it. There is a Community Septic Management Loan Program that can help you comply with Title 5 regulations. These loans can be paid for 20 years. They are designed to cover all costs that are directly associated with your septic system upgrade if your current system has failed an inspection. This comes with an interest rate of only 5%.

You also have access to the Massachusetts Septic Tax Credit. If you fail the Title 5 inspection, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may provide you a tax credit of up to $6,000.00 over four years, never to exceed $1,500.00 in any of the four years. This is designed to defray the cost of any septic repairs that are done at your primary residence. This tax credit cannot be applied to a second residence or an investment property. 

What does the tax credit cover? It can help with the cost of:

  • Repairing or replacing a failed cesspool or septic system to help you get through the state and sewer system requirements.
  • Connecting to a municipal sewer system as per federal court orders, state court orders, etc.
  • Bringing a failed system up to full compliance whether it is an upgraded system, alternative system, share system, or a new connection to a sewer system. 

In Massachusetts, some rules and regulations must be followed for a septic tank installation. In Wellfleet, it is in the best interest of all residents and nature lovers to comply. You have to protect the water and the beauty of the entire area. Take your time in choosing a property for your home, an area for your septic system, and a professional plumber like ours that you can trust to help you get it right the first time. Doing so will save you money and a lot of headaches later on and reduce the risk of your septic tank installation failing. 

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