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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Palm Bay?

Well pump repair in Palm Bay is increasing as more people move here who are unfamiliar with maintaining them. Most of the common problems we see are preventable, and some are the result of ignored plumbing issues. Let’s go over some of the most common problems with well pumps in this area.

Well Water Contaminants

One of the biggest concerns we hear about from Palm Bay residents has to do with well water contaminants. There are two primary contaminants we see over and over again – bacteria and nitrates. Water testing is usually around $25 to $30 and well worth the money. The biggest concern would be high levels of fecal coliform bacteria.These would include things like E.coli that typically come from human feces. This can make people very sick. 

So what happens if your water quality test shows E.coli? We can fix this problem by properly sanitizing the well. This will effectively kill the bacteria, and your water will be safe to consume. If this is something that is keeping you up at night, we can install different water filtration and sanitizing systems for your house.

If you need well pump repair in Palm Bay because of contaminated water, you will first need to contact Florida’s Environmental Health Services in your city. They will need to report the problem to other residents and county officials. They may need to investigate where the contaminants are coming from. For example, in the case of E.coli, they need to know if a nearby septic tank is leaking into the groundwater. 

Hard Well Water

Whether your water comes from your own private well or the city water, it is all coming from the same place. This is a big reason why residents want to control their own supply. It’s the same water but without the middleman. But, unfortunately, the water is very hard. By that, we mean it has a large amount of mineral particles pulled from the organic material in Palm Bay’s soil.

These minerals leave a coating or residue on and inside of your plumbing. Over time, this residue builds up and corrades the pipes. This can cause your well water to look, smell, and taste unpleasant. If your water in Palm Bay comes out cloudy or dirty, you may need a well pump repair because it’s no longer filtering out the minerals and silt. You may need to test the water for bacteria and other pathogens before drinking it. Any sand or silt that is in the pump can cause friction and wear it out faster.

Strange Noises

If you start hearing clicking sounds, you may need well pump repair in Palm Bay. Often, the first sign that something is wrong is when your pump starts making strange sounds. Typically, there will be a repetitive “click” indicating that there might be something wrong with the internal bladder of your pressure tank. If there is a tear in the bladder, it will need to be replaced or repaired. If this sound is accompanied by low water pressure or the tank feels a lot heavier, this is likely to be your problem. 

High Energy Bill

Sometimes your first clue that there’s a problem is a high energy bill. If your pump is in the basement, you will likely hear it pumping hard or all the time. If your pump is out closer to the well, you might not hear it at all. The longer and harder the pump runs, the more you will have to pay. 

Low Water

There are a few different reasons why your water pressure has slowed or, in some cases, stopped. When most people turn on the tap and nothing happens, a sudden sinking feeling hits them. Did my well dry up? No. Not likely, anyways. While this is entirely possible, most wells are deep enough to circumvent aquifer lows. Here are the more likely situations for these problems that cause well pump repair in Palm Bay.

  • Wrong Well Pump Size: If you decide to install a 5 gallon a minute pump, but your well only produces about 2 gallons a minute, you will run out of water. If you have a sensor and cutoff switch, it should shut off before your pump burns up.
  • Older Well Pump: The age of the well can play a factor in water pressure. In some cases, no water at all. Your pump is designed to pull up water, leaving sediment and silt behind. The older your well is, the more sediment builds up. We see this a lot for well pump repair in Palm Bay.
  • Tank Failure: Pressure tanks are meant to last a long time, but they can still fail. If there is a problem with the seals, pressure, or internal bladder, it can result in water pressure problems. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Palm Bay?

One of the big reasons for premature well pump failure is a lack of action. It is easy to forget how much work your pump goes through every day to supply water. Many people will notice a problem and wait to see if it will go away. What ultimately ends up happening is that the problem gets worse. If you need a well pump repair in Palm Bay, your best bet is to take care of it sooner rather than later.

Another problem is choosing the wrong pump size for your household needs. If your pump is constantly running to keep up, it will wear out faster. You can have your well pump evaluated to see if this is the case.

Leaky pipes, often from corrosion due to hard water, can be a big problem. The groundwater in Palm Bay is very hard and bad for your plumbing. The hardness is made up of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, lead, and zinc. These minerals coat the inside of the pipes, making them more likely to corrode and eventually crack. Leaks are a common reason for well pump repair in Palm Bay.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Palm Bay?

Well pumps have a lot of components that all need to work together to supply water effectively. When something does go wrong, even something minor, it can stop the flow of water. Every well pump repair in Palm Bay is a little different. Below, we will go over the more common cost factors that influence the price. On average, most well pump repairs will cost between $260 and $1,400. 

Depth of Well Pump

The average depth of private wells in Florida is between 100 and 400 feet. The depth of your well will influence the price for well pump repair in Palm Bay. Most pumps are at the bottom of the well, and in order to fix it, heavy equipment is needed to bring it up to the surface. This will take more time and ultimately more money.

Type of Well Pump

The technology of well pumps has come a long way. There are many modern types to choose from, and they all have different price tags. Here are the most common pumps that we see regularly. 

  • Submersible: This type of well pump is submersed deep underwater, pumping it up. These can get pretty pricey, but they’re often more efficient and last longer. A submersible well pump repair in Palm Bay will range between $230 and $1,500. 
  • Jet Pumps: Jet well pump repair in Palm Bay will likely cost you less money. They will range in the area of $150 to $1,100. These cost less because they pump water closer to the surface, not 200 feet deep. Therefore, they’re much easier to reach, repair, or replace. 
  • Solar: Sustainability is important to a lot of people, and so is saving money on utilities. You can switch your pump to solar, taking your water supply off-grid. This will cost you more upfront but less each month on utilities. Plus, you will still have access to water when the power grid shuts down. 
  • Manual Pump: Yes, you can still buy manual pumps. These are great in areas that are far from the house. If you live on a farm, you might want a pump near a trough or in the garden. 

Age of Well Pump

The age of your well might be a cost factor if you need well pump repair in Palm Bay. The older it is, the more likely you will have problems with it. Even though most wells can last for generations, a better estimate is around 25 to 30 years under good conditions in Florida. This is mostly due to the hardness and acidity of the water. 

At some point, you’ll need to start replacing failing parts. This can start to get complicated as new parts may not be compatible with older versions. In many cases, it might save money to replace most of it at one time rather than one component at a time. Then you will only be paying for labor once instead of multiple visits. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Palm Bay?

The number one thing you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your private well water is to get regular inspections done by our team. This should include water quality testing one or two times a year. Contaminates in well water are common and, in some cases, cause residents to become sick. The city’s municipal water supply also comes from the same underwater aquifers as residential wells. The City of Palm Bay routinely tests and treats its water to measure and remove bacteria and nitrates. You should also make this a habit.

On top of regular maintenance and inspections, you should invest in a good filtration and osmosis setup. This is what the city and state do, and you should too, but on a smaller scale. This will help ensure your water is safe, clear, and it will help increase the life of your well pump and plumbing.

Another way to avoid costly well pump repair in Palm Bay is to use less water. If you can find ways to lower your water usage, you will be reducing the amount of work your well pump needs to do. This can be done by installing low-flow toilets, replacing outdated plumbing fixtures, and turning off the water when it’s not being used.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Palm Bay?

If you need well pump repair in Palm Bay, you will need a permit before work can begin. The City of Palm Bay requires permits for any upgrades, repairs, or installations of any structural components of your property. This includes your well pump. If there is an emergency with your well pump or a repair on a non-structural component, you may have the repair taken care of, but you still need to report the changes to the city promptly. On average, most permits are reviewed and approved in five to seven days.

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