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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in York?

Septic tanks and the installation of such equipment are often overlooked by the average individual. They don’t think much of it because they largely expect their septic tank to work properly for them at all times and take care of their needs. However, these systems are quite intricate, and they are not installed by just any individual off the street. Professionals spend years learning the trade to get good enough at it that they are considered worthy of operating in an area like York, PA. 

The Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Protection is keen to educate the public both on why their septic systems matter and what they can gain by protecting those systems. They say that residents will gain the following benefits from understanding their system: 

If you use a septic system, be septic smart! If you understand how your system works and how to maintain it, you will:

  • Protect your drinking water supply and your health;
  • Ensure your system’s longevity — and avoid paying thousands for a new system;
  • Protect your property value; and
  • Help protect Pennsylvania’s groundwater, streams, rivers, and lakes.

These are not small things! Water is our most precious resource and the foundation of all life on Earth. Treating that water with respect and understanding how and why our septic systems are important is a must. 

To begin the process of getting a new septic system installed, one must first reach out to a licensed and trusted company that does this kind of work, like Mr. Blue Plumbing. We will test your soil to confirm it can safely handle the system, amend it if necessary, carry out the permitting process, do the required excavation, install the system, and then backfill the excavated area as needed.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks In York?

Permits are required before a septic tank is installed in the city. Different cities in Pennsylvania charge different amounts based on local laws and regulations that have been set in place from long ago. It is a good idea to check on the fees that may be associated with obtaining such a permit. For example, the city of Philadelphia charges $500 per private septic tank installation. The good news here for the customer is that they are not likely going to need to spend this money themselves on the front end. When we’re hired for the installation, we will pay the fees for permits upfront. We will need to be reimbursed for our trouble on the back end, but that is not nearly as frustrating for customers as it would be for them to have to put up funds and muscle through the permitting process right away. 

Always remember that the purpose of the permits is to ensure that only licensed and skilled individuals are working on septic tank installations. These processes may seem to be costly and unfair, but the reality is that they are meant to protect you as the consumer as much as anything. They are the only way that the city can ensure that business is done safely and securely.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in York?

Cost Factor: Tank Size

Size matters when it comes to one’s septic tank. A larger tank can obviously process through more wastewater than a smaller one. At the same time, this larger tank is very likely going to come with a higher price tag. An average 3-bedroom home is estimated to require a tank that can hold 1,000 gallons. That tends to come in between $800 to $1,400 just for the tank itself, and an average of around $6,000 total, including labor. A smaller home will not need as large of a tank, but the average home might expect a tank of roughly this size. 

Cost Factor: Landscaping 

The average homeowner in York does not have the perfect space for a septic system to be laid out as it stands right now. Most likely, he or she will need to have some obstacles cleared out of the way to make room for it. This landscaping work comes at a cost. Also, York County, PA has strict ordinances related to what kind of landscaping work may be done within the county. The labor of this as well as the need to stay within the guidelines set up by the local government are costly propositions that we will require reimbursement for.

Cost Factor: Soil Testing

Believe it or not, it is proper to have the soil on your property tested scientifically before we install a septic system. The reason for this is to verify that the soil is able to withstand the installation process itself. The only way to know for sure is to get the soil tested, which is a rigorous process. Soil testing tends to run between $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the number of samples sent. Expect this part of the process to also take some time as the lab will need to test carefully and may have a backlog of samples to get through. 

Cost Factor: Removal Of Existing Septic Tank

Occasionally, one might have to have an existing septic tank removed in order to replace it with the new one that they have purchased. This is extra work and extra steps for our team to consider. You should expect to pay more money when this is part of the solution. 

Pumping off a septic tank in order to prepare it for removal is not the expensive part, but the actual removal is. The pumping off runs about $600 give or take, but the actual removal can climb to around $5,000 to do in full. 

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best For Residents in York?

There are a lot of different types of septic tank systems out there. A few of the options include Gravity Tank, Pressure Distribution System, Mound System, Aerobic Treatment Unit, and a Sand Filter System. These all serve a purpose, but residents of York can generally go with the most common type of septic system for their needs. That system is the Gravity Tank

This system uses the force of gravity (which is always present) to move water and waste efficiently to where it needs to go. That is all that most homeowners are looking for in a septic tank, and it is among the most affordable options given that it is the most common. Parts and materials are not as expensive for this type of unit as for some others are they are mass-produced and generally available in the supply chain upon demand. 

Those who live in York who have special circumstances on their property such as low-quality soil or a water base that is closer to the surface than average may have to invest in other types of systems, but this does not apply to most properties in York. However, this is why it is best to get a soil survey done before a new system is put in place to make sure it will meet your specifications. Once completed, the results should be clear as to which type of septic tank system is appropriate for your property. 

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