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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Fort Collins?

Well pumps are generally low-maintenance pieces of equipment. They work tirelessly to deliver water to your household without much interference from you. However, they aren’t immune to the occasional issue. Here are the three most common repair issues we see in Fort Collins water well pumps: 

  • Inconsistent water pressure. If you suddenly have no water pressure at all, that’s usually a sign your pump has stopped entirely. If you have low or variable water pressure, that can be due to a few different reasons. It’s often a blockage (more on that below), but it could also be a problem with the pressure switch or a valve. You may also be depleting the groundwater supply. This supply isn’t infinite and the water levels may go up and down over time. You may be able to solve this problem by installing a storage tank, so you have water backup for the times the groundwater supply is low. You may also need to drill a deeper well. Wells in the foothills and mountains are usually around 350 feet deep, while on the plains they can be as shallow as 40 feet deep. Wells can go a thousand feet deep in some circumstances. 
  • Pump interruptions. If your pump is cutting in and out, this is most likely an electrical fault. Pumps rely on electricity to work and any interruption in the electrical system can bring them to a halt. This is an issue that happens more often during winter, especially in rural areas that might get a lot more snow. If a storm knocks out your electricity, then your pump isn’t going to work. You’ll need to run it on a generator or wait for the electricity to come back on. If the power in the rest of your home is working, though, then you should have our well service technicians check the electrical supply to your well.
  • Blockages. Your well system has a lot more to deal with than just water. Unfortunately, no matter how well you maintain your water well, you can end up with blockages. This might be sediment in the water, or even things like bugs, trash, or rocks. It could even be small animals like squirrels, birds, or mice, which are plentiful throughout the Front Range. Having secure screens and filters in place can help keep blockages to a minimum, but a determined mouse can get through most barriers. If you experience a sudden drop in pressure, then it’s likely due to a blockage in your system.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Fort Collins?

A high-quality, well-installed water well pump should last you between 10 and 15 years. Some can last much longer, with good regular maintenance. There are some things, however, that could cause your well pump to fail long before then. Here are the most common factors: 

  • Hard water build-up. Fort Collins has moderately hard water, according to the USGS water hardness scale, with city water measuring the hardness of around 111 parts per million. That’s after the city softens it, too, so the water coming out of your well could be much harder. Hardness simply means there are high levels of minerals in your water, so it’s not unsafe to drink. Those minerals can, however, create a build-up of limescale in your pump. That build-up can create clogs or erode delicate parts within the pump.
  • Sediment and debris in the water. This can be an issue depending on your soil composition. Wells out on the plains of Colorado may encounter more sand in the soil and that sand can cause a problem for your pump. The abrasive material can grind away at parts over time, leading to pump failure. 
  • Incorrect pump size. It’s important to get the right size of pump for your well. Too small, and the pump will have to work harder to deliver your water and will wear out faster. Too big, and you’ll encounter a host of performance issues. Most people need about 100 gallons of water per person per day, so find a pump that delivers a range that’s right for your family. 
  • Poor quality pump. Investing a little more money upfront could help you save a lot of money later on in repair and replacement costs. Buy a quality pump from a reputable manufacturer. Our pump installation team can make a recommendation. 
  • How often you use the pump. The more a pump runs, the faster it will wear out. If you are conservative with your water use, you’ll get more life out of your pump. If you use a lot of water or have a large family, you can count on replacing your pump much sooner. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Fort Collins?

Landowners can pay anywhere from $200 to $1700 for well pump repair in Fort Collins, with the average being around $900. Your cost will vary based on these three factors: 

The Parts Required

Most repairs require some sort of replacement part, whether that’s a new washer on a valve or an entirely new pump. Those parts vary in cost and that cost will go onto your final bill. Repairs are always less expensive than a total replacement, though. So the sooner you notice a problem and contact our repair team, the less expensive the bill will probably be. That’s because the longer a problem with your pump goes on, the more likely it is that you’ll have to replace the entire thing. 

The Time Required

Time is money, even in well repair. The longer your repair takes, the more you’ll have to pay in labor. Our well technicians charge an hourly fee for their services. They’ll provide you with an estimate that includes how much time they think your repairs will take. If you have major repairs, then you may need multiple technicians on the job, and that will cost even more. There may be ways to do some work yourself to cut costs, but Colorado requires that a licensed contractor like us does the actual repairs to the well. 

When It’s Required

Emergency well pump repair will almost always cost you more money. If you can wait to contact our repair team during regular business hours, then you’ll likely pay normal rates. If you have a well emergency after normal business hours or over the weekend, prepare to pay extra for the service. Access to fresh, clean water is important, though, so don’t hesitate to call us in an emergency. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Fort Collins?

If you want to avoid that $900 repair bill, then you need to be proactive about your well maintenance. Doing these three things should help you cut down on repair costs: 

  • Schedule annual maintenance. Annual maintenance from our professionals is the best way to avoid repairs and replacements. Our expert will come out to your well on an annual basis to do things like a flow test, clean the tank, and a comprehensive inspection of all the components of your well. This will help them find any weaknesses in your system and correct them before they become a big repair bill.
  • Do regular visual inspections of your system. Wells in Fort Collins are usually quite close to your home, as it avoids costly water line trenching. So make it a habit to give your well a good visual inspection about once a week. Look for signs of leaking, strange noises coming from the pump, or unusual smells around your well. You should also pay attention to the taste, smell, and appearance of your water. Fort Collins doesn’t test private wells, but the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment offers tips on when and how to test yourself. 
  • Call our repair technicians as soon as you notice an issue. Most well pump issues can be easily fixed if you catch them soon enough. Something like a worn-out part is usually an inexpensive repair. If you let your pump continue to work with worn-out parts, though, you risk wearing out the entire pump. That’s because it will have to work harder to deliver the same performance. Calling at the first sign of trouble will help you avoid even bigger repairs later on. 

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Fort Collins?

Colorado Regulations require you to get a permit for the construction of a new well, as well as repairing, modifying, or replacing an old well. You can apply for the permits through the Colorado Division of Water Resources. New well permits are $100, while replacement or modification permits are $60.

Keep in mind that it will take about four to six weeks to get the permit back. If you have emergency repairs that can’t wait that long, our expert will need to follow the Emergency Well Permit Procedures. In some cases, these approvals can come as quickly as the next business day. 

Working with our experienced well repair contractors can make the permitting process much easier. We can obtain the permit for you or provide you with all the necessary paperwork you’ll need to get it yourself. This can help reduce the turnaround time so you can get your well repairs done sooner.

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