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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Hanover?

We have worked on well pumps for years, and throughout our tenure, we have seen it all. The most common issues we see with well pumps, however, include sputtering water, heavily sedimented water, and a complete lack of water coming into the home altogether. 

Sputtering Water

Those who use private wells normally experience a bit of sputtering water when they turn on the tap, but this usually isn’t a serious issue. When the sputtering goes from occasional to constant, this may indicate a more widespread problem. Sputtering is caused by air infiltrating your well system, which may be caused by holes or cracks in your pipes, a tank bladder issue, or any number of other issues.

If you notice an abnormal amount of sputtering water, check to see if there are leaks anywhere in your house and call our trusted plumbers to investigate the issue right away. These matters are often easier and cheaper to fix when they are found and repaired earlier rather than later, so it often pays off to be proactive. 

High Concentrations of Sediments

Most people who use city water or well water will see a fair amount of sediments in their drinking water, and these normally don’t pose a health issue when the water is consumed or used for other household chores. At the same time, sediments in water can negatively affect the flavor of drinking water and foods that are cooking in water, and hard water minerals can wreak all kinds of havoc on your home’s piping and fixtures. 

Sediments in the water can create clogs in your well pump, making it work harder and run less efficiently, though regular inspections may be able to catch this issue before it gets too out of hand. 

No Water Coming into the Home

Perhaps the most annoying issue that well-using homeowners face is when there is no water running into their homes at all because of a well pump malfunction. Not having water access can make it difficult to navigate everyday life, but the problem is completely fixable. A lack of water flow to your home usually indicates that your well pump isn’t receiving power, your well has run dry, or that there is some other issue within your well system. 

When you notice that no water is flowing into your home, contact our plumbers right away to take a look at the issue. These problems rarely, if ever, take care of themselves, but our plumbers can get the water running into your home in almost no time at all.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Hanover?

Well pumps are usually a very dependable component of private wells, and they play a major role in providing enough water for your family to use on any given day. These devices usually have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years, but they won’t last nearly as long if they are subjected to difficult conditions. Some of the main reasons a well pump will fail prematurely are when droughts occur, hard water minerals lead to buildup, or there are other major problems throughout your home’s plumbing system. 


Residents of Hanover are lucky enough to receive ample amounts of rain per year, far above the national average rainfall. This not only helps our vegetation grow well, but it also helps to ensure that your well won’t run dry. We do endure occasional droughts, however, and this can force our well pump to work even harder to extract groundwater. When there is little water to extract, your well pump kicks it into overdrive to provide your home with enough water, and this can increase the risk that it will burn out. 

Hard Water

Hard water is simply water that contains more hard water ions or minerals than soft water. Magnesium and calcium are the usual hard water suspects, and they can leech into a groundwater supply through rocks and soil, a common occurrence in Hanover. Hard water can create buildup within your pipes and on your home’s plumbing fixtures that make it difficult for water to run through efficiently, and it can lead to dry skin and hair, soap scum, stained laundry, cloudy dishes, and more.

Hard water can negatively affect your well pump by creating buildups that limit its ability to extract water. When this occurs, your well pump will spend more time actively trying to pump water, which can make it malfunction quickly. 

Other Plumbing Issues

Well pumps may also experience issues when other plumbing problems around your home spring up. Leaks in your home’s pipes, for example, can force your well pump to also work harder, as it will try to compensate for the water being lost through the piping around your home. It’s always a good idea to check for leaks, but this is especially true if your well pump doesn’t seem to be working as well as it once was. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Hanover?

Well pump repair for Hanover residents is usually around $730, but the actual cost can vary significantly depending upon your own set of circumstances. When we calculate the final costs for well pump repair, the three largest factors we take into account include how deep your well is, which type of pump you have, and whether you need emergency services. 

Depth of Well

Wells that are designed to place their pump and other components closer to the surface are much easier for our crews to access, investigate, and repair or replace. Those that sit much deeper down tend to be more difficult to access, and they often require more specialized equipment to extract. If your well system is harder for us to access, it will take more time and labor for us to complete the job, which will result in a higher final bill. 

Type of Pump

There are several different types of pumps that can be used in private wells, and each has its own unique set of characteristics and components. Pumps that are straightforward to repair and don’t require special parts will cost much less for us to work on than those that will require us to order specific parts or use more specialized equipment to work on it. 

Emergency Services

Well pump issues can quickly go from a minor inconvenience to an emergency if they go from mild to major, or if they show up out of nowhere. There are several instances where it’s important to enlist the help of our emergency plumbers for your well issues, including no water coming into your home, banging noises within your well system, or a high concentration of sediments in your water. 

It can be difficult to determine whether your well issue can wait until normal business hours or if it would be better to call for emergency services. Spending a little extra on emergency services is well worth it for your peace of mind, and it can pay for itself by preventing more widespread damage to your property and home. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Hanover?

Although we can fix or replace well pumps in a timely manner, it’s always better to take preventative measures to keep your system going for as long as possible without costly interventions. 

One of the best things you can do to preserve your well pump is to get regular inspections at least once or twice per year to make sure your system is still in good working order. This allows us to detect small issues before they become major and make recommendations about your current system instead of having to completely replace it. 

Another important preventative measure is to make sure that you aren’t running your pump when there is little or no water available for it to pump. Installing a low water cutoff switch can turn off your pump when water levels get low, which can work wonders on keeping your system intact for years. 

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Hanover?

Any time you are drilling a new well or having your current one repaired, you will need a permit from the Town of Hanover. You or your plumber will first have to fill out a permit application form, which outlines our plumber’s plans for repairing your well pump. The Town of Hanover may have to send out a staff member to investigate your property and well before approval, but once your application is approved, our plumber will be able to get to work. 

The idea of paying for application fees may not be the most fun, but it’s important to follow these steps correctly to ensure that your projects are up to local code. These codes are put into place to ensure that drinking water will be safe for you and your family and that this project won’t endanger surrounding areas or lead to property damage. 

Failing to secure a permit can put your household at risk, but it can also cost thousands or more dollars to bring unpermitted work up to code.

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