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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Los Gatos?

Well pumps are complicated pieces of machinery. When they are working, though, you shouldn’t have to think about them very much. They’ll draw water from the aquifer beneath your property and pump it up into the pipe and storage tanks. Once those are full, the pump will turn off. It’s an automated process that should provide you with plenty of clean water for your household. However, if your pump stops working, then it’s probably because of one of these common repair issues: 

Hard Water Deposits

Los Gatos has hard water. The groundwater here has minerals, such as calcium carbonate, which naturally leach into the water as it sits on rocks underground. Our groundwater has a hardness level of around 250 milligrams per liter or mg/L. That’s considered very hard water. While there is no danger in drinking this water or using it around your home, it can be hard on your well pump. That’s because, over time, the minerals in the water can leave behind a residue called limescale. As this mineral deposit builds up in your pump, it can corrode parts and eventually cause the pump to stop working. There are ways to treat your water to make it softer and prevent limescale buildup from affecting your pump. Talk to us about your options to help prevent this issue.

Water Loss

With over half of Los Gatos and Santa Clara County getting their water from aquifers, it’s no wonder some of these underground water reservoirs are going dry. This is becoming a major issue in California, especially in our area. The only solution is to either dig another well in a new location or drill your current well deeper to tap into another aquifer. Sometimes, though, there is plenty of water down there, and it’s your pump that’s failing to deliver. A repair technician can help diagnose the issue and provide you with options to get water flowing reliably into your household again.

Well Casing Corrosion

The well casing is responsible for supporting your well’s walls and helping to transfer clean water up to your home. The most common types of casing are carbon steel, PVC, and stainless steel. While these casings should last for decades, they aren’t foolproof. If the original well was poorly designed or poorly constructed, your well casing could corrode and crack sooner rather than later. That means you could be losing precious water resources and overtaxing your well pump. Replacing the casing is often the best solution to get the well working smoothly again. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Los Gatos?

If you take good care of your well pump, you should get 10 to 15 years of reliable service out of it. If your pump is failing long before then, though, it’s likely to be one of these issues: 

Pump Size

If your pump is too small, you’ll end up burning it out as it tries to supply the necessary water to your home. You don’t want a pump that is too big, either, as an oversized pump can create several performance issues. You need to get the pump size just right. As a rule of thumb, you can count all the fixtures that use water in your home. Count each faucet, toilet, shower, and dishwasher, then get a pump that offers 1 gallon per minute for each fixture in your home. For example, if you counted 12 different fixtures attached to your plumbing, then you’d need a pump that can manage around 12 gallons per minute. 


The majority of the soil in Los Gatos is sandy loam, with a fair amount of clay at lower levels. These soil conditions can impact the performance of your well. Sediment from the sand and clay can get into your well casing and travel up to the pump. There, it can wear out the pump’s moving parts and cause it to fail. Filters and screens can help prevent this, but they aren’t foolproof. You’ll want to carefully monitor your well pump for signs of sediment. If you see any issues, then get in touch with our team. We can replace the screens or add filters to keep sediment out.

Poor Maintenance

Regular pump maintenance is an absolute necessity. Annual maintenance is even required by law if you want to keep your well in compliance with local and state regulations. Maintenance can help detect minor problems with your well pump before they cause total well failure. Maintenance is also affordable, especially when compared to the cost of digging a new well. Sign up for a maintenance contract with us to ensure you are getting the necessary maintenance for your well pump to last as long as possible. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Los Gatos?

When your well pump stops working, your number one priority will be getting it going again. But how much will it cost you? Well pump repair in Los Gatos will cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. How much you’ll pay will depend on factors such as: 

Length and Complexity of the Well Pump Repair

Some well pump repairs take less than an hour. There may be an easily fixable issue with the electrical supply, for example; other repairs may take a lot longer, such as replacing the pressure tank or swapping out a broken switch. The longer a repair takes, the more you’ll pay for it because we usually charge by the hour for labor. If your job requires more than one technician, you’ll be paying for both. You can ask us upfront how much the labor might cost on your repair, and we will provide you with a detailed quote.

Required Materials for Well Pump Repair

Many well pump repairs will require parts or materials to complete. The cost of these materials gets added to your final bill. Some parts are relatively inexpensive, like new wiring. Some parts are quite expensive, though, such as a new tank or a new pump. If you need a total well pump replacement, you can expect to pay between $300 and $1,500. There are many options out there, though, so you can talk to us about your budget. We’ll be able to source the right parts for you. 

Time Constraints for Well Pump Repair

Emergency well pump repairs are going to cost you more. This includes repair work required in the evening or over a weekend. We will probably be needed after hours for these repairs. These are especially common after a big storm or flooding, which parts of Santa Clara County are prone to every year. In an emergency, though, the increased cost of the repair is worth it. You don’t want to leave your household without a clean, reliable water supply for too long. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Los Gatos?

Worried about the cost of well pump repairs? Preventative maintenance is the answer. When you take good care of your well pump, you’ll avoid many of the common (and expensive) repairs. Here are a few things you’ll want to do:

  • Get annual maintenance from a professional. This is required, and it’s not something you should skip. Sign up for a maintenance contract with us for the best service and peace of mind.
  • Maintain well records. Keep detailed records of everything that happens with your well. This can help you obtain and renew well permits and may help us diagnose an issue with your well. It’s also good for the resale value of your property.
  • Keep the area around your well clean and safe. This is an important space to protect, for the safety of your well and to prevent contamination. Use the space around your well for light activities, such as a space for children or pets to play in. Keep heavy machinery and vehicles out of the area, as this could damage the well.
  • Inspect your wellhead regularly. The wellhead is the part of the well that sticks out of the ground. Visually inspecting this area at least a few times a year can help you spot potential issues before they become major problems. Look for missing caps, cracked cement, or weeds growing around the wellhead.
  • Maintain your septic system. If you also have a septic system on your property, then maintaining it correctly is more important than ever. A properly maintained septic system will prevent any contamination from getting into your well water. 

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Los Gatos?

Valley Water manages all permitting and registration for wells in Santa Clara County, including the town of Los Gatos. According to ordinance 90-1, Section 6, well owners must obtain a permit if they want to do any of the following to their well: 

  • Dig
  • Deepen
  • Modify
  • Repair
  • Destroy

So if you want to add, remove, or change your well in any way, you’ll need a permit. Permit applications are available online. Once approved, permits are valid for one year. Our Los Gatos well pump repair team can help you obtain the correct permits.

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