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What Is the Process For Septic Tank Installation in Van Alstyne?

The primary type of septic system in Van Alstyne is the Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). This is the same as the systems used in municipal wastewater just on a much smaller scale. ATUs can remove 85 to 98 percent of organic matter and solids from the wastewater. This makes the effluent as clean as what’s coming out of the municipal plants and even cleaner than what comes from conventional septic tanks. 

There are four main components to an aerobic treatment unit in Van Alstyne. 

  • Pretreatment tank: This tank, also called the trash tank, removes materials that the microbes could not break down.
  • Aeration chamber: This chamber is where the aerobic microbes decompose waste in the water. 
  • Settling Chamber: Also called the clarifier, is where the microbes that have treated the wastewater can settle out of the water. 
  • Final Treatment and Dispersal Component: This part distributes the wastewater into the soil for reuse. Aerobic systems usually use a spray field for this dispersal and also include disinfection for removing the diseasing-causing microbes, a pump tank for dosing water, and distribution heads for spreading the water. 

To install one of these systems on your property in Van Alstyne, we’ll need to begin with soil tests to confirm the ground can handle the treated wastewater. Once we confirm that, an inspector from the city will need to come and issue a permit for installation. We can then begin excavating for the system and start the installation. Once the system is set up, the inspector will need to come back to sign off on the work. We can then backfill around the area.

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Van Alstyne?

Texas does require a permit to construct, install, alter, extend, or repair an on-site sewage facility (OSSF), or a septic system. There are a few exceptions to the OSSF requiring a permit:

  • The system serves a single-family residence on ten or more acres;
  • The system is not causing a nuisance or polluting the groundwater;
  • All parts of the system are at least 100 feet from the property line;
  • Effluent is disposed of on the property; and 
  • The single-family residence is the only residence on the property.

It is also possible that your system has been grandfathered in even though it does not meet the above criteria. Your system can be grandfathered in if:

  • It was installed before your local program had an authorized program;
  • Installed before September 1, 1989;
  • Has a treatment and disposal facility; and
  • Has no significant increase in its use.

Assuming your residence does not meet any of the above criteria, you will need to submit all applications and planning materials to the local permitting authority. Always go through the local permit office because local programs can sometimes be more stringent than state law. The permit office has 30 days to approve or deny your application after receiving all required documents. 

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Van Alstyne?

Getting a septic system (or an on-site sewage facility) installed is not a cheap adventure by any stretch of the imagination. You can expect to pay on average about $7,500 for installation in the Van Alstyne area. The price can vary greatly based on a few factors. Consider these three factors when budgeting for a new system. 

Cost Factor: Type of Septic Tank 

While the aerobic treatment unit (ATU) is popular in the Van Alstyne area, it is not the only system available. The type of system you buy will greatly affect how much you pay in total. A conventional or gravity-powered system is a fairly simple system to install and maintain. While still not cheap to install, a conventional system will cost you much less. An Aerobic Treatment Unit, on the other hand, is much more complicated to install and maintain and that will drive the price up by a good bit. The ATU also requires more regular maintenance so your yearly out-of-pocket expense is higher. 

Cost Factor: Permits

Every septic system in Texas must have a permit from the state. A permit is also required for repairs and any expansion or alteration on an existing system. Many local authorities in Texas become agents for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to ensure compliance in the permitting process; with every permit comes a charge. 

Cost Factor: Labor and Materials

The type of system you have installed is again going to affect the labor and materials that are required. The conventional system is fairly simple to install and will require a minimal number of people to do the job. An Aerobic Treatment Unit, on the other, is much more complicated and requires more of our professionals to ensure the job gets done. All these professionals are going to have their hourly rates. How specialized the professional is and when you are getting the system installed will also affect the hourly rate you will pay for each person involved in your installation project. 

The same goes for materials used. If the system is simple like the conventional system, the materials won’t cost as much. Whether your tank is made of concrete or something else, it will factor into the price. More complicated systems will most definitely cost more due to all the parts needed. You also need to factor in the equipment that is required to get your system installed. Will our installer need to use a backhoe or bring in the crane? If so, the cost will increase.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best For Residents in Van Alstyne?

Most households in Van Alstyne utilize the Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) for septic services. ATUs use many of the same processes of municipal sewage plants just on a much smaller scale. Oxygen is injected into the treatment tank and supplemental oxygen increases the natural bacterial activity. The bacterial activity provides extra treatment for nutrients in the effluent. Some ATUs have a pre-treatment tank and a final treatment tank to reduce pathogen levels. 

Aerobic Treatment Units are especially helpful for homes on smaller lots with inadequate soil conditions, in areas with a higher water table, or close to a water body sensitive to contamination by nutrients in the effluent. Most homes in Van Alstyne have inadequate clay soil, making ATUs the most common choice.

Some advantages of an aerobic treatment unit are: 

  • Aerobic systems require a smaller leaching field than a conventional system and that means an ATU can be installed in a smaller lot. 
  • Aerobic systems produce less effluent and that is more environmentally friendly. 
  • Aerobic bacteria generally break down waste faster than anaerobic. 

An Aerobic Treatment Unit also comes with its disadvantages: 

  • The initial cost is often way more than a conventional system. 
  • Aerobic systems depend on electricity for the pumps to circulate the air through the sewage. 
  • The system, in general, is substantially more complicated than a conventional system and the maintenance fees are higher. 

How Often Do Homeowners in Van Alstyne Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

The homeowners of Van Alstyne must do their part and keep their septic tanks on a regular schedule for inspection and maintenance. Keeping your septic tank working at its best is good for everyone. A tank that is not properly maintained can leak harmful liquids into streams, wetlands, and rivers. This leakage can be harmful to plants, animals, and humans. 

The average household in Van Alstyne should have its septic system inspected by our team about once a year and pumped every two to three years, or as needed. The advantage of contracting with our maintenance professional is saving time, eliminating the hassle of an extra chore, and peace of mind knowing your system is in good hands. The cost of another company making a mistake is the possibility of having to replace your system prematurely when it is not properly maintained. You can also know everything is being reported to the government properly. 

Keeping a regular schedule of septic inspection and pumping is a big part of keeping the whole system healthy. Your neighbors and the environment will thank you. There is more you can do to keep the need for unscheduled maintenance off your calendar. Consider the following good habits for keeping your septic system healthy.

  • Use biodegradable toilet paper so it breaks down easier. 
  • Conserve water to limit what goes into the tank. 
  • Do not put non-biodegradable products down the sink or toilet. 
  • Never put grease or harsh chemicals down the drain. 
  • Avoid planting a garden, trees, or shrubs near the septic system.
  • Do not pave on or near a septic system unless approved. 
  • Call us as soon as you notice backup or slower draining. 

Are There Any Rebates Available for Septic Tank Services in Van Alstyne?

There are no rebates for septic tank service in Van Alstyne for private homeowners. However, the USDA Rural Development in Texas does administer the Water and Waste Disposal Direct Loans and Grants program. This program provides funding for clean and reliable water systems, sanitary sewage disposal, sanitary solid waste disposal, and stormwater drainage to households and businesses in eligible rural areas. Applicants that may be eligible for this program are most state and local governments, private non-profits, and federally recognized tribes. Eligible areas are rural areas with populations of 10,000 or less, tribal lands in rural areas, and colonias. The funding can be a long-term, low-interest loan or a grant combined with a loan if the funds are available. 

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