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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Aubrey?

As hot and muggy as Aubrey is during the summer, rainstorms can be very fierce at times. Sometimes that’s due to off-shore hurricanes, creating floods requiring good drainage systems. It’s why a reliable septic tank is so important for those who live in more rural areas of Aubrey.

Those who live close to sewer drainage systems need to hook up to the city sewer lines. Any family not living close to these should use a septic tank system to drain sewage in an environmentally friendly way.

How do countryside residents get a tank installed? It all starts with a soil analysis, usually known as a percolation test. This determines the permeability of the soil based on Aubrey’s set requirements. Permeable soil is important to make sure the liquid residue doesn’t cause any contamination. To make sure, the test usually has to determine if the soil has enough gravel and sand.

Once that test is passed, it’s time to get a permit to allow our team to start the installation process. We’ll look into the permit details later.

Installing a septic tank is first going to involve heavy-duty excavation of the ground by our team. It’s a job requiring considerable time and perhaps needing some landscaping afterward due to ground damage.

Before installation takes place, residents have to decide what type of septic tank they want. Different types are available, but our crew often sees conventional systems used more than any other, based on affordability.

After installation, the city inspector will come and sign off on our work before we backfill the area.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Aubrey?

Based on Texas law, everyone needs a permit to install a septic tank that’s producing 5,000 gallons per day or less of domestic sewage. The city officially calls a septic tank system an On-Site Sewage Facility or OSSF.

Some exemptions apply here. If the septic tank serves a single-family resident with 10 acres or larger, a permit isn’t necessary. Also, if the septic tank is 100 feet away from the property line, another exemption is possible.

It’s even possible to forgo a permit if the residence is the only one on a tract of land. Considering that many Aubrey residents who need septic tanks live in rural areas, this might be a possibility.

To get the permit, Aubrey residents need to go through their local Denton County authority to fill out an application. In this case, it’s Denton County Public Health or the Environmental Health Division helping residents with proper paperwork.

When filling out the application, homeowners need to provide their personal information, details on the size and other aspects of the property, the type of on-site septic tank chosen, plus the name of the construction crew installing it.

Throughout the permitting process, the EHD makes sure the installation of the septic tank falls in line with Texas Administrative Code and the Texas Water Code.

Keep in mind, the EHD also has a testing and reporting form that needs to be turned in to Denton County Public Health every time septic tank maintenance or inspection is done.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Aubrey?

Nothing is set in stone on how much a resident pays to get a septic tank installed. Various scenarios could play out, making the final bill either reasonable or running into the thousands of dollars.

Much of this goes on what the resident needs in the way of a septic tank. On average, most people can expect to pay around $5,444, usually for a conventional tank. On the lower end, it could be only $1,249, or as high as $10,373 based on tank size and other outside variables.

What other factors might lower or raise these average costs?

Septic Tank Size

A bigger house is going to mean needing a bigger tank to accommodate the amount of water and waste produced. For a standard system working for a one or two-bedroom house, one would only need a 750-gallon tank.

Size may have to go up to 1,000 gallons to take care of a house with three bedrooms or more or it could go up to 3,000 gallons to handle a moderate to large business. A building housing a small business might be the equivalent of a large house.

These tank size scenarios are all going to affect the final cost, including the time it takes for the installation. Placing the tank into the ground is going to take more labor time as well.

Removing a Prior Septic Tank

Sometimes, installing a septic tank means having to remove a prior one on the property. Not all rural properties are brand new, and some have a prior tank already existing there.

These can age quickly and require careful removal, not including disposal afterward. Digging up the ground to remove an old tank could add $500 to the bill. Disposing of the tank afterward is also an extra charge since it has to be sent to a recycling center.

Constructing the Leach Field

With the leach field being a critical part of the drainage system, it’s worth remembering that it has to be constructed on one’s property if there isn’t one already.

Doing this involves more extensive excavation, not including possibly having to put in more pipework. The price of this alone could add up to thousands based on how large the leach field needs to be. Specialized drainage systems may even need adding.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Aubrey?

As time goes on and technology improves, the types of septic tanks available continue to grow. While our team usually finds that most residents in Aubrey prefer a conventional type of septic tank for easier maintenance, many other types are available using different scientific principles to drain sewage.

Some of them are downright ingenious in their designs, albeit requiring extra cost due to their complexity. Before deciding on the type of septic tank, it’s important to remember the final choice all depends on soil quality, whether the resident lives next to a body of water, or has high groundwater.

Each one of these tanks might be built with concrete, fiberglass, plastic, or steel. In most cases, steel materials last the longest, if ultimately depending on the general environment of the property.

Tanks Using Oxygen

We run across some Aubrey residents who prefer an alternative form of a septic tank using more natural principles to break down waste. An extra motor or pump is used in these devices to improve the waste breakdown process.

The science behind it is simple in the extra engine helping to generate oxygen. Using oxygen to break down wastewater is a very useful way to ensure the waste being drained in the field is cleaner.

Residents who use these septic tanks find they only need a drain field half as large, thanks to the oxygen effect. This style is ideal for those with smaller plots or with clay soil that doesn’t drain well, which is common in many parts of Aubrey. Being an alternative tank, it’s going to cost a lot more to construct and install.

Sand Filter System

Another alternative septic tank many find useful is the use of a sand filter to push wastewater to the filtration system. Pipes filled with sand are constructed in a small box near the tank to make the filtering system a little faster than a conventional system.

Getting the water to filter faster is something residents frequently ask us about. While the sand filter systems are also more expensive, there is one other alternative to get filtration to work even quicker.

Distribution Using Pressure

Further scientific principles can be utilized to create sophisticated septic tanks like never before. Pressure distribution is one way to get that done, using extra pumps. Each pump helps get the waste flowing faster into the drain field.

For households expecting more wastewater than normal, these are very handy. Still, being a complex form of a septic tank, it costs more to get them designed. Having extra pumps involved also demands more maintenance throughout the year.

How Often Do Homeowners in Aubrey Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

Aubrey’s residents should never go years without having a septic tank inspected thoroughly. Sometimes differing opinions come from residents on how often these systems need an inspection.

According to the EPA, every septic tank owner should have it inspected by professionals like us every few years. More complex systems might be worth looking at more often than that including any recent inclement weather.

Homeowners can also inspect things on their own to scope out any potential problems. We recommend a professional inspection by our experts, though, to ensure nothing is overlooked. All it takes is missing one small potential sign of wear to risk the entire tank system failing sooner than later.

One of the first things we look for is any signs of leaks, including the scum layer. These both tell us a lot about what’s going on underground when you’re not looking. The same can be said of insects potentially nibbling on the pump wiring.

Pumping the tank is a common procedure when the scum builds up too high around the tank. Our team can do this for you, including inspections sooner than three years.

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Aubrey?

Not everyone can afford a septic tank in Aubrey, and we recognize families who struggle to afford one. We do our best to help give discounts to those in need to get them a septic tank system put in place.

Other times, families can simply go through various state or federal programs to get funding. For example, some families can go through the EPA, where federal and state funding sources exist. Texas participates in many of these.

USDA’s rural development programs are also available for many people in Aubrey and throughout Texas. These are grants and loans that residents can apply for to get the funds necessary for septic tank installation or any type of home repair.

To qualify for these particular grants, residents need to have an income 50% below the median level in the local area. Families also have to prove they can’t get affordable credit anywhere else.

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