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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Joshua?

In Joshua, Texas, the climate is usually hot and muggy during the summer, though the winter can still produce 37 inches of rain per year. While that’s a little under the national average, sudden rain deluges after dry spells can sometimes mean drainage issues.

It’s all the more reason residents should have a workable septic tank installed, especially if living in a rural area. Many who live in the outskirts of Joshua have no choice but to set up a septic tank because sewer lines are not always available there.

To set up a septic tank, a percolation test of the ground is required first. This is a more scientific name for a soil test that tests for permeability. Without permeable soil, it’s harder for wastewater to drain near where the septic tank is installed.

Before any installation begins, residents also need to obtain a permit here in Joshua. We’ll look at more details on permits soon, but we can start the excavation process once our team has the permit.

A resident needs to decide what type of septic tank they need before we start any work. Most people decide to stick with conventional tanks because they’re designed in a specific way that’s easier to repair. A few alternative septic tank systems are available, albeit more complex in their design and installation. Still, sometimes they do offer certain features making sewage drainage all the easier.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Joshua?

Obtaining a permit to install a septic tank requires going on the Johnson County website and clicking on their permit links. Before starting, residents should read the OSSF court order telling about onsite sewage facility requirements from the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.

Filling out the permit takes a little time. It first requires adding information about the deeded property owner, what type of building is nearby, who the application is for, and info on the site evaluator.

In the middle section, more technical information is required about what type of septic tank is being installed. For instance, they ask what type of piping it has and its disposal system as just two examples.

The soil evaluation form is embedded into the permit at the bottom, where the evaluator provides all the scientific details (plus their signature). Details about the property location also need input.

A schematic of the lot where the septic tank is going in also needs drawing in the box provided. The site evaluator’s signature again goes at the bottom of this section.

At the end is an OSSF certification section. Here, the property owner also signs their name, along with a notary public.

An authorization form section completes the permit with signatures required.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Joshua?

It’s impossible to estimate how much installing a septic tank is because of too many variables involved. Sometimes the weather can delay installation, though that’s far from the only thing.

Only basic averages on price are available. Expect to pay between $1,235.00 and $8,700.00, which is a wide variance. Standard systems are usually on the lowest end, while more sophisticated systems with innovative technology are on the high end.

Other cost factors apply:

House Size

How large a residential home determines how big the septic tank needs to handle all water waste. Some residents build big homes out in the rural areas of Joshua. Any home with more than three bedrooms would likely require a 1,000-gallon tank.

For businesses, the tank may need to be even larger. Most commercial businesses here install 3,000-gallon tanks to accommodate heavy water usage. Of course, the bigger the tank, the more expensive it is to install.

The cheapest tank size is only 750 gallons. These are best for people who live alone or reside in a one or two-bedroom home.


If installing a septic tank for the first time, it’s going to require a lot of landscaping and excavation to get everything looking good. All septic tanks require us to dig up the ground to get the tank underground, not including installing the drain field nearby. 

How much landscaping may be needed during and after can play a big factor in the final cost. Extensive digging can often leave a residential yard looking messy. It may require extensive landscaping to get it looking presentable again.

In some cases, this may require hiring a landscaper, which would require a separate charge.

Materials Used

We’ve found that most residents prefer using concrete as the material used to design the septic tank. It’s the most affordable material and fairly durable. Concrete can sometimes crack, however, possibly leading to repairs later.

Other options are fiberglass, plastic, or steel, with steel being the most expensive for obvious reasons. Any of these choices are suitable but best decided by how much extreme weather happens in the local area.

Here in Joshua, the lack of heavy rains makes it less apt for any materials to corrode. We always leave it up to the resident to decide what type of materials they want based on their budget.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Joshua?

Several different septic tank systems are available utilizing different ways to get rid of wastewater. A standard tank is still the most preferable with Joshua residents since it uses the traditional tank methods and creates a drain field somewhere on the property.

Most septic tank systems use a basic, uniform process to remove waste no matter how technology advances. The only difference with a more sophisticated tank is it can make the waste process go a little faster than usual.

Any resident wanting to explore this a little more should look at these options:

Aerobic Systems

More people are starting to turn to aerobic septic tank systems that create oxygen. The created oxygen helps get rid of waste through an air pump using a faster and cleaner method.

It works by creating oxygen-loving bacteria to help break down the waste faster. Rather than rely completely on nature to rid of waste, we get more requests for these tanks.

Just keep in mind they’re more expensive due to their design complexity.

Chamber Drainage Systems

The idea of creating chambers to drain wastewater might sound like extra work and expense. It works well since the soil surrounding the chambers helps with faster waste treatment.

We often use recycled materials to create these chambers to cut down on costs. One extra cost involves installing pipes near the tank to send the wastewater into the chamber systems.

Evapotranspiration Systems

Yet another system gaining more popularity is a tank using evapotranspiration methods. Using a watertight material to funnel waste out, all effluent is evaporated into the air.

This unique and novel method allows wastewater to never interact with soil or get into groundwater. To work well, it requires an arid climate, making it ideal for those who live in Joshua. Just keep in mind these could fail if exposed to too much rain.

How Often Do Homeowners in Joshua Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

No matter what type of septic tank gets installed, it does require maintenance from time to time. Part of that involves having an inspection done.

It’s best to adhere to the EPA guidelines to have your septic tank inspected at least every few years. We recommend having it done once per year if using water more excessively.

Septic tank owners can certainly inspect the tank on their own to get an idea of what’s going on. Having a professional inspection is best, though, since various things could be overlooked.

During the inspection process, we’ll take a look at various things:

Look for Leaks

Any type of leak in the septic tank system is going to denote a problem about to happen. As mentioned, tanks made of concrete could crack, causing various leaks throughout the unit.

Water pipes, in general, could have leaks, causing the tank to overwork and fail. A low water level in the tank usually tells us immediately whether a leak is occurring somewhere.

If leaks are present, we’ll pump the tank. We’ll also check any backflow in the drain field.

Water Pressure Check

Another part of the inspection takes place in the home. Our team goes inside the resident’s house to check the water pressure. We frequently place a dye in the water to see how much water is going into the septic tank when we do this. It helps determine if any further leaks are occurring.

Any sign of a cesspool in a resident’s yard also determines whether the tank is malfunctioning.

Check Wiring

Insects can often crawl into the tank’s underground space and chew on the wiring. We always inspect the wiring carefully to ensure there aren’t any signs of insects slowly chewing away on them.

Just one wire going bad could blow out the entire system, requiring an expensive fix if not a replacement.

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Joshua?

Having a septic tank installed is not a cheap process, and we always understand some low-income families can’t easily afford to have one. Our team always does its best to offer discounts and other deals to families really needing a septic tank outside their homes.

To amend the process, we recommend residents go through local and federal programs helping gain funds for household repairs or add-ons.

One of the most immediately useful is the Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program here in Texas. Only those who have no access to obtain commercial credit are eligible for these grants.

Those who live in rural areas with 10,000 people or fewer are eligible, including tribal lands and Colonias. These are long-term (up to 40 years) low-interest loans potentially benefiting anyone needing a little financial push to invest in the right septic tank system.

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