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  • What Are The Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues In West Palm Beach?
  • How Much Does Well Pump Repair Typically Cost In West Palm Beach?
  • How Can Costly Well Pump Repairs Be Avoided?
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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in West Palm Beach?

There are two major types of well pumps common in West Palm Beach: jet well pumps and submersible well pumps. While both serve the same task, they serve different well sizes and conditions.

There are various neighborhoods in West Palm Beach. Some are up and coming, such as City Place, while others are luxurious such as the Lands of the President. Not to forget the old historic districts such as Grand View and Mango Promenade. Regardless of the pump type or neighborhood, the typical well pump repair issues in West Palm Beach include:

  • Natural wear and tear.
  • Sedimentation at the water intake.
  • End of life, especially in the older neighborhoods. Most well pumps have a lifespan of 8-15 years.
  • Mismatched well pump size or pressure tank size. You need the right well pump size that can pump enough water to suit your water usage. Likewise, it would be best to install the right pressure tank to hold all the water pumped at varying intervals.
  • Low water table due to drought.
  • Natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. These natural disasters are common in West Palm Beach and can result in your well collapsing or debris falling inside and damage the well pump. If such happens, don’t attempt to remedy the situation. Instead, follow these EPA guidelines.

It can be challenging for you to know when your well pump is faulty due to the depth of the well. However, call Mr. Blue Plumbing and speak with one of our experts when you notice:

  • Weird noises emanating from your pressure tank
  • Lack of water or low water pressure in your entire home
  • Abnormally high electricity bills
  • Blistering hot water
  • Spluttering faucets and taps, muddy or cloudy water, or unusual water taste
  • Your well pump is continually running

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in West Palm Beach?

At the hardware store in West Palm Beach where you bought your well pump, the attendant assured you the pump would last for 15 years. Then, it fails two years later. One evening, you are coming from a “Double Eagle” celebratory win with your golfing buddies. You go to take that much-needed shower, only to discover your taps have run dry, literally. As your anger turns to despair, you wonder why the well pump has failed prematurely.

Well, here are a few possible reasons why:

  • Installation error, such as installing using faulty mechanical components.
  • Lack of enough, complete lack of, or use of contaminated coolant necessary to lubricate the internal well pump’s components.
  • Mismatched or wrong parts, such as mechanical seal or coolant, other than those recommended by the well pump’s manufacturer.
  • Water-related causes such as hard water, accumulation of sediments over time, or corrosive water.
  • Procrastinating repairs when you notice any of the stated signs of well pump failure
  • Irregular or a lack of inspection and maintenance.
  • Poor well pump quality, or its internal components.

Whatever the reason, we advise not to handle the pump. You might cause more damage than there already is.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in West Palm Beach?

A well pump is an integral part of the plumbing system of your West Palm Beach home or business. If the pump fails and needs repairs, it’s best not to dally, lest you incur more damages, especially when you need water the most. On average, it will cost you between $100-$500 for the typical well pump repair job in West Palm Beach. However, various factors determine the final cost of repairing your well pump, including:

Well Depth

To avoid salt intrusion from the surface water, your well should be deep. If your well is exclusively for drinking water, then 60 ft is the ideal depth. If your well is for multipurpose tasks, such as farming or business, your well should be around 100 ft. This depth also prevents saltwater intrusion from surface water. A 100 ft well requires a submersible pump. If this pump breaks down, it requires more resources and equipment to retrieve it from the deep, which will cost you more than the jet well pump in a shallower well.


Different well pump repair technicians in West Palm Beach vary in overhead. Some will charge you hourly, while others will charge you a flat rate. Most pay-per-hour repair technicians will charge you an hourly charge of $50 plus a $120-$150 house call fee. On the other hand, a repair technician might charge you a $150 flat rate.

Some well pump repair jobs are more labor-intensive and complex than others, thus cost you more. For instance, repairing a submersible well pump requires additional equipment and resources to access and pull from the deep. Such complex repair jobs will inflate the final repair bill.

Well Pump Components Needed

In some instances, you well might require more than the typical component. The more the components needed for the repair, the more costs you’ll incur. Additionally, individual components differ according to the type of well pump you have. For instance, repairing a motor star capacitor ranges between $100-$150, and the cost of repairing the pump’s filtration system might cost you $1,200. In most cases, components for repairing a submersible well pump cost more than a jet well pump.

Repair Approach

The method you deploy to access the well pump will contribute to the overall cost. Some contractors choose to repair the well pump onsite to reduce the extra work of disconnecting the pump. Others decide to take it where they can easily access all the components. Both methods have positive results, but repairing onsite is expensive, thus a higher repair cost. Also, if the location of the well is inaccessible, such as a muddy location, the plumber will spend more time to ensure the site is safe to access. Spending time doesn’t sound costly, but time is money. Whether actively repairing or not, the more time spent will cost you more money in the long run.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in West Palm Beach?

We can’t stress enough the importance of a well pump if you rely on a well for your home or business water needs in West Palm Beach. There is no telling when your well pump might break down and require repairs instantly. These repairs might consume a huge chunk of your tight budget. The good news, there are various steps to take to reduce or avoid well pump repairs, including:

Net Metering

You can install efficient solar-powered net well pumps to save on energy bills. Better still, according to the state of Florida, if you produce more solar power than you need, you can sell some back to your utility company. The amount you sell back is deducted from your monthly utility bill through net metering. This way, you have an efficient, eco-friendly well pump and save on future repair bills.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

A well pump has numerous components working in harmony for efficient operation. If one of these components break, it jeopardizes the entire well pump and your taps will run dry. The solution is to schedule a semiannual or annual inspection and maintenance from a qualified plumber. Most well pump issues can be detected early and rectified before they turn into full-blown breakdowns.

Well Pump Insurance Coverage

Well pumps and their components are expensive. An unfortunate event such as a flood, hurricane, or electrical fault can result in a total breakdown or damage. Repairing such a well pump can cost you an arm and a leg. Having well pump insurance can help you cover any repairs that you’d pay out of pocket otherwise. Homeowners insurance can also cover the well pump against the named perils in the insurance cover.

Right Well Pump and Pressure Tank

Without the right type of pump, you’ll incur more repair costs. For instance, installing a jet pump for a deep well will overwork the pump, resulting in regular breakdowns and repairs. Furthermore, the wrong pressure tank size will cause the pump to run more to compensate for the tank’s capacity variation. The well pump is overworking in these two scenarios, resulting in regular breakdowns, repairs, and piles of repair bills.

You can further reduce repair bills by ensuring only a qualified expert handles any repairs. DIY repairs are possible due to your tight budget. Nevertheless, the expert will avert any potential costs and damages you might incur if you DIY.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in West Palm Beach?

Well pumps are complex machines, and they require experts for proper maintenance and repair in West Palm Beach. Repairing the well pump is a problematic plumbing undertaking. As such, the city of West Palm Beach requires a permit before commencing any repair work on your well pump. Various circumstances might drive you to undertake the repairs yourself, such as a tight budget, or you decide to test drive your DIY skills.

Nevertheless, whether you decide to DIY the repairs or contract a plumber, make sure you get a permit before commencing the repairs, lest you attract a penalty. If you aren’t sure where to get the permit, you can get in touch with the city’s building division, and you’ll be advised accordingly.

Keep in mind; you’ll be at loggerheads with the law if you contract an unlicensed plumber in West Palm Beach. Therefore, when you require any well pump repair tasks, only hire plumbers tested and licensed by the city of West Palm Beach and have passed the Florida State Construction Examination.

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