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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Brick?

The climate of Brick Township, New Jersey, is surprisingly rainy most of the year, making plumbing a big issue here year-round. With more people using well pumps for water use, problems can quickly occur during flood events or even droughts during the summer.

Well pumps are complicated devices that can experience various issues. An experienced plumber like ours can accurately fix each problem to avoid potential injuries.

One of the most common well pump repair issues is motor failure due to either age or outside factors. When the pump’s engine quits working, residents will notice water pressure changes in the home. Our team sees many cases like this in Brick. Yet, some residents think water pressure changes are something else and ignore the problem for too long.

Another frequent issue is the pressure switch going bad. When this happens, one of the first signs is also low water pressure. Without a working pressure switch, the pump doesn’t fill with water, sometimes not getting any water through indoor taps.

Pressure tank bladder failure is an additional potential problem in well pumps. When these start to leak or fail, residents usually experience clicking noises from the pressure switch or faucets spitting out water.

Other signs a well pump may not be working include sudden scalding water in the shower after someone flushes the toilet. Or, high electric bills usually indicate something in the pump needs checking.

In all cases, no one should wait to get an issue scoped out. Waiting could cause another problem to develop: Premature failure of the well pump after installing it only months earlier.

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Brick?

Generally, age causes well pump failure, but numerous premature problems can cause them to stop working. One thing about early water pump failure is some residents don’t bother to check their pump until something goes wrong.

It’s all the more reason to keep the pump regularly inspected since things can go wrong earlier than expected. A major one is lousy water quality that can clog the pump’s internal mechanisms. Water quality goes down when too many minerals get into the water.

Brick’s water quality is safe, though 19 total contaminants have been found in recent years. Any of these could create mineral deposits, leading to hard water.

Mineral deposits gradually build up in your pump and plumbing, causing the pump to work harder to supply your home with water. This can lead to the equipment burning out more quickly.

Other things to check for to prevent premature well pump failure:

Being Struck by Lightning

Not many residents know lightning from thunderstorms can strike a well pump and make it stop working instantly. Sometimes, residents don’t initially see the pump hit by lightning until they notice their water pressure lowering.

Brick is known for getting lightning storms on occasion. Always inspect the well pump if there was any sign of lightning strikes in the immediate area. To check for sure, it might mean our team will have to pull the pump up out of the ground for a more thorough look. The only way to do that safely is by using specialized machinery.

A Dry Well From Droughts

Consider that Brick does have hot weather during the summer, with the occasional drought. When a drought happens, it could make a well pump go dry, causing it to malfunction.

Many residents don’t realize what a dry well can do to burn it out early. To amend this, many put in a cutoff switch when the water gets too low. Those that don’t may never know when the water becomes too low due to dryness. It makes the pump have to work overtime, hence burning out the engine in the process.

No one wants this after installing a well pump months or even weeks earlier.

Well Tank That’s Too Small

Measuring exactly how much water a resident uses is sometimes impossible based on variables throughout the year. Still, it’s a good idea to have a basic idea of how much water might be used. Not knowing might burn out the well tank, usually located in basements of homes.

Overuse of well tanks due to more excessive water use could burn out its engine. Repairs like that can be complex and expensive, not including frustrating if just installing the well tank recently.

Again, recurring inspections are essential, including paying attention to one’s personal water usage needs.

High Sediment in the Soil

Too much sand or minerals in the soil surrounding the well pump can also cause early mechanical failures. The minerals and sand usually affect the pipes as well, especially if using slightly cheaper material alternatives over steel.

Brick residents should always check the quality of soil around their property before installing a well pump.

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Brick?

There isn’t any way to give an exact figure on well pump repair since so many things could need fixing. Some could be simple and others complex, requiring days of extra work.

On average, though, most residents in Brick can expect to pay in the range of $930. It could be as low as $200 for an overly basic job but as high as $1,700 for something complex like replacing the pump engine.

Other factors could play a part in what one pays:

The Size of the Well Pump

No well pump comes in a standard size. Some pumps are large to go into deeper wells, usually for larger homes. Those can run above $1,000 to get fixed properly.

In contrast, a small pump for a shallow well less than 25 feet deep could be considerably less in cost, depending on the issue involved.

Jet Pumps vs. Submersible Pumps

A jet pump is a type of well pump most households want because they’re easier to remove when necessary. A jet pump saves time on labor because they’re easy to remove for repairs, not including reinstallation.

Submersible pumps are far more challenging to remove and put back into place. The type of pump will affect how much time our team takes to get any repairs done.

Storage Tank Replacement

Having to replace a storage tank in the well is going to bring some unexpected costs. A pressurized storage tank is often the reason a well pump fails. Replacing these could add $1,000 to the bill, if not more, based on the tank’s size and design complexity.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Brick?

A lot of things can be done to avoid overly expensive well pump repairs. Simple inspections by the well pump owner can go a long way, albeit other things necessary for complete assurance of safety.

Take a look at a few things one can do now to help prevent the ultimate repair disaster:

Consider the Right Size of Pump

Take careful consideration of the pump size before installing it into the well. On occasion, residents put a pump into the well that’s too large, causing it to pull in too many soil sediments possibly. As seen above, this can cause clogs and a quick mechanical breakdown.

Carefully measuring the right pump size makes all the difference in how successful it operates going forward. A pump too small could also overwork the pump if a residential family uses more water than initially estimated.

Preparing carefully like this is the best bet to avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Test Water Quality

While water tests might require paying a fee to the city, it’s more than worth it to make sure the water is high quality. Not paying attention could mean poor water causing issues later and costing a fortune to fix.

Testing for bacteria and nitrates is an essential step in the water testing process. Any signs of a taste difference, unpleasant odors, or changing water color should alert Brick residents to take action soon, testing their water for a well pump’s continued workability.

Inspect Every Six Months

Perhaps it sounds inconvenient to have a well pump inspected two times per year. It’s more than worth it to find something that can be fixed inexpensively now. Otherwise, it could turn into an expensive issue months later.

Our team can do expert inspections for any Brick resident. We’ll inspect some things, including the wiring’s condition, signs of any insects eating into the wiring, and any evidence of leaks.

Residents, if physically able, can inspect for similar issues on their own once per month.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Brick?

Many Brick residents still wonder if they need a permit when well pump repair occurs on their property. Confusion on this is understandable. If not sure, the City recommends calling the Divisions of Inspections first.

Based on state law, all plumbers do need a permit to repair well pumps. It falls under the Uniform Construction Code regulation of “Adding to, or alteration, replacement, or relocation of water supply, sewer drainage, gas, soil, waste, vent or similar piping.”

Residents have to go through Brick’s Building Department so a contractor or resident can get the proper permit. Due to COVID restrictions in recent times, going directly to the office to obtain a permit might need rescheduling due to staff limitations.

Otherwise, the Building Department has a Q&A section to help answer most questions about permits for repairs. Adhering to the Uniform Construction Code is essential here when considering well pump repairs. Skipping the permit process is a violation of the code and could lead to as much as a $2,000 fine.

When our plumbers fill out the application for the permit, they have to provide proof of their plumbing license. Also, the well pump work has to take place within one year after the permit is granted.

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