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What Factors Cause Premature Well Pump Failure in Travelers Rest?

Premature pump failure can be very frustrating. Different pumps work in different ways, but their failure is easy to quickly find out. Lack of water is typically the first indication that the well pump has or is failing. The submersible well pump and the jet pump work two different ways to produce the same effect. Failure can be due to many things from storms to electrical system failure. Determining the extent of the damage will help pinpoint the final cost, and if the system should be replaced rather than repaired. The most common reasons for either to fail are:

  • The age of the pump can contribute to failure. Parts and pieces wear out and break, rust, and corrode. The average lifespan of a high-quality pump is no more than 20 years. Submersible pumps are prone to rust over time and can be clogged by continual immersion in hard waters. Jet pumps have highly pressurized parts that can fail after the parts wear down.
  • The water is a big factor as harder water in Travelers Rest tends to leave deposits that make the mechanisms harder to work. Minerals and bacteria can build up and clog the machines. Even though you may install a water filtration system inside the home to reduce the hard water’s effect on the pipes, the plumbing on the other side of the system can still be contaminated and clogged by the continuous build-up.
  • Wells that have a reduced water table are considered dry; the pump can be lowered with the addition of pipe to the top to be inside the water once again. However, if the pump bottoms out, a new well might be needed. A low water cutoff switch can determine if the water is too low and turn the pump off to prevent burnout. Dry wells may only take a day or two of water use reduction before the water table has risen to meet the pump and pipes. Droughts in the area can cause major problems for the well, and recovery of the well may take months or years after this tragedy.
  • A too-small well tank inside the home can cause the pump to work too hard to maintain the water pressure and level. Premature burnout can be caused by the small tanks. Installing a larger tank will allow the pump to rest and preserve the pump longer. Installing a water filtration system with a larger tank inside the home can reduce contaminants in the tanks and household pipes. The tank must be large enough to accommodate the household’s daily water use.
  • Summer lightning strikes can short out a working pump. Electrical components can be fried, and the pump will need to be replaced after this tragedy. Storms are unpredictable and bring many hazards. From lightning strikes to flooding, and trees falling on the outside well equipment, anything can cause damage to the system. Have our team evaluate storm damage. Contact the insurance company to check the coverage of the damages, You may be able to be reimbursed for part of the cost.

Our professionals can rapidly and efficiently evaluate and repair the well pump to reinstate water service to the home. We offer guarantees and warranties to bring you peace of mind. 

How Much Does Well Pump Repair Usually Cost in Travelers Rest?

Repairing a well pump will cost between $100 to $1,400 depending on the part and extent of the damage. Labor costs and length of time to repair the pump will be included in the price. Each component has its own price range, and the type of pump will dictate the final bill. Lastly, the depth of the well will factor into the pump repair cost, larger wells will require more time. While the repairs of a pump may be less costly than replacement, care should be taken to evaluate the whole system before and after the repair to ensure no additional damages are overlooked.

Size and Type of Well

How deep the well is matters when the components that need to be repaired are located inside the well. Wells larger than 100 feet are typically more costly. The work inside the well itself will cost more due to the increased risk involved. Well liners are one of the largest in well repairs that will need to be done, and it can take a very long time due to the dark and damp surroundings. Our crew members must be confident that their safety is well looked after before they are lowered to complete the repairs inside the well.


The extent of the damage will dictate the parts that will need to be repaired. Parts like the pressure gauge, pump sleeve, pressure switch, and motor start capacitor can cost no more than $50. While larger parts like the jet pumps, foot valve, control box, and well ejector can range up to $800 or more depending on quality. Simple repairs may not need parts to repair them, or only pipe, which will run a lot cheaper than having to replace parts to repair the pump.


One of the most expensive aspects of the repair job is the labor cost. We often offer a flat rate for evaluation of the failing pump and then give an estimate on the repair itself. Labor costs increase with time and difficulty. Tasks requiring the lowering into the well will require more of our crew members and equipment which can raise the final bill.

Sometimes a repair is not completely possible and the whole pump must be replaced. Replacing the entire system can cost over $1,000 at the least. Water resources that are private can incur extra costs, which the city will not cover but property insurance may. Final costs will be dependent on the type and quality of the replacement pump and any difficulties surrounding the removal of the older pump. If more than one piece begins to fail, there is a good chance other systems will fail quickly after the first are repaired. It would be a good idea to have the whole system inspected before deciding on replacing and repair, as the cost can end up comparable in the long run.

How to Avoid Costly Well Pump Repairs In Travelers Rest?

The best way to prevent any damages from causing high repair bills is an annual inspection of the well and pump. Keeping an eye on the age and quality of water and the condition of the pump can alert you when some systems are going to fail. Frequent maintenance by our team can prevent most damages. Repairs or replacements can then be done before the total breakdown of the system. Catching some problems early can actually prevent damage to other systems and save money. On average the rate for an annual inspection ranges from $100 to over $500.

When Do You Need Permits for Well Pump Repair in Travelers Rest?

According to Travelers Rest codes, permits are necessary when repairing the water system unless the repair is of the pipes and is not removing and replacing system pieces. Clearing the pipes and repairing leaks do not require permits. Any replacements necessary will be considered new work and a permit for new construction. An inspection will be required once work is complete.

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