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What Are the Most Common Well Pump Repair Issues in Hampstead?

We have seen it all regarding well pump repair issues throughout our many years in the plumbing business. However, the most common well pump problems we encounter are sputtering water, murky water, or a complete lack of water coming into the home. 

Most private well users are used to the occasional sputtering from their faucet when they turn on the tap. The sputtering isn’t usually a cause for concern unless you begin to experience it nearly every time you use water in your home. Sputtering water indicates the presence of air within your well or plumbing system. Frequent sputtering may suggest cracks in your pipes that let air in or that the bladder within your holding tank is malfunctioning. Sputtering can also allude to a failed well pump, as an inefficient pumping system can also drag lots of air into your holding tank or pipes. 

Murky water is another common occurrence that isn’t alarming unless it starts to get out of hand. It’s entirely normal for your water to have some sediments in it, as minerals from rocks and soil underground tend to transfer into groundwater supplies. These sediments are usually not hazardous to health, though they may have a negative impact on your water’s flavor. Either way, severely murky water coming out of your faucets may have to do with a well pump issue as well. 

Perhaps the most inconvenient problem we see with well pump malfunctions is when a house doesn’t receive any water at all. Not having water makes everyday life much more difficult, as daily tasks become impossible without a supply of water flowing through your home. If there is no water flowing into your home, or significantly less than you are used to, this may indicate that there is a problem with the power supply that runs your well pump, that your well has run dry, or that your well pump as failed and will need a replacement. 

What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Hampstead?

Well pumps often cost between $1,000 and $2,000 to install, which is not exactly a small investment by any stretch. Fortunately, most well pumps last between 10 and 20 years, and they are typically easy to maintain. In some cases, however, well pumps can fail well ahead of schedule, and several reasons can lead to well pump burnout or malfunctions. 

One problem that can lead to premature well pump failure is poor water quality. Poor water quality can mean that a water supply contains higher than typical hard water minerals, various contaminants, or bacteria and fungi. None of these are good issues to deal with, but hard water at least doesn’t pose a threat to health. Residents of Hampstead typically deal with hard water, as there are naturally high levels of calcium and magnesium in rocks and soil below ground. If there are contaminants in your water supply, these can either wear on your well pump or create blockages that make it less efficient.

Bacterium or fungi in your water supply can also multiply quickly and easily. They not only make your water hazardous to drink, but they can also corrode parts of your well and create a slimy film, making it difficult for your well pump to work. 

Another common reason that well pumps fail well before they are due is the wrong holding tank size. Your water pump uses a great deal of electricity to pull water out of the ground and prevent it from running until you need water. Your home has a holding tank for the water to go until you turn on your tap or faucet. If your holding tank is too small to suit your family’s water usage, your well pump will have to run much more often to extract enough water for your household to use. If your well pump burns out much sooner than it should, this may be because your holding tank isn’t large enough. 

Finally, droughts are also problematic for well pumps. We tend to get lots of rain throughout the year in Hampstead, so this is rarely an issue for well users in our area. However, we do get an occasional drought, and this can cause your well to dry up. When this happens, your well pump may continue to run even though it isn’t extracting any water. This can lead to premature failure and cost you a great deal of money. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost In Hampstead?

The average cost to repair or replace a well pump hovers around $700 in Hampstead, NC. The actual final tally may differ and be much higher or lower depending upon several factors. When we calculate final costs for well pump repair, the three most important factors we consider include the depth of the well, which type of pump you have, and whether other components within your well system also need attention. 

Depth of Your Well

Depending upon where you live in Hampstead, your private well may not have to be too deep to get adequate groundwater, or it may be much deeper to access enough of a water supply. Generally, the deeper your well, the more you will be charged for well pump repairs, as deeper wells take much more time, effort, and often equipment to extract the well pump to begin working on it correctly. 

Type of Pump You Have

There are several types of pumps on the market, including jet pumps and submersible pumps, and each comes with a set of benefits and drawbacks. Because jet pumps tend to sit closer to the surface, these are often easier for our plumbers to access and cheaper to repair. Pumps with more complicated machinery may require more time to fix, and we may have to order special parts to finish the job, which will cost you a bit more. 

Other Components Needing Repairs

Well pumps are part of a greater well system, so when other components within your well fail, they can also cause your well pump to fail. The reverse is also true – a failed well pump can lead to the demise of other parts within your private well. If your well pump is the only issue your well has, your final bill will be much lower than if our crew has to fix other parts of your well system. In some cases, we may have to replace your holding tank with a larger one to prevent well pump issues in the future, or your failed well pump may be due to a leak somewhere else in your system that will also need attention. 

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs in Hampstead?

Although several things can go wrong with your well pump, many of them are at least partially preventable with some routine inspections and regular maintenance. The CDC recommends that private well users have their wells inspected by a professional like us at least once per year for mechanical issues, like well pump problems, bacteria, and other contaminants that may be in your well water. Inspections can not only keep your drinking water safe and tasting great, but they can also help our crew detect minor problems while they are still easy and cheap to fix. 

In between your well’s annual checkups, it can be beneficial for you to check your well’s functionality at least once per month. You can do this by listening to your well system, especially when nobody is using the water within your home. If you hear any hissing, banging, or scratching sounds, this can indicate that your system needs repairs. 

One helpful device that can preserve the working order of your well pump, especially if your groundwater supply has dried up, is a low water cutoff switch. This component turns off your pump when it detects that the water supply is low, and it prevents your pump from working overtime when there is no water to pump anyway. 

Lastly, make sure that your home’s other plumbing is free from cracks, leaks, or hard water problems. If your home has leaks or isn’t using water efficiently, it forces your well pump to work much harder than it should. 

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair In Hampstead?

Any time a person wants to drill a new well on their property or have their current well repaired in any way, they will need approval from Pender County’s Environmental Health Department. Either you or our plumber will have to fill out a permit application, and you may be subject to an application fee. Once you have submitted your application, the County will either approve or deny your request. Once you get notice of approval, our expert can begin working on your well and bringing it back in working order. 

Never skip out on obtaining the proper permits. You can be subjected to hefty fees, and it often costs thousands of extra dollars to bring unpermitted work up to code. 

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