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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Port Orange?

Port Orange is a city in Volusia County, Florida, that was famous for its lumber, citrus, boat building, ranching, farming, and oystering. However, today, with a population of over 56,000 people, the city is filled with expanding commercial developments and gated communities. Yet, although the city often provides comfort and style to its homeowners, it is still important that residents here learn how to properly maintain their homes, especially when it comes to their well pumps. Understanding how these well pumps work and the signs that can indicate their well pump has a problem, can help residents save a lot of money down the road.

Some of the more common well pump issues that tend to arise in Port Orange include the following:

The Well Pump Is Pumping Air

If you turn on your faucet and out blasts a mixture of water and air, it can mean that there are issues with your well pump. In worst-case scenarios, it can mean your water table has dropped below the well pump, and the pump is drawing in the air during the pump cycle. 

Another cause of this may be that the well pump drop pipe is broken. This is the pipe that connects the pump to the top of the well and the water system. These pipes are often made from plastic, poly, or iron. However, if they break, corrode, or even develop cracks, the pipe can allow air to get sucked in. As a result, if you see these problems, it is essential to call in our professionals fast and have them look at what is going on. 

The Water Pressure Is Low

If you are not getting any water from the well, it can be that you have a low water pressure problem. Unfortunately, determining what is causing this issue is often not an easy task since these low water pressure issues can be due to a number of reasons, including a stuck check valve, a failing well pump, a leaking pressure tank, or even a partially closed gate. 

For these reasons, if you notice low water pressure, you should reach out to our experienced well pump repair experts fast. Our professionals can verify what the problem is with your water pressure and fix it before it becomes a major headache.

Your Water Bill Has Skyrocketed

Unfortunately, when your pump becomes blocked with silt, sand, or bacteria, or it wears out, it needs to work much harder than before. However, as your pump starts to overwork itself, it can cause an increasingly high energy bill. 

In addition, another common cause for more expensive energy bills is when the check valve in the well goes bad. This is because it allows water from the pressure tank to stream back down into the well, ultimately reducing pressure and signaling to the pressure switch to turn the pump on again and pressurize the tank. Yet, as this off-and-on cycle continues, it essentially causes the well pump to run almost 24 hours a day, causing a substantial spike in your energy bill. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Port Orange?

Most homeowners hardly ever think about their well pump. In truth, the only time that it may cross their mind is when it actually stops working. Yet, even though there are many reasons why these well pumps break down, some of the more causes tend to include the following:

The Well Pump’s Age

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. This means that even the best well pumps will break at some point. On average, a properly installed, high-quality well pump will last homeowners in Port Orange around 15 to 20 years. After this point, homeowners need to stay alert, as these parts are known to start breaking down and failing. 

Lightning Strikes

Port Orange is known for its heavy tropical storms, severe hurricanes, and torrential rain. However, as a resident in this city, it is also important to note that lightning strikes accompanying these devastating storms can also cause massive damage to your home, particularly the well pump. If this fixture is struck by lightning, it can stop working. Yet, most people do not even realize this is the problem until we pull out their well pump after it gives out and diagnose what happened.

Poor Water Quality

In addition, the home’s water quality can also have a major impact on a well pump, causing it to prematurely fail if the water quality is poor. This is often because minerals in the city’s hard groundwater can clog up the pump and cause it to burn out, while bacteria can create slime buildup that can also clog up the mechanics. That is why homeowners need to make sure the well liner is checked often, as this is the best protection they have against corrosion. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Port Orange?

In Port Orange, on average, well pump repair can cost homeowners around $700. Yet, depending on the work that needs to be done, this cost can get as high as $1,300 or as low as $160. For these reasons, homeowners must understand the different factors that can influence their well pump repair costs so that they can be better prepared to pay these costly bills. 

The Type of Well Pump

In general, the type of well pump you have will affect the overall price of your repair work. For example, jet pumps are often much easier to install, repair, and remove than submersible options. However, this does not mean that in the long run, they are the better option. In fact, submersible options can often save you money since they are often self-priming, saving you on upkeep, and they can help you save energy. Yet, if you choose to install a self-priming pump, just know they will be more expensive to purchase, and the repair costs will be significantly higher than other pumps. 

The Well Pump Depth

Usually, the size and depth of your well can also play a major role in determining replacement and repair costs. This is because installing shallow well pumps often requires less work than installing deeper well pumps. However, sometimes, even if you would prefer a shallower pump, the type you need to have may be out of your hands, as shallow pumps tend to be suitable for wells that are less than 25-feet deep, while deep pumps are necessary for wells that are up to 150 feet in depth.

The Well Pump Location

Finally, the location of your well pump and its setup will also play a prominent role in your repair costs. For example, if your well is buried, our experts will need to use advanced techniques and tools to find this well before they can dig it up. Plus, if your pump is placed in this underground well, our professionals will often have to dig to great depths to find it. Consequently, this can become a significant challenge for them and ultimately result in substantial expenses.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Port Orange?

Unfortunately, well pump issues happen in Port Orange, and sometimes you will have to spend a decent amount of money on the required repairs in order to fix these problems. Thankfully, there are things you can do to prevent these costly well pump repair bills from showing up in the first place. For example:

Know the Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong

As mentioned above, there are often warning signs that tend to develop when there is something wrong with your water pump. As a homeowner, it is vital to recognize these signs so that you can take action fast and stop these problems from turning into full-blown home projects that will cost you thousands of dollars to take care of. 

Be Proactive With The Maintenance

If you can ensure your water pump is maintained correctly, it can save you a lot of money down the road. Plus, it can also ensure that you have a consistent water flow and no harmful water quality issues that can create major health risks for you and your family. 

This is especially true in times of drought, which can cause the well to run dry, ultimately causing the pump to burn out and break. For residents in Port Orange, this is particularly crucial since the drought in Florida has intensified, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, and even decent amounts of rain may not stop the problem right away. However, even in these times of drought, if you reach out to our experienced well pump repair professionals, they can check on your well pump for you and verify that it is still in good working condition. 

On the other hand, if you notice any changes in your water’s appearance, odor, or taste, it is best not to schedule a regular maintenance visit. Rather, you need to call our professionals to come as soon as possible since these changes can mean you have a broken water pump and ultimately contaminated water.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Port Orange?

In Port Orange, if you are looking to drill a well or do major repair work to your well pump, you need to contact the Volusia County Environmental Management at 386-254-4612 for further information about their permits. Many times, this type of work will require a permit. However, not all projects do. 

For instance, the city often requires permits for the following projects;

  • above-ground pools
  • in-ground pools
  • accessory building
  • new additions
  • demolition 
  • drywall
  • gas 
  • plumbing
  • generators
  • water conditioning systems
  • water heaters
  • renovation projects to the interior and exterior of the house
  • mechanical work
  • ductwork

That is why it is best not to take a chance and be faced with hefty fines. Instead, contact the city before you start your well pump repair work and verify if a permit is needed. If it is, ask how to get one. 

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