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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Wichita?

If you need well pump repair in Wichita, it can be difficult to narrow down the exact problem. This is because there are many components to a modern well water system. Each part needs to work together to bring the water to your faucet. This section will focus on the most common well pump issues we see in Wichita.

Electrical Problems

One of the top reasons we get called out to a house is because there is no water when the faucet is on. There are a lot of issues that can cause this to happen, but it is often electrical. Most modern well pumps run on electricity and they even have a dedicated switch in your breaker box. Power surges can cause the breaker to trip, effectively shutting off the power to your pump. 

You can troubleshoot this on your own by looking at the switches in your breaker box. If you see one that is not lined up with the rest and is labeled with the word pump, try pushing it back into place. If this does not restore power to your pump or immediately trips again, your issue might be electrical. It could mean that one component is short-circuiting or a sensor in the pump is disabling power. Many pumps have built-in safety shutoff sensors to protect the system.

Water Hardness

Another common problem that can cause well pump repair in Wichita is hard water. Wichita’s water hardness is high at 131 PPM. The term hard water refers to the number of dissolved solids, usually minerals, floating around in the water. If you have a private well, your water supply comes to your tap untreated for excess minerals. The increased minerals, mostly manganese, calcium, iron, and magnesium, are not usually harmful to your health. 

Your plumbing, on the other hand, can be harmed by hard water. As the minerals pass through your lines, they leave deposits and residue on the inside. Over time, this can thicken some areas while weakening others, increasing the risk of breaks and leaks. Hard water can also affect how well your pump can filter the water before bringing it to the house. 

If your water looks cloudy or your fixtures have a white crusty residue, you may want to look for ways of reducing or eliminating this problem. For example, a water softener or whole-home filtration may help. We can install these systems for you.

Broken Pipes

If you find a leak in a pipe, even a small one, it will cause your well pump to work harder, shortening its life expectancy. For your well pump to pull water up and through the pipes in your home, it needs to build pressure. If there is a break or leak in the lines, you will lose pressure, and in some cases, no water will come out of the tap. 

All leaks need to be fixed as soon as they are found. Even a running toilet can cause your well pump to work too hard. The goal is to make your pump work as long as possible before needing to replace it.

Bacteria and Nitrates 

A common problem we see here a lot in Wichita is high levels of bacteria and nitrates. The biggest sign that you have this problem is water that tastes and smells bad. The city recommends but does not require annual well water testing. If you need your well tested, you can order one from the city of Wichita. If your tests come back high for bacteria, you will need well pump repair in Wichita to have your system sanitized. This will kill most of the bacteria.

If high bacteria levels are common, you may want to consider adding reverse osmosis to your private water system. This can be a little pricey upfront, but reverse osmosis will remove the bacteria from your drinking water without using disinfectants. Most well pumps build enough pressure to make them work efficiently. This is a popular choice for people who can’t stand the taste or smell of their well water. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Wichita?

If you don’t get at least 5-10 good years out of your well pump, it could be considered a premature failure. There are several ways that your well pump can fail prematurely. Here are some of the more common reasons.

Natural Causes

  • Thunderstorms and electrical storms are common in Kansas. Wichita is known for having big storms. If there is lighting, it could short circuit your electronics, including your well pump.
  • Droughts are another natural cause of well pump failure. If the groundwater level in the aquifer is not replenished with rain or snow, it can lower. Low levels can cause some pumps to work harder, wearing them out. Sometimes your well will need to be dug deeper.

Human Made Causes

  • Forgetting routine maintenance is a problem we see a lot. Some people don’t realize that well pumps need inspections at least once a year. Water is essential to life. The system that brings you that water needs an annual checkup.
  • Ignoring warning signs that there is a problem can cause premature well pump failure. This could be leaks, a constantly running pump, or even a clicking sound coming from your tank. If you ignore it, it will get worse, not better. 
  • You may need well pump repair in Wichita if you are using a tank that is too small. If your tank was installed at a time when you had only three people using it, but now there are six people in the house, it can cause premature failure.

If your well pump fails, you will be without water until it can be repaired or replaced. Regardless of why the well pump fails prematurely, we can help make it right. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Wichita?

This section will cover the various cost factors that affect the price you will pay for well pump repair in Wichita. If you are looking for an exact pricing quote, we can help. On average, most past repairs cost between $175 and $1,500. Each well pump problem is a little different, and many things can influence the price. 

Depth of Well

The Equus Beds Aquifer is one of the main sources of well water in Wichita. To tap into it, a well needs to be drilled. The deeper the well is, the more it will cost for well pump repair in Wichita. This is because the well pump needs to be brought up to the surface before it can be fixed. The deeper the well, the more work, equipment, and labor you will need to pay. 

Type of Well Pump

If you need well pump repair in Wichita, the price will depend on the type of pump you have. There are many different kinds of well pumps, and each one has different cost factors. Here are some of the pumps we see most often.

  • Submersible Well Pumps – These are arguably the most popular pumps because they are submerged underwater. This helps ensure ample water supply for your pump to pull up, which increases water pressure and output. 
  • Jet Well Pumps – Jet pumps work closer to the surface and are not submerged. These usually cost less because they are easier to reach for repair. They also typically have less water pressure than submersible models. 
  • Hand Well Pumps – Hand pumps are still used a lot. They are great for areas away from the house that a hose can’t reach. They can be used without power, which is another plus. 
  • Solar Well Pumps- Solar well pumps are fairly new but growing in popularity. Many people choose wells to be more self-sufficient and less reliant on city services. These pumps take them off city water and reduce their energy needs. 

Age of Well

As well pumps age, they can become harder to repair. This is because parts can be difficult to find, and sometimes they need to be specially ordered. Often, new parts need to be adapted to fit older ones, which can be a lot of work. In most cases, it’s more cost-effective to upgrade your pump to a newer model, which will be more energy and water-efficient. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Wichita?

The number one thing we recommend to Wichita residents is to keep up with routine well pump maintenance. This includes well pump inspections and water testing each year. You should also do your own inspections every once in a while.

  • Look for signs of leaks, like rust or pools of water
  • Check the PSI in your well pump pressure tank
  • Listen for any clicking or unusual sounds
  • Look at your water through a clear glass

Another way to avoid costly pump repair in Wichita is to take care of problems as soon as possible. If you notice any of those issues, don’t wait to see if they go away. Take care of them before they cause a pump failure. 

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Wichita?

According to Ord. No. 46-119, no one can work on, repair, or drill any water well system unless they are licensed to do so. That means that if you need well repair in Wichita, you can’t make it a DIY project. 

On top of needing a professional like us to do the work, you must also have a permit for it. If you have questions about your well pump and how permitting in Wichita works, we can help. We have experience with the permit office, and we know what ordinances are in place. If you have a well water emergency, the work can be repaired without a permit, but the work will still need to be done by a professional like us that’s licensed by the city. You will also need to give the Department of Public Works Environmental Health notice that changes were made to your well.

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