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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Jupiter?

Jupiter is a diverse and modern community along the Atlantic coast, and we’ve seen folks around here have all sorts of different problems with their well pumps over the years. However, here are a few issues that seem to be more common than others here in Jupiter.

Pumps Running Nonstop

We frequently get calls about well pumps that have been running nonstop for a while, even when the water isn’t running. What can be more frustrating about these issues is when you don’t even notice until you get the latest electric bill. Continuously running well pumps is often a pretty routine problem and can usually be fixed easily, as long as the problem hasn’t been going on for a long time. Most residential well pumps aren’t designed to run nonstop, so if the problem has been happening for a while, it may have already done permanent damage to the pump.

Losing Pressure

Another problem that often occurs is weak pressure or even a total loss of pressure from their well pump. Many things could cause a reduced water flow, but thankfully, not all of them are major issues. Often, people will jump to conclusions and worry about the state of their well when pressure runs low, but a system reset, adding a little depth, or other minor adjustments to your pump can often solve the problem much more easily than digging a new well.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Jupiter?

Your well pump isn’t designed to last forever, but you also don’t want it going out before working for its whole lifespan. Most well pumps should generally be replaced every 10 years, even if they haven’t had any major issues. Just like any machine, they will wear down over time. There are a few different issues around Jupiter that may cause them to fail before their time, though.


Here on the Atlantic coast of Florida, we can’t overlook the inevitability of torrential rain and tropical storms. Even if we have a year without serious tropical storms making landfall around Jupiter, we average over 5 feet of rain annually. The tropical climate makes this an absolutely gorgeous and lush place to live, but pump houses may not always stand up to the accumulation of water from heavy rainfall.

Flooding that gets to your well could easily bring harmful debris like dirt and leaves that could clog up your fans on your pumps and lead to overheating. Most residential, non-submersible pumps aren’t designed to sit in water and may be damaged if exposed to floods. Aside from your pump, your well itself will need to be thoroughly tested after a flood, since the floodwaters may have introduced harmful biotic or chemical contaminants.

Flooding can be incredibly serious and risky. Even if a flood is getting high enough to threaten your well and pump house, don’t risk potential injury by trying to solve the problem during the crisis. Fast-moving floodwaters can be treacherous to walk in and may lead to serious injuries at the worst possible time. Though you always hope that a GFI switch will stop the power before anything can go wrong, walking into a flooded pump house without verifying the state of the electrical systems is very risky.

Hard Water

Our water here comes from the Floridan Aquifer. This means, like the rest of Florida, we have extremely hard water here in Jupiter. The great underground lake that makes up the aquifer has a lot of trace minerals that come up with the water as tiny particles of sediment. These particles are harmless for human consumption and are actually what give water its unique taste. Hard water does, however, pose serious threats to your home in a multitude of ways. This is a threat to your well pump, too.

Hard water can cause things to go wrong within your plumbing system. Most people are aware of hard water’s tendency to build soap scum in the shower, leave a persistent film on clean dishes, or make it harder to rinse the shampoo out of your hair. These are all because hard water makes it harder for compounds like soaps and detergents to break down, and with water as hard as ours, that happens in your drain, too.

The aspect of hard water that really affects your well pump is its tendency to cause scale to accumulate over time. You’ve probably seen scale buildup around faucets and valves on fixtures, like sinks and water heaters. These are tiny pieces of sediment building up. This means that sedimentary rock is forming in your plumbing, which explains why it can be so hard to remove. Your well pump is processing all the water in your home, so scale constricting its flow could easily lead to serious issues like overheating or reduced pressure. If scale accumulates too heavily on your pumps, it can eventually lead to problems in the mechanical parts, which can lead to an early death for your well pump. Our water is hard and there’s nothing that’s going to change that, so routine maintenance and descaling are absolutely essential.


One of the most common reasons that pumps fail before they should is just common debris ending up in the pump. This can be caused by a pump being improperly housed or neglected, but often is just caused by normal dust and particles. Small bits of dirt or dust can accumulate over time, and when pumps are not cleaned regularly, cooling fans can often jam, eventually causing pump failure. Obviously, larger debris like leaves and pests will cause even larger problems, but routine cleaning, inspection, and maintenance solve both issues.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Jupiter?

Lots of folks around Jupiter use wells, so pump repairs are usually fairly priced around here. Well pump repair can run a pretty wide range of costs though, and a few different factors may mean the difference between a quick fix for $50-$100 or something much more in-depth and closer to $1,000.

Extent of Well Pump Damage

Lots of different things could go wrong with a well pump. We’re experienced at all sorts of common issues, but without seeing the extent of damage to the well pump ourselves, it can be difficult to gauge how expensive it will be to fix. We find the vast majority of well pump problems have simple fixes that are relatively affordable, but more serious problems have more significant costs.

Well Pump Type

Well pumps come in a variety of different designs and styles, but the common versions boil down to two essential types. Shallow jet pumps are typically kept at ground level and pump water from your well to your home, whereas submersible pumps actually lower down into your well and pump water up from water level instead of ground level.

Jet pumps are more popular for homes and can often be a lot easier to repair. Since they are housed at ground level, they can be easily accessed for maintenance and care. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, are much more heavy-duty due to the environment in which they are designed to function. They typically include much more complex machinery and may be more costly to repair. Luckily, submersible pumps are much tougher than shallow jet pumps, so they shouldn’t malfunction as often.

Materials Required for Repair

Materials will usually account for a very small part of your well pump repair bill, but they still add to the cost, even if only incrementally. Most repairs we do require few to no materials, so this may be a negligible expense for your repairs. Some repairs may take quite a few components to repair though, and if your pump needs custom or specialty parts, it will increase the total cost.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Jupiter?

Your well pump is a part of the infrastructure of your home that can’t be neglected. Just like any part of your property, your well pump needs to be cared for and maintained to prevent problems in the future that could lead to costly repairs. You’re probably not going to become an expert on well repair overnight, but even checking your pump and hoses on a regular schedule can go a long way towards spotting problems before they get serious. Scheduling preventative maintenance for your well pump every year can also help ensure that it keeps on ticking for years to come.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Jupiter?

Under Florida law, you won’t need any permits for well pump repair either through the city of Jupiter or the state of Florida. If we need to make actual changes to your well or drill a new well, then there are definitely permit requirements. For repairs or even replacements for a well pump, however, we won’t need any permits, unless it requires changes to the plumbing that connects to or is within your home itself.

If it turns out that the scope of work goes beyond just your well pump, we can get permits to do any necessary adjustments or repairs to your well through the Palm Beach County Division of Florida Environmental Health. Likewise, if the issue requires us to make adjustments to your home’s plumbing to accommodate the well better, we can get plumbing permits through the Jupiter Department of Community Development.

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