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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Ocala?

Ocala is a booming and diverse community, and we’ve seen all sorts of different pump repair issues over the years. That having been said, there are definitely a few issues with well pumps that seem to be a bit more common than others around here though.

Low Pressure or No Pressure

One of the most frequent problems we hear of from folks around here is that their well pump just isn’t providing the water pressure that they need. There can be many causes to this problem, and it’s tough to say what would cause this issue in your specific circumstances without having some more information. Often there are simple fixes to issues with well water pressure, but occasionally your low pressure can be an indicator of serious problems in your pump, well, or even the plumbing within your home.

The best policy when you have low pressure is to get the issue dealt with as quickly as possible. Low pressure could have a simple explanation that’s easy to solve but sometimes could point to a serious issue like restricted flow, in which case the pressure that isn’t coming out of your taps is likely putting stress on your plumbing or well elsewhere. Water under pressure is persistent, and getting to issues like these quickly can be key to resolving them without serious repairs or replacements.

Pump Constantly Running

Often we’ll hear from our neighbors in Ocala that their pump has been running nonstop, and they didn’t notice until they saw it hit their electric bill. There are a few things that could cause a well pump to continue running, even when water isn’t being used, and many of them have relatively affordable and simple remedies. Catching the issue quickly can be very important though to avoid more serious damage. Your well pump isn’t designed to run continuously for a significant amount of time, and eventually, it will overheat under this kind of stress.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Ocala?

Well pumps aren’t meant to last forever and typically should be replaced every 10 years even when properly maintained. There are quite a few reasons that we frequently see folks around here suffer from premature pump failure though, and most of them are easily preventable.


One of the most common causes we see if pumps failing around here is just small simple debris getting caught in them over time. Dust dirt and even stray debris like leaves can clog the pumps cooling fans and easily lead to overheating. When unnoticed this can cause pump failure and an unexpected time when the pumps working hard to supply water to your home. Just like with any machine keeping your pump clean will encourage efficient operation that will enable it to keep functioning in top form through its whole lifespan.


While we may call it Sunny Florida, the sun’s not always shining around here. We get a lot of rain, and even our dryer seasons can boast more rain than many areas see in their wet seasons. Heavy rains coupled with our often sandy soils here in Ocala that tend to easily erode can often lead to flooding. 

Flooding can do a lot of damage to your well, including the pump. Debris that may be washed into your well during times of flooding can easily become lodged in the cooling fans within your pump or worse, in the motor. Even small debris can clog up your pump and lead to damage from overheating. For non-submersible pumps, they may not be able to stand up to being overwhelmed with water during flooding. After a flood, you should always contact us to have your well tested to ensure that no contaminants have encroached on your water supply. When you do this, it’s often advantageous to give a little attention to your pump to ensure that no damage has been caused that could cause the need for costly repairs down the line.

Hard Water

Like most of Florida, our well water around here in Ocala is provided by the Floridan Aquifer. This massive underground body of water supplies us with clean water, protected from the contaminants that water sources on the surface are subject to. Though our wells pump pristine drinking water from the aquifer, this water contains many trace particles of minerals that are harmless to people but can wreak havoc on your plumbing over time. This concentration of mineral particles in water is called hardness, and the water that comes out of our aquifer tends to be particularly hard here in Ocala.

Water from our aquifer runs anywhere from 140 PPM to 180 PPM in total hardness. This is considered very hard compared to many other areas of the country. Most people are familiar with the soap scum stains that hard water can contribute to in your shower, or the scale buildup that often occurs around faucets that pump hard water. That same scale buildup also happens within your plumbing though and your well pump isn’t immune to this either. 

Regularly treating your well pump with a descaler can help prevent buildup from getting out of control, but as the buildup of scale occurs elsewhere in your plumbing, your well pump will have to work extra hard to pump water through the restricting obstructions. This could lead to your pump burning out or suffering damage from overuse. Having your pipes regularly cleaned out by our experts can help all of your plumbing, including your pump, function more efficiently which will prevent serious damage to your well pump in the long run.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Ocala?

Well pump repair is pretty affordable around our community but depending on a few different factors, it can still cover a pretty wide range of prices. Some well pump repair issues maybe it’s affordable as $100 here in Ocala whereas some more serious problems may be closer to $1,000 to repair. The average cost is around $650.

How Seriously Damaged is the Pump?

Without knowing exactly what’s wrong with your particular pump, it can be difficult to narrow down a specific price range. We’re pretty experienced with well pumps and know a lot of simple ways to solve common problems, so your issue may end up having an easy fix. There’s no easy way out of some issues with well pumps though and involved repairs can be more costly than simpler issues.

What Type of Pump Do You Have?

While there are a lot of different designs for well pumps, there are two main types of pumps that are commonly used in Ocala. Shallow jet pumps are usually housed at or near ground level and then pump water up from your well to provide your home with the water it needs. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, are housed deep within your well and pump water up to supply your plumbing. 

Jet pumps can be significantly easier to diagnose and repair issues with, simply due to their accessibility. Submersible pumps are also usually much more heavy-duty and complex machinery, and can potentially require much more involved repairs when they malfunction. Since submersible pumps are equipped to be able to handle the conditions inside your well, they are usually less likely to malfunction. When they do, however, repairs can often take a lot more time and effort, which could raise the cost.

What Materials Will We Need?

Just like with any other maintenance, materials do have a cost. While many repairs on well pumps can be done with minimal or even no materials, repair jobs where parts or components need to be replaced can have higher overall costs once the price of materials is added to an invoice. We will always find the most affordable and reliable components that we can use to repair your well pump but any components and materials we need for the job will add to the cost, even if only incrementally.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Ocala?

Like with most of the infrastructure in your home, the best way to avoid costly repairs in the future is with routine maintenance and care today. Your well pump is like any other machine and needs attention to run properly throughout its entire lifespan. That’s not to say that pump maintenance needs to become a new hobby for you, but scheduling regular inspections of your well and pump and regularly checking your pump house to ensure everything is working as it should go a long way towards catching issues before they become serious and costly.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Ocala?

In Ocala, you won’t need any permits for repairs to your well pump. Any issues with your well itself such as repair, abandonment, or new drilling will require a permit but your pump itself isn’t included in this requirement.

If your pump turns out to not be the cause of the problems with your well, permitting for well repairs is usually done through the local water management district. Here in Marion County, however, permitting for wells has been delegated Marion County office of the Florida Department of Health. Only well contractors licensed by the State of Florida like us are allowed to apply for well construction permits under Florida law, so we’ll be able to help you handle that step if pump repair can’t solve your problems.

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