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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Naples?

While natural causes can affect your well pump, many problems arising with well pumps in Naples are preventable by following proper maintenance and paying attention to your system.

Some of the most common well pump issues to watch for as a resident in Naples include: 

No Water Coming to Your Home

When you have a problem with water flow to your home and are on a private well, it is a sign of a problem with your well pump, such as:

  • Your well pump has lost power
  • There is a well system failure by either the well’s pressure switch or controller
  • Your well has run dry

Unexpectedly High Electric Bill

If you notice an increase in your electric bill without any explanation for the reason, you should inspect your well pump. A pump that is running constantly or cycling frequently will use more electricity than usual and is an indication of a well pump issue. Continually running can be because of a broken water line, a leak in the pump, or a bladder issue that makes it shut off too soon. 

Air in the Water Line

If you notice sputtering or pulsating water, you should inspect your well pump immediately as it is a sign of air in your system’s lines. While it may just be a failure in the water lines due to a break, it could also indicate that the well is going dry. Therefore, you should check your system’s water level and inspect your tank for additional issues, such as bladder failure. In the case of bladder failure, you will need to replace the tank. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Naples?

The city of Naples obtains water from the Lower Tamiami Aquifer via 51 wells according to the city’s annual water quality report. The water is considered moderately hard, with the City of Naples Utilities Division reporting an average of 66 mg/L in 2020. Besides affecting the city’s water supply, the water quality in Naples also affects your well pump.

The typical lifespan for a well pump is around ten years, but several factors affect if your pump will last longer or need replacing sooner. From the type of well pump to usage, some common problems causing premature well pump failure in Naples include: 

Water Pump Duty Cycle

The number of times per day the water pump is called on to run affects the pump’s lifespan. Naturally, one with heavy or continuous use will not last as long as only one running a few times each day. Therefore, when a pump is put under extreme stress, it can fail sooner than its expected life.

Well Pump Size

The size of your well pump is related to the number of times the water pump must run each day. Choosing the right well pump for your household size and needs is essential for preventing premature failure and needing repairs sooner rather than later. 

Water Quality 

The quality of your water affects your well pump and household appliances. The moderately hard water found in Naples can cause mineral build-up that causes the pump to fail prematurely or corrode.


The hot and dry weather in Naples makes water conservation an important issue. However, if you have a private well, droughts can cause your well to become too dry and lead to major problems. During droughts, it is essential to watch your well closely and stop using water when the tank becomes too low. Many homeowners choose to install a low water cutoff switch to ensure their well does not run after the water falls below a certain point. 

Hurricane Damage and Flooding

While the oceanfront city of Naples is great for enjoying the sun and sand, residents must also prepare for storm surges when hurricanes and tropical storms brew in the Gulf of Mexico. With the storms, the community often experiences flooding, which can threaten well pumps in the area. Flooding can bring contaminants into your well water, including large debris pieces that can crack the well casing or cause damage to parts of the well. After a flood, homeowners in Naples should have their well system inspected by our professionals, or at the very least, check it themselves before turning on the well pump to avoid costly repairs. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Naples?

A well pump and private well have many components to effectively supply your home with safe water free of harmful contaminants. Working on well pumps often requires specialized knowledge to determine if a repair or replacement is your best option. Well pump repairs in Naples, FL range from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000. The average homeowner in Naples pays around $725 for repairing a well pump. The varying range depends on the labor cost, required equipment, and parts needed for the job. Several other factors also affect the final cost of a well repair job in Naples, including: 

Well Pump Type

The four main types of well pumps are jet pumps, submersible, hand, and solar. Each type varies in installation costs and repairs. Submersible and jet pumps are the most common types found in Naples. Since submersible well pumps are submerged in your well tank to pump the water up, they are often a more expensive choice and lead to more costly repairs if you have a well pump problem. On the other hand, jet pumps are often a more affordable option as they are placed above the ground, making them easier to install, repair, and replace. Solar pumps have a high up-front cost but can save you money over time on your electric bill and allow you access to water if the power grid goes down. Hand well pumps are not very functional for a whole house system because of the need for manual pumping of the water. However, the pump type is beneficial for areas located extreme distances from your houses, such as a garden or barn.

Well Depth

The average well depth for Florida homeowners is between 100 and 400 feet. However, unless otherwise approved by the city council, residents digging or drilling a well within the City of Naples’s water service franchise area must have a depth less than 25 feet, to prohibit private wells penetrating the underground aquifer used for the municipal water supply via Article V. Sec. 30-293. 

The deeper the well and your well pump, the more expensive it is to repair. With submersible well pumps located at the bottom of a well tank, heavy equipment is needed to bring the pump to the surface for inspection and repairs. 


While labor costs vary based on the job size, it is also affected by when you need the job completed. Well pump repairs during normal working hours are often more affordable than those outside business hours, on weekends, or holidays. However, emergencies happen; therefore you should expect to pay more for urgent repair jobs that may require additional equipment or labor to complete the job promptly. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Naples?

Properly maintaining your well and well pump ensures a continued safe water supply for your family and reduces the risk of costly repairs. The National Ground Water Association recommends checking and testing your well annually for mechanical problems, sanitation, and the presence of any contaminants. Besides sticking with a yearly checkup schedule, you should watch and listen for these few things to help avoid costly well pump repairs in Naples. 

  • Rust on the tank
  • Water leaking from the tank or pump
  • Signs of extensive wear 
  • Listen for a ticking noise which can be an indication of rubbing parts
  • Hissing noises can be an indication of a failing bladder and should be inspected as soon as possible
  • Hearing the pump kick on and off in the night or when no one else is home often means a well pump issue
  • Well cap is securely attached and free from cracks or seal damage

Occasionally checking your well pump and system is a good habit to help prevent costly repair bills. You should also keep notes from your yearly testing to watch for patterns and your notes can help our professionals identify well pump issues early if there is a change from what is normal for your system. 

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Naples?

Wells of all sizes require a permit for construction in Naples and across Collier County. The current data from the City of Naples indicates a well drilling permit fee of $25 is required by any person digging, driving, jetting, or drilling a well or sand point well within the city limits. While minor well pump repairs may not require a permit, it is best to consult a professional like us before making any changes to your well system. 

Whether you have city-supplied water or a private well, you must also follow watering restrictions to protect the city’s water resources and prevent wasting water. Check the year-round irrigation restrictions in Naples to ensure you avoid costly fines. 

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