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  • Are There Rebates Available For Septic Tank Installation In White Lake?
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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in White Lake?

The White Lake Township is located just outside of Detroit and makes up part of the Detroit Metropolitan area’s outskirts. Though it is predominately a place where city dwellers can get away from the busy streets, the Township has a population of approximately 31,500 people, up from the 2010 census. 

The numbers prove that it is a place that is growing consistently and therefore, rules and regulations regarding septic systems are being considered. One of the biggest questions being asked is how to go about getting a septic tank installed on new residences. Honestly, it is a complex process if you want to know that it is being done properly and will meet the requirements of the White Lake Township’s codes.

The process for installation includes:

  • Soil and Perc Testing: Before any septic tank installation begins, you must have the soil tested and a survey of the area performed. This will allow our installation team to choose the best septic system setup for your property.
  • Deciding on Placement: Our installation team will then consult with you about where you want it placed and where they feel it will be best situated on the property. They can show you a general layout based on the size of the tank you need and the amount of drain field that will be required. A lot of it will also depend on where your well is going to have to be placed since there must be several feet between the well and the sewer system. You will need an “Isolation Distance” between your property line, private wells, swimming pools, and more, as per section 7.3 Required Minimum Isolation Distances. However, in White Lake, you can install both water lines and sewer lines in the same trench, but water lines must be on “virgin soil at least 12-inches above the sewer line.”
  • Permitting Requirements: Permits will need to be secured to ensure that everything is done to meet the State, City, and County code enforcement. They will usually have to approve the system’s location before digging can begin.
  • Getting Setup: If not already done, land clearing around your new septic tank will begin. A large hole for the tank and smaller trenches for the drain field will also need to be dug. The size of both will depend on the tank, the soil’s perc test, and any other special considerations of your property.
  • Finalizing the Process: Your sewer system will need to be inspected by the health inspector before the tank and drain lines are covered. Once they sign off on it, the tank and drain field installation will be completed by covering it and adding any necessary gravel to hold the drain pipes in place. 

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in White Lake?

According to the Michigan Association, Michigan is the only state without a single, statewide sanitary code. It is left up to the various counties and townships to set the standards for their area. Therefore, all septic tank regulations are set by the White Lake Township and Oakland County, which includes an estimated 80,000 sewer systems on commercial and residential lots.

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners states that you must have a permit, and a professional, licensed septic tank installation team like us handling your installation. They must be licensed by the Oakland County Health Division.

From there, permitting fees will vary based on the job.

  • New residential installations will cost a minimum of $325 for the permit.
  • If you need repairs, the cost of your permit will be $221.
  • After the first inspection, if the inspector must return, there will be a $55 fee.
  • Site reviews will cost $100 for the first review and a single revision.

You will also have “Site and Soil” testing fees. These fees may vary in price, but start at $75 for one plat of land. The soil perc testing will need to be done after you have applied for a permit to install a septic tank and before the permit will be issued to you.

Any issues with the soil quality or its ability to filter wastewater can cause a hold to be placed on your application, pending a resolution to the property’s soil. If the problems are unable to be solved, your septic tank permit may be denied. If this happens, you may need to try and connect to the White Lake Township Water Department instead of setting up a private on-site sewer system.

With that said, your soil quality in Oakland County should not be an issue, unless you have an abundance of:

  • Silt Loam
  • Clay Loam
  • Silts
  • Sandy Clay
  • Clay
  • Peat
  • Muck
  • Marl

These soils are considered unacceptable for conventional trench and beds.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in White Lake?

The average cost of septic tank installations will range from $1,450 to $10,230. Most homeowners can expect to spend approximately $5,800. However, there are a lot of different factors that go into determining how much every homeowner may spend to get their septic tank installed. Your price could be much lower depending on these factors. 


If you need a septic tank installation done quickly, then your price may go up. There are a lot of tests and things that have to be done before an installation can begin. If you are trying to rush the process, we will have to work harder to get it set up for you.

In a perfect world, we will come out, look over the property, pull the permits, and start the installation when everything comes together. This relaxed installation will cost you less. 


The easiest installations are those that happen on cleared, level properties. If the land is filled with tree stumps, a steep hill, or other issues, then your cost may increase accordingly. We need a clear path to the installation site and for that area to be clear of things that may complicate the process. If we have that, then your price will decrease.

If we have to take steps to improve the soil quality of your property, you could also expect a price increase. The permitting will be harder and our overall job will be more difficult. 


Installing a septic system is complex. A lot of things must go well for us to get the job done quickly. We can bring machines out to dig trenches and a hole for the tank, but it still may require more effort or a larger team to get it done right the first time. The easier installs that take a shorter amount of time will cost you less.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in White Lake?

In Oakland County, it is recommended that you have various sized tanks depending on the number of bedrooms you have in your home.

Based on a two-compartment septic tank system, the requirements for size are:

  • 1 to 4 bedrooms: minimum 1,500-gallon capacity.
  • 5 bedrooms: minimum 2,000-gallon capacity.
  • Additional bedrooms: minimum of 250 gallons per bedroom.

In Michigan, you have a variety of septic tank options to choose from. Each one has a unique purpose. Your primary options include:

  • Mound Systems: These systems require the drain field to be elevated, which gives your soil more depth. It may be recommended if you live near a river or a lake to put distance between your drain field and a natural water source. Effluent will be pumped out into the soil drain field in doses that reduce the risk to the environment. These are the most common type of septic system in the area because of the abundance of rivers and lakes running through White Lake.
  • Sand Filter Systems: This type of system filters wastewater before putting it into the soil. It may require a pump or a siphon to function properly.
  • Aerobic Systems: These systems mix wastewater with air, which allows an increase in bacteria. These bacteria then feed on the waste. They are ideal for smaller lots and poor soil conditions, which are common in White Lake. The downside is that because they have more working parts, you will need to maintain them consistently. 

How Often Do Homeowners in White Lake Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

In Michigan, you should contact us to have your septic tank inspected every 3 years. This is to prevent the risk of having it malfunction, which could further increase your repair cost. Beyond that, it is also to protect the water quality in Michigan.

According to Michigan State University, there are more than 1.3 million onsite wastewater treatment systems in the State of Michigan. Most are for single-family homes. Malfunctioning or failing systems can lead to fecal contamination of the rivers and lakes in the state. Considering how many rivers and lakes there are in the White Lake Township, proper upkeep and maintenance are vitally important. 

Some common signs of a malfunction within your septic tank include:

  • Wastewater backing up into your home’s drains
  • Bright green, soggy grass on the drain field (most noticeable during dry seasons)
  • Pooling water near your septic tank and/or basement
  • A strong, foul odor around the septic tank area of your yard 

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in White Lake?

The White Lake Community Action Plan shows how seriously everyone is about taking remedial action for the area, especially since a lot of onsite sewer systems have fallen into disrepair. This disrepair could harm the environment and steps are being taken to lessen the risk.

However, there are no specific “rebates” available to homeowners for doing their part to maintain their septic tanks. This does not mean there are no options if you need installation or maintenance on your system.

The MDHHS can help if you need repair or replacement of furnaces, water heaters, or septic systems. You simply must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Owning the home
  • It must be your primary residence
  • Not for sale or at risk for loss
  • Affordable for you to own

If you do not qualify for assistance through the health department, you may also check into the EPA’s funding for septic systems

A faulty septic tank is not good. In fact, it is quite nasty. Even in small amounts, it can increase bacteria, viruses, parasites, foundation damage, and more.

To avoid risking your health, you should assume that everything in the area is contaminated. You should also assume that anything going down the drain and to your septic tank is only amplifying the problem. Reduce flushing toilets, sinks, washing laundry, etc. until you can have our professionals repair the problems.

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