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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Fort Pierce?

Well pumps are generally reliable, especially if installed correctly and made by a reputable brand. They aren’t without their issues, though. Here are three of the most common problems you’ll experience with well pumps in Fort Pierce: 

  • Hard water deposits. Our water is very hard, measuring 12 grains of minerals for every gallon of water. These minerals, usually calcium carbonate, attach themselves to water molecules as the water moves across rocks underground. While these minerals are safe to consume, they can be tough on your well pump. That’s because the water can leave deposits of these minerals behind, building up what’s commonly referred to as limescale. This scale can clog up the pump, causing the well system to slow down or stop working altogether. Some pumps work better in hard water conditions, and it’s possible to treat the water to reduce the limescale. Talk to our well pump repair technician about options if you struggle with hard water in your Fort Pierce home.
  • Low water pressure. If you have no water pressure at all, then it’s likely a problem with your pump. If you have low water pressure, it may be the pump, but there may also be an inadequate water supply due to drought conditions. That might mean installing a water storage tank to keep water in reserve, replacing your well pump, or digging a new well. It may also be something as simple as a clogged well screen or a stuck valve. You’ll want our technicians to come out and take a look. They can diagnose the issue causing your low water pressure and offer options to correct it. 
  • Strange smells or colors in the water. There are many reasons your well water might have an unusual appearance, smell, or taste. Fort Pierce water has high levels of minerals, including calcium and iron. If these levels are incredibly high, they can give your water a metallic taste. Because we’re so close to the coast, your water may also have organic matter in it that makes it taste or smell like fish. Fortunately, these are all easy problems to overcome with the right filtration system. Ask our well pump repair technicians about activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange filtration options.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Fort Pierce?

If your well pump fails on you before the end of its expected lifespan, it’s likely something caused it to fail. Here are some things to watch out for that could bring your pump to a stop: 

  • Wrong pump size. Your pump size matters. Pumps are calculated by gallons per minute (GPM), and you’ll determine the size of the pump by how many gallons you’d need per minute in your home. A good general rule of thumb is one gallon for every fixture in your home that uses water. So one gallon for every sink, toilet, shower, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. The average house size in Fort Pierce is around 1,400 square feet, and for a home that size, you should be okay with a pump that does about 10 GPM. If you get a pump that’s too small, you’ll be overtaxing the system, and that can wear your pump out much sooner. Don’t overpower your pump, though. Getting a pump that’s too big can cause performance issues with your system. 
  • Water sediment. It shouldn’t surprise you that the soil composition in Fort Pierce contains a lot of sand. That sand can get into your water, especially after heavy rains or flooding. This sediment in your well is hard on your pump. The grit wears away at the pump’s parts, leading to premature failure. Filters and screens can reduce sediment content, but some fine sands are tough to keep out of your system. Regular maintenance on your pump can help mitigate any damage, as can replacing worn parts before they lead to a complete failure.
  • Electrical issues. Your pump requires electricity to run. That means if your power goes off, your pump won’t be able to bring water to your home. Unfortunately, Florida’s weather means power outages aren’t uncommon. You can report the outage to Fort Pierce utility companies, then wait for the power to come back on. If you have a generator, it may power your well pump so that you can get access to clean water until then. However, if the pump still isn’t working, you shouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself. That’s because submersible pumps are in contact with water, so you are at risk of an electrical shock. Use bottled water at home until our technicians can fix your pump.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Fort Pierce?

You can pay anywhere from $100 to $900 for well pump repair. On average, homeowners in Fort Pierce pay between $200 and $400. Your final bill will come down to these three factors: 


A large part of the cost of well repair will come from the components needed for the job. The cost of parts can vary, from a five-cent washer to an all-new pump. Your technician will start the repairs by thoroughly inspecting the pump. They’ll look for parts that are beyond the typical “wear and tear” or at the end of their expected lifespan. Replacing these parts will often get your pump working again. 


Some well pump repairs take longer than others. Our technician will work based on an hourly rate, and they’ll factor the expected time into your job quote. Complicated well pump repairs may take more than one technician, too, so you’ll be paying more in labor.

Emergency Repairs

Fort Pierce is in a high-risk area for hurricanes, with more than 80 hurricanes recorded in the area since 1930. Storms and other extreme weather can bring your well pump to a stop. When your pump stops working, you need to get it fixed right away. A malfunction doesn’t always happen during regular business hours. If you need emergency well repair services, expect to pay more. The cost might be a higher hourly rate for the technician or a call-out surcharge on your final bill. Having clean water for your home is essential, though, so it’s worth the price. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Fort Pierce?

If you want to avoid paying for pump repairs, preventative maintenance is the answer. Investing a little time and energy into your well pump can prevent major system failures in the future. Here are some things you can do: 

  • Buy a quality pump. You can spend $2,000 on a well pump, but it’s rarely necessary to spend that much. The important thing is to, first, get the right size. Then secondly, get a pump from a reputable manufacturer. Talk to your well pump repair provider about the brands, makes, and models they recommend. They’ll work on well pumps all over the Fort Pierce area, so they’ll know what pumps last and which ones have cheap parts. Investing a little more money upfront in a high-quality pump can extend the life of your pump by years. 
  • Look for early signs of issues. Strange sounds, low water pressure, and strange colors or odors in your water are all signs that there may be an issue with your well pump. You should contact our well pump repair technicians right away. Often, when you catch well pump problems early, they are less expensive to repair. If you allow the issue to continue, though, you could face total pump failure and require a much more costly replacement. 
  • Get an annual inspection. Even if your well pump seems to work perfectly, you should maintain an annual inspection schedule. Inspections by our experts can reveal other issues with your well, such as problems with the pressure tank or contamination in your water. The inspector will look at all the well components, including those above and below the ground. You should hire a professional like us to do your annual inspections. You can also do a visual inspection yourself between visits. The State of Florida Department of Health has some tips about what to look for when it comes to condition and maintenance.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Fort Pierce?

Yes. The Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County handles all permits for wells in Fort Pierce on behalf of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). They require a well permit for: 

  • Construction of new wells
  • Repairs of existing wells, except for those repairs on parts above ground
  • Modifications to an existing well
  • Abandonment of a well

You can download the well permit online. Permits for repairs, new construction, and modifications are $100. Permits to abandon a well are free. SFWMD requires that a licensed contractor like us does all the work on your well.

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