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Septic Tank Installation Odessa, TX

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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Odessa?

Getting rid of wastewater efficiently and effectively is beneficial to the environment and population’s health. Unfiltered wastewater can contain bacteria, viruses, and household chemicals that can leach into drinking waters if not properly attended to. Odessa adheres to the municipal codes of Ector County.

Before installation of a septic tank can begin, numerous procedures must be completed. Hiring a general contractor or our project managers to guide you through the process is a good idea, especially if you do not have any knowledge of septic systems. However, regulations allow Texas residents to install their septic tank on their primary residence, while those on rental properties must be professionally completed.

  • A site evaluation is required to be performed by a specialist before plans or permits are issued.
  • A permit must be obtained after determining the type, size, and location of the septic tank.
  • Excavation and pit prep is one of the first actions performed, then the tank is lowered into the ground. The piping, gravel, and leaching field are prepared and left open for inspection.
  • The work is subsequently inspected by the city and approved.
  • Once approved, the pipes can be activated, the soil replaced, and the unit can be connected to the home for use.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Odessa?

The permitting process can take some time, as evaluations of plans and checking compliance with state laws must be done before approval is given. To apply for the permit, you will need:

  • The design and measurements
  • The completed two-page application
  • Payments
  • Our contact information as your installer

Permit costs vary depending on the number of bedrooms the new home has. Once the permit is approved, the city will issue an Authorization to Construct septic system permit. After installation, the homeowner must contact the Ector County Health Department for the initiation of final inspection.

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Odessa?

Each company charges different parts and labor fees for their work. Many situations can cause the price of the installation to increase. Some of these costs can include soil type, system design, materials, labor, and any additional services requested. The average cost for the area of Odessa is $5,436.

System Design

One of the largest decisions is the type of septic tank design to use. There are in-ground varieties and alternative varieties that create different and specialized leaching grounds. Among the several varieties are:

  • Conventional systems, including aerobic and anaerobic
  • Chambered systems
  • Pressure distribution systems
  • Sand filter septic systems
  • Evapotranspiration septic systems
  • Mound septic systems

Caliche pits in Odessa can be hard to work around as they cement other soils together and can make it hard to excavate enough soil to place the tank into the ground fully. Determining the best system for the property is best done after the depth and type of soil are determined.

Parts and Labor

Each job will come with its own cost of labor and parts. Contracts with suppliers vary, and the cost of the parts can change without notice. Labor costs will depend on the time it takes for us to complete the installation.

Tank types vary greatly, and their cost varies with them. Each tank material has its pros and cons, though typically, the concrete tanks hold up better than the rest. These are the different types of septic tank materials that may be used:

  • Concrete tanks will be the best for tanks, though they can eventually be broken down by the surrounding soils.
  • Metal tanks must be closely monitored because they must be coated on the inside and outside and changed to avoid rust spots and leaking.
  • Fiberglass tanks work effectively on soils with little water because they are light enough to be hauled to the top of the soil by excess water. Tank cracks will cause them to fail more frequently.
  • Plastic tanks are the second most dependable tanks. Metal parts will need to be checked for corrosion. Pumping must be done with caution to avoid collapsing a section of the tank.

Odessa’s rather arid climate and heat give the fiberglass and concrete tanks more of a leg up in the decision-making, though plastic comes in a close third. Metal might not rust in the soils as easily in other areas, but the sandiness of the soil can scratch the coatings more quickly.

Additional Services

We can also provide other services such as above-ground manhole installation, pump alarms, and landscaping. Pump alarms can notify the homeowner if the pump fails or the tank overflows. Installing a septic tank might leave the property appearing unattractive, therefore our expert assistance may be required. Depending on the job, the additional cost may vary. Flattening the earth and leveling the land might raise the cost. Landscaping for beauty might be more expensive and necessitate the use of more of our specialists to provide a pleasing appearance.

There is one element that cannot be ranked above the others, regardless of the kind, size, or upgrades to the septic tank you select. It is critical to select a firm or general contractor with a solid reputation, insurance, certifications, and licenses. Working with a poor firm may result in work that must be fixed or replaced, incurring additional costs. You can always be confident in the installation when you choose our experts at Mr. Blue Plumbing!

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best for Residents in Odessa?

Due to the caliche pits and other hard-to-excavate soils in Odessa, the best system to install is a shallow field leaching aerobic system. The aerobic system is laid closer to the surface for ease of oxygen pumps and monitoring. Leaching fields do not have to be deep and will be able to sit on top of the caliche. If that is not an option, then the mound system may be employed. Planting grasses on the top of the mound will help reduce the topsoil loss.

How Often Do Homeowners in Odessa Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

No longer than every three years, the tank should be inspected by our team for leaks and pumped. Pumping can be performed more often if the tank is showing signs of becoming full. The city of Odessa delegated septic tank management to property owners, therefore logs should be kept to prove records of care. Although additives can assist in reducing the amount of solid waste in the tank, avoiding draining materials that cannot be broken down by bacteria can help to lengthen the time between pumps. Take care which additives are introduced to the tanks, and do not add too much bacteria. Aerobic tanks will not need extra bacteria, as they are introduced by the air pumps.

Solids in the septic tank are designed to be digested by bacteria and filtered through the soil of the drainage fields. Failure to heed instructions may harm the system. Contaminants that the tank cannot completely remove can ruin underground water systems. Grease is caught by septic tanks and can accumulate, causing outflow issues. Some ground guidelines to follow are:

  • The only paper products that should be flushed are solid waste and toilet paper.
  • Nothing that can be easily disposed of in a rubbish can or composting pile should be dumped into septic tanks.
  • It is critical to limit the use of waste disposals, which are not typically recommended for use with a septic tank.
  • Ensure that the effluent filter is cleaned regularly by a contractor.
  • Maintain the plants in the drainage field to preserve the surface soils.
  • Keep rainfall away from the tank and drainage area to prevent backflow and overflow.
  • Large vehicles should be kept away from the septic tank zone, especially if the tanks are made of fiberglass or plastic.
  • Unless required, do not build near the septic tank or in the adjacent area.
  • Keep a septic tank schematic with details on its design, maintenance, and material kinds.

There are signs that your septic tank is deteriorating and should be emptied or fixed. Leaks can cause problems with soils and create a larger water bill for the residents. Grease that accumulates too much in the tanks can be carried to the leaching fields and cause plant and soil pollution. These are some examples:

  • Smells surrounding the tank
  • Standing water near the tank
  • Draining slowly
  • Babbling
  • Backed up sinks and toilets

If there are any signs that the tank is failing, we can determine the cause and assist with pumping and repairs. Remember that the tank can only hold so much water, so faulty fittings may cause the tanks and drainage fields to overflow. Testing toilets and faucets for leakage may reduce the amount of water wasted and reduce the overflow threat.

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Odessa?

Odessa does not have a program to offer rebates for septic tank installation or repairs. However, the conservation of water is high on the priority list. Rebates are offered to replace toilets with high-efficiency ones. Replacing an older toilet with a dual flush toilet can qualify you for the rebate and reduce your water bill. There is another rebate for installing a hot water recirculation system. These systems reduce the amount of hot water circulated through the water heater, and residents can apply for a rebate on their utility bills through the city of Odessa.

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