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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Saint Cloud?

Saint Cloud softens the city water supply to approximately 120 to 155 milligrams per liter. Most of Florida has hard water, some of the hardest in the country. You can tell if the water is hard by the white, flaky, debris left on fixtures, appliances, and dishes. This flaky residue is caused by calcium carbonate, a chemical compound found in limestone and other types of rock.

Soft water doesn’t leave these types of deposits and requires less soap and detergent to clean, but it does harm the plumbing system in its own way. Since it has no minerals, it leaches minerals from the plumbing works. Over time, this causes pinholes and eventually, leaks.

There are a few other plumbing issues you might deal with if you live in Saint Cloud. They include:

Foggy Water

When you see cloudy water, the well pump is struggling. It’s unable to filter out enough silt before the water is pumped to the surface. Run water in a white or clear container to test its opacity. You should see through it clearly. If you can’t, you need to appraise your well.

Water Leaking into the Home

Water leaks usually mean you’ve lost power to the well, something has cracked, the pressure switch or controller has failed, or the well is dry. If you’ve checked your power sources and still have no water, it’s probably a pump failure.

Sputtering Water

Air sputtering in your water line typically means there is air in your system too. The tank’s bladder has most likely failed. You will need to replace the tank soon.

Escalating Electric Bills

If your pump is running constantly, it’s probably a sign of additional issues. The pump will not build adequate pressure if the drop pipe has leaks in it. A bladder issue is another possibility. It can also be a sign of a broken water line between the well and inside the home. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Saint Cloud?

A well pump will typically last between 15 and 20 years, depending on a few factors, such as the style of the system and local water hardness levels. Everything has a threshold of serviceableness, but there are a lot of factors that trigger a well pump to die too soon. These include:

Poor Water

The water quality in Florida can certainly affect your well pump. Minerals, such as calcium, iron, rust, calcite, and gypsum block pumps in a matter of months. Repetitive clogging causes it to burn out even faster. Bacteria that produce a slimy buildup of algae can also cause pumps to clog.


When lightning strikes close to your home it can be detrimental to your electronics, including the well pump. The problem could start immediately, or it might take a day or two for the well pump to stop working correctly.


Here in north Florida, we suffer from flooding occasionally. But if you live in an area of Florida where droughts are common, it can cause your well pump problems too. The threat increases if you continue to use the water because the pump will work harder to do its job. Have a low water cutoff switch installed to protect against this situation. The well pump will not run with the switch installed if the water is below a certain point.

Tank Concerns

Well pumps have a holding tank that can be underground or in the basement. If it’s too small for your needs, it will try to work harder, which ages it faster. The pump will also work harder if the bladder is malfunctioning. The harder the pump works, the faster it will burn out.

Many of these problems are caused by over-pumping. The CDC suggests having your well pump checked annually to avoid such issues.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Saint Cloud?

The median price for well pump repair in Saint Cloud is approximately between $160 and $1,302, depending on various pricing factors. Most homeowners spend around $680, though it depends on the specific issues needing service. Prices are normally quoted by the foot.

Depth of the Well and Location of Pump

Water wells in Saint Cloud can be drilled to 1,000 feet. The most common depths are 400 to 600 feet. The water level in any place in Florida can change daily, which will affect the depth of the well. Remember that the deeper the well and pump are in the ground, the more expensive it will be to repair. 

Type of Well Pump

There are four types of well pumps:

  • Jet Pumps
  • Solar Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Hand Pumps

Most people in Florida use a jet pump. They are above ground, especially if the homeowners can’t dig very far into their lawn. Submersible pumps are another choice if you have deep groundwater pools on your property. They are best for deep, private wells. There are also well pumps made specifically for shallow wells. Solar pumps are yet another option, although not yet widely used. They are especially useful for lowering the electricity bill.

Labor and Parts

Labor costs vary when installing and maintaining plumbing, especially well pumps. The amount of excavation and what has to be dug through are significant factors. The bigger the job, the more expensive labor, parts, and equipment that may be required to complete your job. Deep, rocky wells with lots of tree roots cost more to excavate. Circumstances can also increase or decrease labor costs. A well-planned project will be cheaper than something off the cuff and requires immediate attention to repair the mistakes. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Saint Cloud?

There aren’t many precautionary measures to maintain your well pump. Submersible pumps are especially hard to protect because they are underground. There are, however, a few things you can do to keep disaster away.

  • Just go have a look at your well pump site at least once a month. Take a look around the pump and the surrounding area for anything out of the ordinary. Jet pump systems are easy to assess since they are above ground. With submerged pumps, you can assess for rust, leakage, and worn-out parts. Ensure that the cap and cover are tightly attached and there is no apparent damage.
  • Schedule an inspection once a year, at least. You might catch any problems before they become overwhelming.
  • Occasionally listen for sounds emanating from the well. Ticking or scraping sounds coming from your well could be a sign of parts rubbing together. Hissing noises can be a signal that the bladder is failing. The sound of your tank engaging on and off when everyone is asleep, or no one is home may suggest problems with the well pump and tank losing pressure.

With a lot of patience and willpower, you can keep your well pump and pressure tank in good shape and working for decades.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Saint Cloud?

In Saint Cloud, you need a permit to construct a well, but not to repair components of the pump or pressure tank. A licensed Florida well water contractor must apply for the permit. Homeowners cannot apply. Permits are typically required for anything that affects the environment, such as plumbing work. In the case of wells, pumps, and sewers, permits safeguard against contamination and make sure well water is tested. The water going into your home is safe because of this practice. 

Saint Cloud and other north Florida cities, such as Orlando and Gotha, require permits for:

  • New, test, and monitor wells
  • Major repair or modification of an existing well
  • Abandonment of a well
  • Test holes intended to be converted to water well

A consumptive water use permit (WUP) must be obtained if the well is used for any purpose other than for a family home or duplex with one well or firefighting wells. All applications for permits must be accompanied by the fee which is as follows:

Well Construction Permit – $45 inside city limits and $100 in rural areas.

Well Contractor License Application/Exam Fee – $150 -$200.

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