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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Warren?

For areas that are not connected to centralized sewage systems, septic systems are an incredibly important addition to any home. These systems treat wastewater from plumbing fixtures such as toilets and washing machines, preventing this wastewater from contaminating local groundwater. 

When incorrectly installed, however, septic systems can wreak havoc on local ecosystems, spread disease, and cause a significant amount of stress to the property owner. Because this process is so important, local health departments will typically monitor and regulate it. The Ohio Department of Health regulates septic systems throughout the state, while the Trumbull County Health Department will oversee local septic tank installations and permits in Warren.

The first step of your installation will involve contacting the Trumbull County Health Department at (330) 675-2489. County officials will provide guidance as to the steps you will need to take based on the specifics of your unique situation. Typically, you can expect to arrange a site and soil evaluation before any type of installation can begin. This is because the type of soil on your property will play a significant role in the type of septic system that will function well for your home.

Once you have completed all permitting requirements, we can begin installing your new septic system. It will then go through one final round of inspections before becoming active. Although this process may seem overwhelming, don’t worry, we will be able to work with you throughout to ensure that your system is perfectly suited to your needs and is following all local regulations.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Warren?

When installing a septic tank in Warren, you will first contact the Trumbull County Health Department. Officials will then let you know the exact information they will need in order to begin processing your permit request. You can expect to be asked to provide your soil evaluation, an application for a septic permit, and a copy of your tax map. In addition to these documents, you will need to be able to provide a copy of your property deed and a copy of your floor plans, including dimensions, and room labels.

If you are removing and replacing a pre-existing septic system, the state of Ohio also requires you to fill out a Sewage Treatment System Abandonment Report, which you can find here. This application will include information about your property and requires you to submit a completed pumping report along with the permit. 

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Warren?

The cost of installing a septic tank can vary widely. Homeowners in Warren may expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to up to $10,000, with average costs of around $5,000. The price you can expect to pay will depend on a number of different factors, including the following:

Cost Factor: The Size of the Tank

On average, a single person will use approximately 100 gallons of water every day, with the majority of this water usage coming from toilet flushes. As such, larger households will require larger septic systems in order to accommodate these higher levels of wastewater. If you have a septic tank that is too small to handle your household’s level of wastewater, it is significantly more likely to malfunction and cause problems down the road. Our plumbers will often look at the number of bedrooms in your household to determine the appropriate size for your septic tank. A larger septic tank will generally be more expensive than a smaller one.

Cost Factor: The Type of Soil on Your Property

One of the most important factors when choosing a septic system is what type of soil you have. This is why soil evaluations are always a requirement when applying for a permit to install a new septic system. The quality of your soil will determine what type of system will function best, as well as how easy or difficult it will be for our team to install. Generally, soils that are loose and sandy are much easier to work with. This type of soil therefore offers greater flexibility, as it is able to accommodate many different septic system options. 

However, if you have clay soils, which are common in Ohio, you can expect the price of installation to rise somewhat. Clay soils have poor drainage and can be packed down more easily, making them challenging to work with when installing this type of system. Because clay soils are not supportive to a wide range of systems, you will be limited to more expensive options. Often, aerobic systems are optimal for this type of challenging soil in Warren.

Cost Factor: The Material Used

There are quite a few different types of materials that are commonly used for septic tanks, each with its own benefits and weaknesses. Typically, septic tanks will be made from plastic, concrete, fiberglass, or steel. It is worth noting that we generally do not recommend the use of steel, as it is prone to rusting and corroding more quickly than other options.

The most common material for septic tanks in Warren is concrete, as it is highly durable. Plastic is more budget-friendly but also slightly more prone to breaking under pressure. If you have a larger budget, you might opt for fiberglass. Although this is the most expensive option, it is also lightweight and offers excellent longevity.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best For Residents in Warren?

There are a wide number of different types of septic systems and the appropriate option for residents of Warren will depend on quite a few factors. In order to determine the best choice, you will need to look at your soil type, your location, the shape of your property, and the size of your household. There is no universal option that is ideal for everyone. Working with our experienced professionals is the best way to determine which size and type of septic system are ideal for you.

A few common options include conventional systems, chamber systems, and aerobic treatment units. A conventional system will contain a septic tank and an underground gravel-filled trench, or drain field. After going through initial treatment in the septic tank, the effluent will then flow through the trench, trickling through the gravel and into the soil, where it will be treated by microbes. Although this is a popular system, it is not ideal for smaller properties or those in Warren that have dense clay soil.

Chamber systems are similar to conventional systems, except that the effluent is transported via plastic chambers rather than gravel-filled trenches. This type of system is very easy to install and is ideal in areas where the groundwater is closer to the surface.

For smaller properties or those with suboptimal soil, like most homes in Warren, aerobic treatment units are an excellent option. This type of system utilizes an air pump to aerate the septic tank, thus increasing the number of bacteria available to treat the effluent. 

How Often Do Homeowners in Warren Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

In Warren, you must have your septic tank inspected during installation and if you are doing any type of renovation. You can submit an application for this type of inspection from the Trumbull County Combined Health District. The fee for an evaluation of an existing home sewer system will be $300.

Beyond this basic requirement, the state of Ohio does not have any official regulations about how frequently your septic tank should be inspected. Although you are not legally obligated to have your system inspected, however, we recommend contacting us for an inspection and getting your system pumped every 3 to 5 years. While spending several hundred dollars for this type of preventative maintenance inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense, the truth is that it is significantly cheaper than the thousands of dollars you will need to pay to repair or fully replace a broken septic system.

There are a number of additional reasons why regular inspections are important. If your septic system malfunctions, it may cause sewage to begin accumulating on the surface of your lawn, resulting in a foul odor and a significant health hazard. As this untreated sewage travels through the soil, it will eventually contaminate the groundwater in your area, as the septic system failed to remove the dangerous levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, bacteria, and viruses within the wastewater. Over time, this contamination will spread to nearby bodies of water, spreading disease to both humans and animals. Regular inspections from our team can prevent this type of problem and will extend the lifespan of your septic system to up to 20 years.

Are There Any Rebates Available For Septic Tank Services in Warren?

Living in Warren, you may be eligible for assistance to help you pay for your septic system. If you are legally required to upgrade your septic system, the EPA has set up a program called the Link Deposit Fund, a loan assistance program that will help you receive lower interest rates if you take out a loan from Cortland Banks. In order for you to qualify for this fund, you must meet a number of requirements. You must be a resident of Trumbull County and you must have received orders from the Board of Health to repair or replace your current septic system. If you are eligible, you can fill out an application here. You will need to include the following information:

  • Total cost of the replacement
  • Every component that will be required for the project
  • How long it should take to complete the project

Additionally, the Ohio EPA is offering financial assistance to low or middle-income families who are replacing a failing septic system. These grants are part of the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund. You can find out more about your eligibility by contacting the Trumbull County Health Department.

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