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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Anderson?

Those who live in Anderson, South Carolina, know our summers are slightly hot and muggy, but our winters are more than a little wet. With over 49 inches of rain per year here, the need for proper drainage systems is essential.

Backed-up sewage can quickly become a problem in more rural areas where connection to municipal sewer lines isn’t possible. Numerous Anderson residents still live in these areas and need a septic tank to break down drain water properly.

How does one go about installing a septic tank if never having one? A soil test is what starts the process, scientifically called a “percolation test.” The test determines whether the soil is permeable enough to make a septic tank work properly. Proper sewage draining requires soil with at least some sand or gravel, which can be added artificially.

Obtaining a permit is the next step, a process involving some time and money. We’ll go more into how septic tank permits work in a later section.

Once those first steps are completed, it’s time to excavate the ground where the septic tank goes in. Our crew handles this job and can take several days to finish.

Before the septic tank goes in, residents need to decide what tank type they need. To determine this, it typically goes by how large the household is and how much sewage might be generated over time. We usually see most families go for a conventional system, based merely on the idea it’s easier for maintenance crews to do repairs.

After installation, the city inspector will confirm the work is up to their standards, and then we can backfill around the system.

How Does Permitting Work For Installing Septic Tanks in Anderson?

South Carolina law requires all residents in Anderson to pay for a permit before a septic tank is installed. It’s necessary because self-installation without a permit could quickly be done incorrectly, creating a potential environmental disaster if wastewater isn’t properly drained.

To get a permit, residents have to go through the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). They provide an application that requires a $150 fee before turning it in.

The application itself is known as an Onsite Wastewater (Septic System) Application Packet. Information residents need to supply includes what kind of public water system they want to install as starters. Also, list what type of dwelling is getting the septic tank, whether a house, a mobile home, or a business.

Residents then have to sketch out a drawing of the property for an easier visual representation. This sketch has to be legible, though it doesn’t have to be drawn to scale. At the bottom is an owner’s permission page with a property owner’s signature needed to allow us to do the installation. We can help you with drawings and system design.

Keep in mind once the application is turned in, it may require an inspector to come out and inspect the property. Once they approve, they’ll issue a Permit to Construct.

Our team relies on these to get going on the installation process. All permits are good for five years upon the time it’s approved.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Anderson?

There isn’t any way to truly hit on a definitive cost point for septic tank installation. Far too many variables are involved for anything to be set in stone. Nevertheless, basic averages are on record.

Expect to pay in the ballpark of $6,000, with the lowest being around $1,200. The cost could go up to as high as close to $10,000 for a more complicated, alternative system.

What other factors might affect the final bill? Many residents run across at least a few:

septic Tank Removal

Not all rural land is fresh and available to install a new septic tank. Many properties in Anderson have prior septic tanks still in the ground that are outdated and need removal.

Removing one of these will cost extra, including prolonging labor time before the new tank can go in. The last tank might have been overly large, requiring lifting equipment to get it out. Also, the cost of having it hauled away and recycled usually requires an extra charge.


Deciding what type of materials are used for a septic tank system can also affect cost dramatically. Some Anderson residents choose to stick with standard concrete, mainly because it’s cheaper.

Concrete is durable yet tends to crack if never putting in any maintenance or not reinforcing the tank with rebar.

Other options for materials include slightly stronger (and lighter) fiberglass, plastic, or steel. With steel possibly costing as much as $9,000 to install, it also needs a lot more maintenance to ward off future rust.

Installing Above Ground or Underground

We usually see Anderson residents go for underground septic tanks based merely on convenience. Smaller property spaces, however, might preclude someone wanting a septic tank above ground.

Our team can accommodate this, and it’s sometimes more convenient for an above-ground tank since it involves less installation time. Underground tanks do take a lot more work, yet it’s essential to weigh the costs either way.

Due to limited property space, residents don’t always have a say in the matter.

What Type Of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Anderson?

Various types of septic tanks are available, with new ones being added every few years. Anything other than a conventional tank is considered an alternative and perhaps a more complicated design.

Whatever one chooses in tank type, it primarily hinges on the quality of the soil on the property. Other times, it’s based on whether someone lives next to a body of water. Even high groundwater can determine what type of tank someone might need.

Remember, the more complex the tank type, the more it will cost to get it designed and installed.

Take a look at a few septic tank types to see if they might work best for one’s own Anderson property:

The Most Prevalent Septic Tank

To go conventional, one would only need the tank and then design a drain field nearby above ground. Designing a trench for the drain field is necessary, and it requires either gravel or stones.

Typically, geofabric is placed in the trench to prevent any form of contamination from dirt. While this requires a large tract of land, it’s the system many people prefer due to its familiarity.

Conventional systems are cheaper, albeit taking a little more time due to work creating the drain field. Most residents in Anderson choose this style because it’s affordable and suitable for the loamy soil conditions in the area.

Chamber System

When a property has no gravel available to create a drain field, a chamber system is a popular newer choice. All it requires is creating small chambers that drain waste through the field.

Other than this difference, it still works like a conventional septic tank. Depending on the materials used, it could be slightly cheaper to install than a traditional model.

Aerobic System

We sometimes run across Anderson residents who prefer using more natural principles to break down waste. An extra motor or pump is used in aerobic systems to improve the waste breakdown process.

The extra engine helps to generate oxygen. Using oxygen to break down wastewater is a helpful way to ensure the waste being drained in the field is cleaner.

Residents who use these septic tanks find they need a drain field half as large to make the oxygen effect work. Just bear in mind that being an alternative tank will cost more to construct and install.

Sand Mound System

Creating a sand mound to help pump wastewater is sometimes necessary when groundwater comes close to the surface. Some find this helpful because sand helps filter water before it goes into the soil.

Like conventional systems, it requires more space due to the creation of the sand mound. Based on the mound size, installation costs could go as high as $20,000.

How Often Do Homeowners in Anderson Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

Anderson’s residents should never go more than three years without having a septic tank inspection by our experts. Sometimes differing opinions come up from experts on how often an inspection should occur.

The EPA notes residents should have septic tanks inspected every few years. More complex systems might be worth looking at before that date, including if inclement weather potentially caused ground issues.

Homeowners should also inspect things on their own to scope out potential problems. We still recommend a professional inspection by our experts to ensure nothing gets overlooked. All it takes is missing one small sign of something to risk the entire tank system failing sooner than later.

One of the first things we look for is signs of any leaks, including the scum layer. These both provide a larger picture of what’s going on underground when no one’s doing any inspecting. The same can be said of pump wiring and making sure insects haven’t been doing any nibbling.

Pumping the tank is a standard procedure we do when scum builds up too high around the tank. Our team can do this for you during each maintenance visit. We also encourage having inspections done sooner than three years based on Anderson’s climate.

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Anderson?

By now, every resident knows the cost of installing a septic tank is not a cheap endeavor. Some rural families struggling to make ends meet may need a septic tank installed if living away from city sewer lines.

Our team does its best to help low-income families be able to enjoy discounts on septic tank installation. In addition, we try to steer many residents to state or federal programs that help those with lower incomes.

Various grants and loan systems are available through the state, like the State Revolving Fund (SRF) or the Infrastructure Funders Coordinating Committee. One can only get one of these loans if having a good track record in paying other loans. 

Federal programs also exist like the Water Well Trust. Plus, the USDA has 50 different programs that help low-income families across the U.S. South Carolina participate in these all year. Each program provides competitive financing for eligible individuals or communities.

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