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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Middletown?

While most Middletown homes are hooked up to the City’s water system, some residential properties have their wells. Each well has its pump used to pull or push water from underground aquifers into a water tank which supplies water to the home and surrounding yard. There are a lot of things that can cause well pump problems. Some are universal, while others align with the weather, soil, and other conditions within the Middletown area.

Wrong Type of Pump or Poor Installation

Here in Delaware, we use two different types of pumps. One is called a jet pump which can pull water up from between 25 and 100 feet below ground level. A jet pump is mounted above the well or in a separate pump house.

The other type is a submersible pump which is installed deep inside the well. A submersible pump pushes water up through the well and works for wells deeper than 100 feet. Of course, there are many brands and features available with either type of pump.

Trying to use a jet pump for a well slightly deeper than 100 feet may or may not work. Much deeper, and the pump will not work correctly. Similarly, trying to use a submersible pump in a shallow well is overkill. It will not work correctly either.

Even with the proper pump type, poor installation or a defect in the pump can cause it to work improperly or fail altogether. When having well pump problems, you should always call a qualified plumber.

Pressure Switch Issues

The pressure switch regulates the pressure inside the water tank. It is usually on the tank itself. Typical water pressure measures between 40 and 60 pounds per square inch (psi). Your pressure setting should be set around 38 psi. If the pressure differs by more than a degree or two, it should be reset.

There are various reasons the pressure could change. After resetting, if the pressure falters again, the switch or the wiring may be worn out. Have it checked.

Sediment Filter Blockage

Generally, you should clean your well’s sediment filter twice a year. Middletown and the rest of Delaware have hard to very hard water. The hardness of water is measured by the amount of calcium, magnesium, and other metals. The more minerals or sedimentation, the harder the water.

A sediment filter helps to keep the water clean at the tap. It also allows for your pump to continue to work while maintaining even water pressure. If the filter becomes blocked, it cuts back on the proper flow of water. Your plumber may advise you to routinely clean out the sediment filter more often to prevent a blockage.

No Water

Rather an obvious issue, having no water may or may not signify something is wrong with the water pump. It could be as simple as a flipped circuit breaker at the main power box, or the pump needs resetting. But receiving no water could also be a sign there is a broken pipe underground, or it could be a sign of pump failure. You can check the circuit, and the pump reset switch yourself. If neither works, it is time to call out the plumber for further investigation.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Middletown?

The average life expectancy of a jet pump is about ten years. A submersible well pump may have a life span of up to 15 years. Each depends on the pump’s quality, how much the pump runs every day, the pump’s electrical supply, and the equipment’s care.

Some indicators that your water well pump may be starting to fail include:

  • Higher than usual electric bills.
  • Strange sounds or rapid clicking inside the water tank.
  • Water pressure fluctuations inside the home and outside irrigation systems.
  • Faucets or showerheads spitting water when turned on.

Pumps can fail prematurely due to various factors, including water quality, weather-related issues, constant cycling, poor-quality components, corrosive pipes and fittings, or running without water.

Water Quality

Having hard water or poor water quality can cause your pump to fail prematurely. Minerals can clog your pump and burn it out. Furthermore, bacteria build-up can also cause a clog. During a pump inspection, have your plumber check the well liner too. A quality well liner will protect your well from corrosion and, subsequently, the damage it could do to the water well pump as well.

Frozen Pump

Every winter Middletown reaches temperatures below freezing. We also experience an average snowfall of about 15 inches. While that may not seem like a lot, freezing temperatures can not only freeze your water pipes but your pump as well. By the end of the fall, you should administer protection for your pipes and your pump in preparation for cold weather.

Lighting Strike

Delaware sees about 30 thunder and lightning storms every year. A lightning strike can hit a well pump. While you may not be aware lightning hit your pump, a few days later, it could begin having problems or stop working altogether. If your pump goes out following a storm, contact a plumber experienced in well pump repairs to come out and inspect it.

Age and Wear and Tear

You can expect regular wear and tear as your pump ages. You will likely see a longer life from a steel casing pump than one made of PVC. PVC is also more likely to degrade in soil high in sediment and is more prone to cracking or breaking. 

A jet pump that works for ten years has had a good lifespan. If your submersible pump has worked for 15 years, it has been of good service. It is time to have it replaced, and you should schedule that soon as your pump reaches its anticipated lifespan. 

Waiting can create a more expensive emergency problem when the pump gives out. That will not only cost you more money but also time and stress.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Middletown?

Just how much well pump repair will cost in Middletown depends upon what needs to be done. The average cost of well pump repairs runs about $700. The expense of $100 to $150 for an annual inspection could have prevented the problem.

But the cost of repairs is still less than the replacement of a pump prematurely. Catching a problem early on can save you money. There are times when you may need well pump repair, and the well size, type of pump, and location will all be a part of the cost factor.

Well Size

Residential wells in Delaware usually range between 100 and 500 feet in depth. Generally, the deeper the well, the better the water quality. Well pumps that are located underground may or may not be well-marked. The more time it takes to access the well pump to work on it, the higher your cost. If your pump has not been well-marked before, take the opportunity to do so during your next inspection, repair, or replacement.

Pump Type

As previously mentioned, there are two different pump types used in Middletown– a jet pump and a submersible. Because a jet pump is easier to access, repairs may cost less. But replacing either would be more expensive. While that needs to be done on a routine basis, 10 to 15 years, depending upon the type, replacing a pump ahead of schedule is more costly. Having that annual inspection, which may require a bit of servicing, can save you much expense in the long run.

Condition of Other Well Parts

A good working well pump goes hand in hand with a good tank and other water system elements. When your well pump needs servicing, it is a good idea to have the entire system checked out simultaneously. If the pump is wearing out, there is a good chance that other parts may be, too. One example would be the electrical wiring. Having the entire system checked out at the same time will keep costs down by eliminating additional plumbing calls in the immediate future.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Middletown?

Annual inspections and good care are the best solutions to avoiding costly repairs. Maintaining a residential pump is an enormous responsibility. It is not only the water supply for irrigation, showers, and washing machines, but also the potable water your family uses to cook with and drink. 

According to Delaware’s Department of Health and Social Services, private well owners should also have their water tested annually to assure water quality. If neighbors are having trouble with water contamination or you see a change in your water’s color, odor, or taste, you should have it checked immediately.

If you have had any work done or your well or pump, you should subsequently have your water tested. You should also have the water quality checked more often if there is a baby in the house and the water is being used in formula preparation.

Keep track of your inspection schedule as well as the age of your pump. When your pump has met its lifespan, you can either choose to wait it out and hope it lasts longer or get it replaced. By having it replaced on schedule, you can avoid costly emergency calls and reduce the length of time you may have to go without water.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Middletown?

Middletown does not require a permit to have well pump repair work done. However, if you change the energy source for your pump a few days later or move it, a permit and inspection may be required. An experienced local plumber will know whether any permit paperwork needs to be done before repair work and if an inspection is necessary following it.

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