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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Canton?

Homeowners in North Carolina can install their own septic system as long as they work in their primary residences, as long as the septic system is gravity-fed. Any septic system that is at least a Grade III, IV, Combo, or Inspector system will be required to take exams as well. This includes permits being required and certain inspections that must be done along the way. 

The goal of these requirements for installing septic tanks in Canton is to keep the environment safe and to keep your family’s septic system working smoothly over long periods of time. As part of that mission, the following rules and regulations are in Canton when installing a new septic system. 

To appropriately install a septic system in North Carolina, we will need to excavate the land around where the septic system will be going. Then, we will place the septic waste container in the ground at a depth of at least two feet. Sometimes, we may have to go deeper if necessary, depending on your geographical area and location. Our experts will tell you what the recommended depths are in your area.

We will place an inch-and-a-half of washed drain rock from a nearby gravel pit near the pipe, which is required in many jurisdictions and townships, to have your septic tank considered to be up to code. Local health inspectors will require you to put a 4-inch buffer of sorts into the ground above your septic tank. Barriers could include special filter fabric, newspaper, 4 inches of straw, or untreated building paper before filling in the backfill.

Be aware that you will need a health inspector to come to your work site to inspect the project. This is essential in most areas and required by local law. You will have to ensure that your project is up to code before you can backfill the area with dirt and complete the rest of your septic tank installation project.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Canton?

Permitting for septic tank installation in Canton will include paying a visit $50 fee. You will need to pay the applicable $50 fee as well as the applicable permit fee (3 bedrooms – $350 fee; 4 bedrooms – $400 fee; 5 bedrooms – $450 fee; add $50 fee for each additional bedroom over 5 bedrooms) and completed septic repair system application. Permits are required for all new construction of septic tanks in Canto and the whole of Haywood County. These permits will be required before you can begin your project. Once you get a new construction septic permit issued, it will be good for 5 years from the date it is issued. You will also have to have an Environmental Health specialist review the installation when you are done to ensure that your system is up to standards and passes the local codes to receive final approval.

For new septic tank systems to be installed in a current residence that already exists, you will have to apply for a permit at 157 Paragon Parkway, Clyde, NC (next to the tractor supply store). There will also be a $100 fee applied to your permit, and the check needs to be made payable to Haywood County Environmental Health along with a complete plan of your project, including the on-site details and plans of what the system installation is to look like.

On the other hand, if your septic tank system is having trouble but may not completely need to be replaced, reach out to our experts to schedule an appointment for further inspection. However, one good indicator that you have a problem with your septic tank is that there are wet spots in your yard when there is no precipitation in the area. The same may be true if you smell a foul odor or notice that the grass above the area where your septic tank happens to be greener than the grass in the rest of your yard. These are some clues to look for, and if you see these things happen in your yard, it might be a good clue that you are having a septic tank problem.

Once you give us a call and schedule an appointment, we will come to survey the area. Then, we can help you figure out what the next steps will need to be in fixing your malfunctioning septic tank issue. There will be no cost for repair permits.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Canton?

The cost to install a septic tank in Canton will range anywhere from approximately $1,205 on the lower end to about $11,463 on the higher end. Your septic tank is a vital investment in your home. The median amount paid for septic tank installation in Canton is around $5,293. 

When you are having a septic tank installed or replaced, you will need to consider the following costs that are included in your installation costs including:

Parts and Materials Costs

The more parts and materials that need to be ordered and used, the more it will cost to get the job done, as you will have to pay for the parts and the materials used. That will include paying for the parts for your septic tank, including the tank itself, as well as parts needed to install the new septic tank system.

Preparation and Clean-up

Our plumbers will charge preparation and clean-up fees when installing a new septic tank system into your home, as these require additional considerations even beyond labor.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Canton?

The most highly recommended type of septic tank system to use in Canton is a precast concrete system. These concrete septic tank systems are considered the best option on the market today because they are far superior to those tanks that are made out of other materials such as hose made of plastic, steel, or fiberglass. There are many reasons that the precast concrete system is the top choice when installing a new septic tank system, including the fact that they do not rust, installation is simple/straightforward, and it’s one of the most commonly used materials in the world. This makes these tanks easier to install, and the materials that they are made of easy to come by. Concrete also fairs well in the region, despite the soil movement that is prevalent with changes in moisture.

How Often Do Homeowners in Canton Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

Homeowners in Canton should have their septic tank system examined by our specialists at least once every 3 years. Our licensed professionals must carry out all inspections to ensure that the septic tank is in good repair and working order. If you suspect any problems otherwise, you should contact our professionals to come and examine your septic tank for leaks or other potential issues that can harm both your home/yard and the environment.

Be sure that you do your part for your septic system and the environment as well. This includes never flushing non-waste items into your septic tank, which can cause clogging and severe damage to your home’s septic system. It can also require you to need service to your septic tanks more frequently, which can incur additional costs that you weren’t necessarily prepared for or planning to pay for.

Are There Any Rebates for Septic Tank Services in Canton?

There are no rebate service programs for septic tank installation services in Canton (or Haywood County). However, you will have to fill out a Septic Application and have it approved to move forward with your septic tank project. You can find the form that you need to fill out and submit here. This extra form will allow you to provide additional information to Haywood County about your septic tank request.

These are the requirements to install a septic tank in the Canton area. If you are installing a septic tank, adhering to these rules is vital to ensure that you are standing with the local laws, codes, and requirements to stay consistent with the local law.

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